Nordic Mysticism course with Anja Steensig

Are you ready to reconnect with your soul and remember your own truth?

My truth is simple 

To experience the presence of God
Open your heart 

To open your heart
Let your self be guided by Love 

To find Love
Hold sacred everything that moves your heart 

Notice it, allow it, expand it, lean into it 

It is glimpses of God spread out
like lanterns of guiding lights 

Showing you the way home 

Now enter the realm of Love

- Anja Steensig

Did you know that

  • Religion is not necessary to have a relationship with God
  • You have access to unlimited and unconditional Love
  • Love is never absent, but fully present even when you can’t feel it
  • Your heart is a portal to everything you long for, and it is already yours
  • Your heart is the kingdom of God
  • You are more important than you can imagine
  • You are loved. Absolutely and infinitely
  • The path of Nordic Mysticism is a path of remembrance. 

    Most of us have forgotten how incredibly powerful we are. Life may have given us experiences of being inadequate, unlovable, vulnerable, unworthy. Religion, spiritual methodology or thought systems may have taught us, that there is only one right path to follow, and if we don’t, we will be lost. 

    All this noise is separating us from realizing that we are never really lost, never really broken and that the only path to ever follow, is the path of your own truth. The voice of God in you.

    I want you to remember who you are. Nordic Mysticism is a path that can lead you back home into the remembrance of who you always were. Home into YOUR OWN TRUTH. The powerful, loving, brave and dignified aspect of God, that is you and that only you can be.

    It is a path of unfolding what is already there in your heart, instead of building new layers of ideas and “stuff” on top of the old, distancing you further from your own truth.

    • Nordic Mysticism is a path leading you from the limitations of your mind to the expanded loving reality of your heart.
    • Nordic Mysticism is a path of experience over knowledge. We feed the heart instead of the mind.
    • Nordic Mysticism is a path of personal, unmediated and direct experience of being in the presence of God.
    • Nordic Mysticism is a path of receiving God outside of the confinements of religious dogma.
    • Nordic Mysticism is saying yes to a love affair with life.
    • Nordic Mysticism is a path of remembering that everything is God. Including you.
    • Nordic Mysticism is not a religion or a method. It is a way of being in the world.
    element Nordic mysticism course

    When you walk the path of nordic mysticism

  • You say yes to get in sync with your divine purpose
  • You invite God into your life, as a constant loving presence
  • You invite God into your life, as a reminder of your own true loving nature
  • You connect with your own truth and the truth of who we are
  • You realize how spacious you are
  • You realize your capacity to hold yourself in true self-love
  • You realize your capacity to hold others in true compassion
  • You realize your capacity to BE a presence of Love in the world
  • Have never experienced such a profound effect from any other courses before... Very grateful that it came my way.
    -Course participant

    nordic mysticism with Anja Steensig

    Strip off the layers of varnish and paint 

    Strip off the virtue of being a saint 

    Strip off the story of who you should be 

    Strip off the harness and set your self free 

    Strip off philosophy wisdom of minds 

    Strip off the thoughts for the silence behind 

    Strip off the beautiful words of the books 

    Strip off the knowledge from classes you took 

    Strip off religion and systems of thought 

    Strip off the lessons of what you’ve been taught 

    Strip off the rules and the need to be right 

    Strip off all curtains that keeps out the light

    This is a program for you if you:

    • Long to live a more loving life 
    • Know that love is your answer and your path
    • Long to invite the presence of God deeper into your life
    • Have lost your sense of direction
    • Tend to rely on others to tell you what to do, instead of trusting your own voice
    • Hear the whispers of your heart, but lack the courage to follow its lead
    • Wish to remember and unfold your own truth
    • Feel something standing in the way of you being able to open your heart
    • Want to meet your wounds in the most loving possible way
    • Long to experience how loved you are
    • Are much better at giving than receiving

    I offer no religion. No system. No dogma.

    No philosophy. No rules. No rituals.

     All I am is a servant.

     Serving love.

    So that you may recognize

    the treasure of love in you.

    The love that runs through everything. 

    The love that is yours to lean into.

    The love that will nourish you and hold you.

    The love that will show you 

    the true nature of your soul.

     The love that is God.

    - Anja Steensig

    Anja Steensig course

    This is not your typical online-program. I am really not that interested in just feeding your mind more knowledge. I don’t want to prove anything or convince you of anything.

    So instead of a course, I want you to consider our time together as and invitation into a perspective. An invitation into a different way of being in  the world. 

    As we travel through these 6 modules together, I will lay out the insights, the experiences, the realizations, that completely changed my life, and I invite you to taste them, look at them, feel into them, consider them and spit them out, if they do not completely resonate with you. And when something lights up your heart, when something just feels true in a way that makes you nod your head in recognition. Take it and treasure it.

    I will invite you into experiences and practices that will open your heart and bring you healing to help you find your own way back home into Love.

    -Anja Steensig


    My meeting with Anja Steensig has been of the greatest importance to me personally, as she with her whole being - not only in words, but also by her charisma and demeanor - miraculously reflects the Love that meets us in God.

    Erik Meier Andersen, Parish Pries

    Few in this world harness the invoking power of feminine energy wrapped in love personified with strength like Anja Steensig. She is a treasure to know and love back. I highly recommend her soul as a Denmark and global treasure.

    Ferraro Covelli

    A women who possesses magical powers to really get you to connect from within..I’m in awe of her.

    Parmjit Dhaliwal

    Anja is walking love - or love on two legs. She is a true inspiration and enlightens the world.

    K Beate Richter

    You are truly a beautiful soul Anja and you’ve moved me to a connection I never believe possible. Much love to you.. your incredible presence has helped me connect the dots .. so much love and thanks.

    Helen Jones

    Anja is one of the finest teachers in the world today. Her ability to channel love, wisdom, grace, compassion - all good things - into your heart, is unbelievable. But when you experience it, you will believe.

    Steinar Ditlefsen


    Module 1: Nordic Mysticism

    In module 1 you will be introduced to the idea of Nordic Mysticism. 

    We will dive into the question that can never really be answered: What is God? And in that same breath: What is Love? And what is faith?

    Throughout history the mystics of every religion have had experiences that all points to the same underlying truth. No matter the culture, the context, the time in history their testimonies concur: All is God. God is Love. You are God. And you are infinitely loved.


    Module 2: Getting in sync with God

    Do you know the constant striving to become something else, something better, something more, something less… What if, instead of striving to "become something", all you need to do is ALLOW yourself to be you. That truly being you is your only real purpose in life.

    We will explore the art of surrendering and enter the embrace of God.


    Module 3: Inviting God into your life

    It is time to step out of the constraints of your mind and into your heart.

    In module 3 we will explore the unbelievable capacity and treasure of your heart. Anja will show you how we can open our hearts and invite ourselves into the experience of being in the presence of God. 


    Module 4: What is standing in the way?

    In module 4 it is time to take a look at the obstacles we may face, when we choose to step onto the path of love. Maybe your heart is protected as a residue from difficult experiences. Maybe you find it hard to allow yourself to receive.

    Maybe you are sensitiv and fear to be overwhelmed if you open up. Maybe you find it difficult to accept that when we are falling in love with life, we are also bringing love to the darkness. They are all very common and Anja will show you how they can be lovingly embraced.


    Module 5: The power of prayer

    Prayer is a conscious conversation with life, where we actively invite God into the present moment, turn on the switch and say: yes, please, guide me, hold me, walk with me. Prayer is potentially the most beautiful way of divine co-creation based on allowing God to guide our steps, when approached with willingness and surrender. Together we will explore different ways of praying. From just breathing with God to the ancient Christian Heart Prayer.


    Module 6: Sacred meditation

    Close  your eyes - Fall in love - Stay there

    In our last module Anja will teach you Sacred Meditation, which she also calls The One Practice, because in all its simplicity, Anja believes it is the only practice we will ever need.

    All we ever need to do is to invite this presence of Love more fully into our lives and cultivate our capacity to recognize, utilize it and be of service to it. Through consciously being aware of the presence of Love in everything, through calling in the presence of Love whenever it’s needed, and through Sacred Meditation. A very simple prayer/meditation practice, that will expand our capacity for being in LOVE. Being a vessel for Love, being a bringer of Love, being in love with life.

    Here is what you get in this course

    6 modules with video sessions

    There are 6 video sessions in this course. All video sessions have Norwegian and Danish subtitles (optional).

    Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of Nordic Mysticism as Anja is guiding you with grace and compassion so that you can embrace this profound wisdom of faith, surrender and Love.

    Nordic Mystics with Anja Steensig


    Along with the modules, Anja is giving you different practices that will deepen your understanding, bring you healing and connect you deeper with your own truth. With Love. With God.

    Enjoy the calm voice of Anja as she is guiding you into your heart and into the true capacity of who you are. The audio files are also downloadable. 

    Nordic Mysticism with Anja Steensig

    Beautiful practices that will bring you healing and connect you deeper with your own truth.

    Nordic mysticism online course

    some of the practices you'll receive:

    • Spaciousness
    • Healing the resistance to receive
    • Compassion exercise
    • Fill yourself up - Especially for sensitives
    • Sacred meditation
    • Open your heart to love
    • Into the arms of God
    • Healing - Hand over your pain

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    Included in this course

    • 6 modules with video sessions
    • Beautiful practices to deepen your understanding, bring you healing and connect you deeper with your own truth.
    • Downloadable audio files of the practices
    • Access for a whole year

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    100% satisfaction guarantee

    Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely love this course with Anja— or don’t feel that it meets your needs —there is a 14 days cancellation and refund policy from the date of your order. Just make sure to contact us by email within those days. (The stripe fee will not be refunded).

    About Anja Steensig

    Danish mystic mediating Gods Love through writing, speaking and mentoring.

    For more than a decade she was one of the best-known tv- and radio personalities in Denmark. Hosting her own talk show as well as almost every other kind of tv-entertainment, she was voted best female tv-host during her career. 

    In 2011 she fell into a deep depression that changed her life forever. After 6 months in painful darkness, she reentered the world completely transformed. Her heart had been blasted opened and she found herself in a state of pure unconditional Love, where she suddenly saw everything from a perspective of Love. She knew, that she was no longer in charge of her own life, but a servant of something infinitely bigger. As she surrendered into the loving guidance she received, life took her on a 7-year journey to learn and grow further into the experience and understanding of God expressed as Love, before she began passing on the wisdom she received.

    She represents what you could call a new Nordic Mystic approach to spirituality, where everything but the pure and simple connection directly to God is stripped away. Uncomplicated, undogmatic and solely focused on how we can bring Gods Love more fully into our lives and into the world. The simple and honest non-religious spirituality in devoted service to God.

    She is the author of the bestselling book “En lille bog til mørke dage - Trøst i tro og kærlighed” (2019), that will be released in an English version primo 2023 in USA, England, Canada, Australia and South Africa as “Book of Solace” (DeVorss & Company Publishing).

    She lives in Denmark with her husband and 3 children.

    Anja Steensig

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I participate in this course

    All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile device. You'll get instant access to the course homepage.

    What if I'm busy?

    You have access to the course for a whole year.

    What if english is not my native language

    Most of our customers and members are actually non-native English speaking.

    All videos have optional Norwegian and Danish subtitles.

    What is the refund policy?

    If you for some reason do not find this course satisfactory, then simply e-mail us at within 14 days after your purchase. We will then refund your payment (ex. the stripe fee). You find the Terms & Conditions on this page.

    Jannecke Øinæs Wisdom From North

    Why I recommend this course

    I have had the great joy of working with Anja for a few years now. Anja is also a popular masterclass teacher in Wisdom From North Membership where she teaches the class: "Falling in love with life"

    I have for a long time dreamed of making an online course with Anja. I have always felt drawn to her teaching and her words have resonated with me deeply. It is also her very presence that has made an impression on me. She is a teacher who walks her talk and just being around her, makes you feel you are in the presence of something holy.

    She is also one of the warmest, generous and gifted teachers I know of.

    To offer a course that can possibly bring you more back to your Divine Nature, and strengthen your connection within to your Divine Source, is very rewarding to me. So many years I have felt lost and alone, and I believe I am not the only one. In this course Anja is showing us a way back to our home, a way back to our hearts, our truth and our nature. A way back to LOVE.

    I welcome you onto this unique, sacred and beautiful journey with Anja Steensig.

    Much light from Jannecke