Interview with Gregg Braden on science & spirituality

Interviewing Gregg Braden was a huge honor for me. I have followed him for over a decade now and I admire his work greatly.

In our interview Gregg Braden shares the false assumptions we have carried for hundreds of years and the new discoveries. These discoveries show that that spirituality is deep connected with science.

About Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author and is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential. He is like the bridge between science and indigenous knowledge to create real-world solutions for today. Following successful careers in the energy and defense industries, he became the first technical operations manager for Cisco Systems in 1991.

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Gregg Bradon

Did you know that new research shows you are literally wired for maximum human potential?

I recently watched this free video event with Gregg Braden addressing how new discoveries are now showing that we’re not what we’ve been told. Instead we are far more than we have ever imagined…

What we thought we knew about the human condition and the very origins of humanity has been misinterpreted and misunderstood…

In this free online event, that I highly recommend not to miss, Gregg will share the new science. The new science that exposes the limiting beliefs we’ve held about who we are and where we come from.

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You’ll also discover:

  • How new discoveries have overturned 150 years of scientific thinking — and why that’s relevant to YOUR life story
  • How to tap into your innate capacity to leap beyond self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and step into the grandest vision of the life you once thought was beyond your reach
  • How to access your deep intuition on demand through heart-brain harmonization
  • How to enhance your ability to self-regulate so that you can choose to create a powerful immune response, activate longevity enzymes, and move into the gamma state at will to access deep levels of perception
  • How to work with your mirror neurons to open new doorways to accelerated learning

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  • Hei ! Jeg har vært opptatt av mysteriet livet nær sagt hele min levetid. Har kommet til livets høst nå, men den interessen har fortsatt den samme “ungdommelige” gløden. Først vil jeg berømme ditt engasjement for å spre kunnskap Jannecke. Det har vært, og er av meget stor betydning i denne tid. Gregg Bradens arbeid med å forene vitenskap og åndelig visdom, er kanskje det aller viktigste i vår tid. Jeg er ubeskrivelig fascinert. Jeg har imidlertid problemer med å følge med på alt dette spennende som nå skjer, p.g.a. manglende engelskkunnskaper. Derfor lurte jeg på om dette videoarrangementet er tekstet?

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