Dear co-creator

Since 2012, I've interviewed over 400 transformational teachers and people with powerful messages and stories to share from all over the world. Whether by lugging my own camera gear through the landscapes of the USA, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, or by conducting Zoom sessions from the comfort of my office, these interviews have been a labor of passion. They've been offered freely, with the sincere aim of inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of financial constraints or status, can partake in the wealth of insights they offer. This principle stems from my own experience as a twenty-year-old, deeply grateful for the wealth of free content on platforms like YouTube that inspired and uplifted me.

However, even though I happily offer these resources at no cost, it is important to acknowledge that the production of such videos involves significant expenses and time. Therefore, I immensely appreciate your support for Wisdom From North.

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I thank you with all my heart for helping me to continue to share inspirational messages through Wisdom From North.

Much light from Jannecke

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