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Are you getting lost in your
 spiritual awakening? 

Hey there! My name is  Jannecke Øinæs and I am a spiritual investigator.
I have created a platform where you'll find courses and classes, a membership and interviews with brilliant minds from all over the wold who will help you find your power and purpose and become MORE of who you already are.

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Join me in receiving teachings and perspectives from highly recognized transformational teachers from the North and around the world, bridging metaphysics, spirituality and personal growth, so that you can uncover the deeper truth of who you are, and what you have the potential to become.

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Featured Interview

Since 2010, Daniel Scranton has been on an extraordinary journey, channeling higher-dimensional beings and collectives. He has become a conduit, bridging the gap between countless individuals worldwide and these higher entities through both live and online group events, as well as private one-on-one sessions. Listen to the podcast version here. Channeling beings who have committed to guide us Among the entities that have chosen to work with Daniel are The

Watch it here >>

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Nordic mysticism

Anja Steensig

Nordic Mysticism

The non-religious, non-dogmatic,
no-bullshit path back into the presence of God

Are you ready to reconnect with your soul and remember your own truth?

Welcome to this unique, sacred and beautiful journey with Anja Steensig.

Healing your childhood template

Evette Rose

Helaing Your Childhood Template

returning to your authentic self

"When you know who you are, you can never lose yourself in any relationship dynamics again" - Evette Rose
In this online course you will learn to stand stronger and in more of your power so that you can show up stronger and more powerful in other people’s lives as well. 

Mastering your cosmic purpose

Sita PK

Mastering your cosmic Purpose

Discover your cosmic roots and claim your preselected purpose

Do you have an inner urge to discover and understand your deeper purpose?

In this course with Sita PK you can unlock life-changing information about why you incarnated, the gifts you’re here to share and the lessons you’re meant to master. 

self-love class

Jannecke Øinæs

Self-Love Activation class

A guide you to a deeper sense of Self-Love

In this class I share with you personal tools, discoveries and realizations that helped me out of depression and into empowerment. The Self-Love Activation Class is meant to guide you to a deeper sense of Self-Love and give you insights and perspectives so you can begin to realize what a magnificent being you truly are. (With Norwegian subtitles). 

being spiritual and abundant

Jannecke Øinæs


Change your relationship to money and open up to more financial flow

How you relate to money, is how money relates to you.

In this mini-course you will discover how collective and personal money myths and mis-beliefs are some of the reasons why many people strive with money.

stand firmly in your dream

Ragnhild Hannoschøck Vea


How to shift disempowering beliefs 

Your dream is so important to you. Yet, it's easy to get caught up in all the thoughts and disempowering beliefs and feel stuck not knowing how to move forward to manifest what you really want.

Sometimes all we need is a little shift of perspectives.

meditation bundle

Jannecke Øinæs

Meditation Bundle

Align with your soul and transform your life

I have carefully put these 11 meditations together to help you connect deeper with your soul, find that inner anchor within and to empower you so you can go out there into the world shining that unique light that you are.


Unn Helen Børvind

I believe that Jannecke is guided by the universe, serving us with exactly what we need on our spiritual path and with self-development. So here I found a kind of smaller universe but more specific than looking on internet for guidance.


Grethe Røed

I can say I have come home and that feels so incredible good. 


Marte Wiik

Jannecke has been my support and guide through my transformation and spiritual awakening. She has introduced me to so many wonderful teachers through her youtube channel. She has an honest curiosity and a great way to see the world with open eyes, so we all can recognize ourselves in. I am so glad she has made this unique platform for us.


Kathy Ramsperger

I turn to The Wisdom From North Membership when I need guidance and spiritual sustenance. You’ll find some of the best spiritual mentors in the world here. 

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Letting go of comparison

Letting go of comparison

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