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From child star to Spiritual Pioneer

Jannecke Wisdom From North

Jannecke Øinæs was a celebrated child star in Norway during the 1980s and 1990s, with notable roles such as Little Cosette in Les Miserables and Annie in Annie. As an adult, she secured major roles in productions like Hotel Cæsar, Grease, and Little Shop of Horrors.

At the age of 21, Jannecke's life took a dramatic turn. Her dream of becoming a musical star in London was shattered when she developed vocal cord nodules, forcing her to leave musical theatre. This led to a severe depression and a dark period in her life. However, it also marked the beginning of a new path.

Jannecke believed there was a deeper meaning behind her experiences. In 2012, she founded the web series Wisdom From North on YouTube. She began interviewing coaches, mystics, authors, visionaries, and spiritual teachers about the big questions in life: Why are we here? What happens when we die? Is there a deeper meaning to our lives?

When Jannecke launched her podcast, very few were exploring spirituality on YouTube, making her a pioneer in her field. Today, the channel has over 100,000 followers and more than 12 million views. Wisdom From North now offers memberships, online courses, and education for those experiencing a spiritual awakening, helping them reclaim their power, step confidently into their life purpose, and radiate self-love, so they can share their unique gifts with the world and live a life filled with authenticity, joy, and meaning.

Longer version

The entrepreneur Jannecke Øinæs was a celebrated child star during the eighties and nineties with countless stage performances under her belt. It all started with the role of little Cosette in Les Miserables at one of Norway’s and Oslo’s biggest theatres (Det Norske Teatret). She was chosen amongst 2000 children to play the main part of Annie in “Annie” at Bryggeteatret in Oslo in 1991. After that it was smooth sailing with Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”, Liesl in “The Sound of Music” and a variety of TV performances.

She thought her life would stay this way forever and that she would continue to sing and perform. Her identity was closely connected to what she could achieve and as an adult big roles followed in amongst others “Hotel Cæsar” (a Norwegian soap opera), “Grease” at Chat Noir and “Jul i Blåfjell” at Folketeatret and Oslo Nye Teater (Christmas in the Blue Mountain, Norwegian Musical).

When she lost her voice in 2001 and also had to give up the leading role in the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”, she hit rock bottom. An extremely dark time followed with a severe depression. Jannecke understood that she had to do something about her own situation and found a way out of the darkness. She started following her inner voice that led her to her soul’s purpose. When we meet resistance we might think that we’ve done something wrong, but according to Jannecke, that’s when we really have the opportunity for personal growth.

The depression she struggled with was the start of Wisdom From North, a web series on YouTube where she interviews people she feels has wisdom to share. When Jannecke founded Wisdom From North there were very few others on YouTube who were teaching within spirituality. She was one of the pioneers behind the wave of spirituality and life change we see today. After more than 8 years making interviews she took the brave step and created her own company where she could do what she truly loves to do. With her partner Ragnhild Hannoschøck Vea, she founded Wisdom From North AS and started to produce online courses with renowned coaches and teachers from all over the world, a membership portal and live interview evenings in Oslo.

Jannecke has more than 12 million views on her YouTube videos and has done more than 500 interviews. She has interviewed famous Norwegians like  Jon SchauAudun MyskjaSnåsamannenKathrine AspaasKjell Magne Bondevik  (Former Prime Minister of Norway), Lilli BendrissMärtha Louise and several others. She has also interviewed international teachers like Byron KatieTeal SwanDr. Eben AlexanderGregg BradenBruce LiptonMooji  and many more.


Jannecke has more than 12 million views on her YouTube channel and has created more than 500 episodes. She has interviewed teachers like Byron KatieTeal SwanDr. Eben AlexanderGregg BradenBruce LiptonMooji, Teal Swan, Evette Rose, Victor Oddo, Dr Sue Morter, Alex Ferrari and among others. 

All together Wisdom From North has 100.000 followers on social media and The Membership now counts around 300 members.

Customers served! 100  YouTube Views
Customers served! 100 Interviews
Customers served! 100 Community

The interview angle

With her unique perspective on life and the challenges we all face, Jannecke is an intriguing interview subject. She is experienced in giving lectures and interviewing people and can speak in depth on various topics related to human emotions, personal development, metaphysics, and musicals.

Jannecke is especially passionate about discussing the importance of self-love and seeking one's life purpose. In many ways, she lost her voice to truly find a deeper and more profound voice.

More subjects Jannecke can speak about

  • The challenges/gifts that were hidden in her depression
  • The journey from child star to something close to a “spiritual librarian
  • Why we should follow our dreams
  • The importance of keeping an open mind
  • What is spirituality and why do we need to care about it
  • To dare to step out of the box and speak your truth.
  • The importance of listening to your inner feelings
  • How everyone has a life mission, but it isn’t always what you believe it is. 
  • The difference between self-esteem and self-confidence and why self-esteem is important
  • Why we need to practice self-love
  • What is awakening
  • How many of us are on autopilot and thereby creates more of what we don’t want
  • How money and spirituality is connected

Jannecke has been featured on:

The Joni Patry show

Next Level Soul


Tricia Carr show

Live with Jannecke Øinæs

Wisdom From North also holds LIVE events in Oslo where Jannecke interviews guests as well as giving talks on various subjects.

Jannecke was a guest speaker at the Mindvalley conference in Tallinn, Estonia in the summer of 2022.

Janneckes formal background

Theatre education from The Circle In The Square Theatre School in New York

Bachelor in metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS)

Educated as a teacher at Høyskolen in Oslo and Akershus

Certified Mindfulness teacher

Hartvig Nissen school 1996-1999. High school, theatre subjects

Official show biz CV

Film / TV / Web

2018- Founded Wisdom From North AS

2012- Founder of her own YouTube series: Wisdom From North

2008-2010: Hotel Cæsar: Cecilie Dahr Hove (norwegian soap opera)

2007: HIO: Kristine in Forfatteren 2007

2006: Denmark’s radio/NRK: Ørnen, episode 20, the part of Sissel Hansten

2005: NISS: Julie in At døda Et barn

1989: Disney: Rakel in Håkon Håkonsen, Director: Nils Gaup

1989: Artist in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Barneøyne” with Kari Gjærum

Musicals / Shows

2015: Jul i Blåfjell, Rødnissejenta, Oslo Nye Teater

2013: Jul i Blåfjell, Rødnissejenta, Oslo Nye Teater

2012: Jul i Blåfjell, Rødnissejenta, Folketeatret

2011: Jul i Blåfjell, Rødnissejenta, Folketeatret

2011: One Touch Of Venus,- a journey through Kurt Weill’s work

(Producer: Jannecke Øinæs, Place: Herr Nilsen)

2010: Jul i Blåfjell, Rødnissejenta, Folketeatret

2006-2007: 2Entertain: Artist and show- coordinator at

Tui’s Blue Village hotel, Mallorca and Tenerife

2004-2005: Bohr-Lange: Lily in Annie, Sentrum Scene and touring Norway

2000-2001: Anita Nyhagen AS: Rizzo in Grease, Chat Noir and touring Norway

1995: Det Norske Teatret: Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

1993: Familieteatret: Liesl in The Sound of Music, Bryggeteatret

1992: Familieteatret: Beth in Oliver, Chateau Neuf

1991: Familieteatret: Annie in Annie, Bryggeteatret

1988: Det Norske Teatret: Little Cosette in Les Miserables

Several and varied assignments for private organizers and fairs. Varied song assignments for weddings and other private parties as well as TV performances.

Released a solo album in 1989 (Sony).


2003: Lizzie in Goblin Market, Manhatten Children’s Theatre, NYC

2003: Madge in Picnic. Excam show at Circle in The Square Theatre School, NYC

1999: Hartvig Nissen School, Comedy  ”Millenium”

1996: Hartvig Nissen School, Comedy “Okei”. Director: Ivar Tindberg


2008-2019. Varied dubbing roles in different series

2017: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Sam Sparks, the series

2009: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Sam Sparks, cinema movie

2009: G-Force, Huares, cinema movie

2008: Historien om julenissen (The story of Santa Claus): Kristine, cinema movie

2005: Sun Studio: Maggie in Herbie Reloaded, Disney, cinema movie

2000: Sun Studio: Mira Nova in Buzz Lightyear, series and dvd

1999: Sun Studio: Kiara in Lion King 2, cinema movie

A few images from show biz

Images of Jannecke

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