What is a soul theme and do we all have one?

In Sita Pk’s masterclass in The Membership, you will learn how your eighth chakra is the home of your soul contracts which consist of your destiny points, your purpose, your life theme and even other predetermined blueprints for this incarnation.

You will have the chance to discover your own soul theme and Sita will also provide an exercise to deepen your understanding of your soul-theme.

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The difference between a soul mate and a twin flame

There is a difference between those two, and they relate to your purpose and your life. What that difference is, is just one of the topics Sita goes in dept with in her FREE masterclass.

You have a higher mission in this incarnation. You are meant for so much more!

Now you can learn from Sita in a deep, beautiful and FREE masterclass – Connect to your cosmic purpose.

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