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Mastering your Cosmic purpose

discover your cosmic roots and claim your preselected purpose

Multidimensional Practices and support to raise your frequency

as a lightworker

Do you have an inner urge to discover and understand your deeper purpose? 

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it. - Buddha

Perhaps you have been feeling..

  • the call, but you don't know how to connect the feeling and put it into action
  • you feel misaligned with everything you do because it doesn't feel like "it". 
    It's like you're swinging but always missing the ball
  • you are afraid of what your loved ones will think if you do what you feel called to do. Will you be accepted? Loved?
  • it causes you to not trust your intuition - and struggling to believe that you will ever move forward in life asking yourself: Will I ever be happy? Will I ever feel fulfilled? Will struggle be my way of life?
  • you question if you can be prosperous and do the work that you are here to do
  • you have tried every manifestation technique there is but still end up short

It doesn't have to be this way..

Most of us are not raised to believe that being happy and joyful is a birthright.
Or that living in our purpose is the most selfless act of service you could ever take. 

And most of us are not aware that we are lightworkers, being a soul with a specific cosmic mission in this incarnation. 

Are you ready to live more authentically and aligned with a higher truth and wake up to the deeper truth of who you are?

Mastering Your Cosmic Purpose


Living from your wholeness. Loving and respecting yourself and truly see the treasure that you are and the uniqueness that you bring into this world.
And imagine taking all of that self-love out into the world and share it endlessly with others.

Imagine having a deeper understanding of your purpose in this incarnation, realizing that your pain, trials and errors have led you to this point in life to give you exactly what you need in order to fulfill your life's curriculum. 

Imagine being able to tune in to your cosmic roots, unlocking the doors of your soul's agenda, and connecting with your soul family, so you can receive wisdom, light and energy from the stars that will utterly transform your life here on Earth.

Imagine discovering how you can live your passion and receive financial abundance in return, just for being who you are. 

One of the most amazing courses I have been on
- Winnie Kinneborg

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I am so glad that I listened to the inner calling and signed up to Mastering Your Cosmic Purpose Course! The content could not have been more perfect at this point in my spiritual development 
- Junko

In this course you can unlock life-changing information about why you incarnated, the gifts you’re here to share and the lessons you’re meant to master

Receiving answers to existential questions is often the fastest and most powerful way to move you into the purpose. When you are living your purpose, the collective energy changes
- Sita PK

Are you ready to learn how to:

  • Heighten your intuition so you can navigate through life with more ease
  • Receive a greater sense of peace and belonging to the world and where you fit in
  • Create tangible forward movement in your life whether you want to get moving on a creative project, business or call in the love of your life
  • Cultivate a stronger ability to self-heal traumas and patterns that no longer serve
  • Release limiting beliefs about you and your destiny (the beliefs that can or have held you back)
  • Learn how to connect with your spirit guides to receive your own messages
  • Develop the skills to help you transmute negative energy and the skills to create your own protection
  • Receive answers to some of your biggest existential questions

This course is a self-exploration into your own soul. Life long clairvoyant Sita PK teaches you practical, powerful techniques to discover your cosmic roots, soul history and soul family, so that you can finally step into what you truly came here to do.

Your soul is a unique masterpiece that holds the light, knowledge and wisdom from many lifetimes. By exploring who you are on a soul level you will get a deeper sense of knowing who you are and where you fit into the larger picture.

Mastering Your Cosmic Purpose” is one of the most enlightening and inspiring courses I have ever taken. This wonderful, multi-faceted course from Wisdom From North is filled with life-changing information.
- Jackie Sternburg

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up

6 recorded video sessions with Sita, also provided as audio files.

You get instant access to all modules from November 30th 2020. You can also choose to do one module a week together with other particpants in the Facebook group. 

Downloadable exercises and meditations

To make sure you'll have a real shift in your life and set you up for success, Sita provides several exercises for you that are based on kundalini technology. More about these exercises here.  

2 Live Q&A's

In between the modules there will be two LIVE Q&A's where Sita will focus on answering any questions you might have. The dates for the live Q&As are December 10th and January 5th 8 pm CET/11 am PT.
A replay will be available.


To support your progress in this course, you'll receive handouts with exercises to most of the sessions as well as key takeaways.

A private community

Much of the magic happens in our private Facebook community for this course. This will also be the place to connect with fellow course-members. 

Bonus - A journey to the Akashic Records

As a special bonus you'll receive a powerful exercise where Sita will take you into the akashic records. 

What people say about the course

Jackie Sternburg

One of the most enlightening and inspiring courses I have ever taken!

Mastering Your Cosmic Purpose” is one of the most enlightening and inspiring courses I have ever taken. This wonderful, multi-faceted course from Wisdom From North is filled with life-changing information. Sita PK will guide you into understanding your soul’s purpose with her deep knowledge of the soul and our place as an integral part of the universe. Each module of the course is amazing, filled with spiritual insights and daily practices to move us toward our soul's strength and self-understanding.

Ditte Marie Lomholt

The best course I have taken

This is the best most complete course I have taken. It ties up the ends of the spiritual teachings I have picked up over the years. Nothing contradicts with my past learnings it just puts together the puzzle in the most perfect way leaving me with a feeling of calmness and faith. On top of that I have gained a lot off new incredible useful knowledge which fore sure will grow my life to the better. Sita’s natural authority along with her warm personality and incredible wisdom makes her an amazing teacher whom I could listen to fore hours. Thank you, I am truly grateful.

Monica G.

Life changing

It’s always a pleasure working with Sita learning so much about myself every time. Her teachings are one of a kind, and has been life changing for me. She has helped me find my way in life, I would be so lost without it. Forever grateful.

this is what you will receive


Module 1: Exploring Your In between Lives

In this module, you will discover what goes on in between lives and the different ways we choose to incarnate.

You will gain a deeper understanding of Spirit Guides and how to develop a strong relationship with your guides

You will learn about the planetary selection and why you chose earth for this incarnation

You will also be able to explore your different incarnation options (who/what) you can be as well as understand the timing of your incarnation as it relates to the collective.


Module 2: The Secrets of Twin Flame & Soulmate Matching

The intention of this module is to answer the burning questions in the hearts of most earthlings. Sita will bring clarity to your mind and peace to your heart.

In this module, we will discuss how twin flames are created, how soulmates are selected, how to call in your twin flame and why twin flame relationships have more complexities than other relationships.


Module 3: Transmuting Negativity

In this module, we will unpack the concept of spiritual protection, if we really need it and how you can protect yourself in an easy and practical way.

We will look at the many forms that curses can take on and discuss different levels of existence; ghosts, spirits, and earthbound spirits and the ways they can impact the earth plane. We will also talk about psychic attacks and different forms of protection.

This week you will learn about sealing portals of negativity and the importance of being neutral.  (If you have energy portals in your home or tears in your energy field where lower energy can sneak in, we will seal those up). 


Module 4: Starseeds and Other Lightworkers, which one are you?

In this module, we will explore a variety of lightworkers and what makes them unique from each other. This will give you a deeper sense of knowing who you are and where you fit into the larger picture.

We will go over the key characteristics of different lightworkers and look at what the main differences of the lightworkers are and why the differences are so important.

We will discuss the different practices each type can do to help you connect more fully to your purpose as a lightworker (the practices are unique to each lightworker type).


Module 5: Decoding the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a complex law that requires deep understanding. In this module, we will discuss many of the challenges people confront with the law of attraction and help you understand how to course-correct.

We will discuss the law of polarity and its impact on the law of attraction. We will clear unconscious energy that confuses the point of attraction when working with this law and we will explore the different parts of the energy body and its impact on attracting. 

We will also dive into karma and its impact on the law of attraction as well as help you identify your relationship with money and spirituality, so you can open up to more flow in your finances.  

Sita will guide you in techniques that can be regularly applied to support you in clearing the way for what you desire. 


Module 6: Putting Your Purpose into Action

We will complete this course by bringing together all the concepts learned and create a template for your life so that you can live on purpose, on all levels of your being.

We will discuss why knowing yourself on all levels is important for living on purpose. Sita will also guide you through a process of creating your life template. 

Finally we will focus on moving on; how to continue to use the wisdom from this course through each phase of development and to allow it to grow with you.

You'll receive these Powerful exercises

Law of Attraction exercises 

1) Test your life force

Here you will test your life force energy to see how strong and vital your body is. This is critical when it comes to the law of attraction and your ability to manifest

2) Increase your life force

This exercise will increase your life force and energy body and strengthening your creative force, in order to manifest more easily. 

Daily Meditation practices 

2) The Higher Intelligence Meditation 

This practice will help you energize your brain & get rid of the hidden anger inside. It especially helps habitually depressed people and it also increases IQ

3) The Addictions Meditation

This simple meditation helps create balance in an area of the brain to break the brain patterns that cause insecure, and even, neurotic behaviors.

Magnetic Energy Exercise

This meditation will help you strengthen your electromagnetic field. It will especially help those having a hard time maintaining or attracting success or attracting and maintaining healthy relationships. 

The investment of time and money was MORE than worth it. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to expand their mind, heart, and view of life itself.
- Lisa

In this soul-expansive course you will:

  • gain insight on the bigger questions that keep you questioning why you are here
  • clear the pathway so that you get intuitive guidance for yourself regularly
  • connect to your key partners in soul enhancing ways (romantic and otherwise)
  • keep you protected from negativity - must have for empaths who are bogged down by the energy of others
  • connect to your celestial support, your guides, your twin soul and your own Divine Team clearly and effortlessly

So you can experience: 

  • a whole new level of flow
  • being able to use your innate skills to support others more fully (professionally or personally)
  • a healthier relationship with yourself, having more more self-trust
  • the ability to use your intuition more effectively
  • being more connected in your relationships
  • having your purpose being set in motion from a soul activation way
  • feeling more “at cause” in life rather than “at effect”

Mastering Your Cosmic Purpose was a true blessing in my life.
- Cali Gilbert


Akashic Records

As a special BONUS Sita will guide you to the Akashic Records. Here you get to explore other incarnations and the healing energy that comes along with connecting to this higher energy. 

You will receive brief instruction about the Akashic Records and how to work with them, as well as a guided journey into your Akashic Records. You will also receive a worksheet to prompt important questions to ask when you are in your records. 


Annette Pomiklo

Just do it!

Sita brought so much light and knowledge into this course that had a deep impact on my energy level and feeling of joy. I am very grateful. Sita embraces everybody and every human condition with love and warmth so you always feel uplifted in her company. If you feel called to participate, just do it! 

Cali Gilbert

A true blessing!

Mastering Your Cosmic Purpose was a true blessing in my life. I was immediately called to sign up when I came across the offering. Not only am I aware of Katy's gifts and knowledge, I've always felt a sense of calm around her, and she did not disappoint. I've always been very intuitive since a young age and prefer validation for things I already know. This class provided that and MUCH more. I learned so much and grateful for the opportunity. I feel so confident now moving forward with a better sense of who I am and what I have come here to do. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Siv Anita

Recommends this course at the warmest

Recommends this course at the warmest. A very exciting and interesting course. Been looking forward to every single week and every theme, loving all the exercises we've been given that can help us move forward both with spiritual development and in everyday life. Sita is a very capable, genuine and very intuitive course holder, who has given us so much more time and energy than I could have expected. The whole course has been very well organized both with all the information we've received, questions we've been able to ask and with the facebook group where we've been able to talk to other participants. Thank you very much for one of the best courses I've attended.

About Sita PK

Sita Pk is a life long clairvoyant, energy worker and gifted empath whose direct and loving approach has been transformational for her clients in growing into the next levels of their evolution. She is a channel for rewiring the energy system by way of what she refers to Your Energy Architecture. This is the body of work she has developed over 12+ years in the field and in her time working with thousands of people.


Sita is also a Vedic Counselor, dancer, student of tantra and is a non-denominational ordained minister. She is an author, speaker, retreat facilitator and a catalyst for all who seek her counsel.

Katy Bray

discover your unique cosmic purpose

Join Sita to discover your cosmic roots, receive answers to your existential questions, connect with your cosmic family and awaken to your highest purpose as you discover your unique cosmic purpose!

You'll have access to the course happily ever after as long as we are offering this course. 

The enrollment is closed, but sign up to the waitlist

Included in this course

  • Six modules with video and audio sessions with Sita
  • Guided bonus meditation to the Akashic Records
  • Two Live Q&A's with Sita answering YOUR questions
  • Handouts with exercises to deepen your learning as well as key takeaways 
  • Community support In the exclusive Facebook group
  • Powerful kundalini exercises to help you experience a real shift
  • Extra resources with links to powerful mantraes. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely love Mastering your Cosmic Purpose with Sita— or don’t feel that it meets your needs —  contact us before midnight CET December 7th and we’ll issue you a refund. (The stripe fee will not be refunded).

Words from Sita...

Most of us are not raised to believe that being happy and joyful is a birthright. That living in our purpose is the most selfless act of service we could ever take. However in these unprecedented times, many have been feeling an inner urge to discover and understand their deeper purpose as a soul in this incarnation and to live more authentically and aligned with a higher truth.

I believe it’s more important now than ever to have more people living on purpose and I do believe that this course will do that.

- Sita PK

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Jannecke Oinaes

Why I recommend this course

I have had the great joy of working with Sita PK for a year now. Discovering the depth of her teaching, we have invited her back again and again to our community both as a masterclass teacher in Wisdom From North Membership and also as a teacher on our live classes and guest on our Youtube show. Not only is she a gifted empath and clairvoyant, who is amazingly accurate with what she sees, she is also a loving, warm and tremendously generous soul who spreads love and joy wherever she goes. We are truly honored to have her offer this online course on Wisdom From North.

- Jannecke Øinæs
Founder of Wisdom From North