Expand your consciousness and transform your life

I am inviting you to join this soul expansive online membership, to help you find your true power and purpose, navigate more easily in your spiritual journey, raise your vibration, and take your soul growth to the next level!

Jannecke Øinæs - Creator of Wisdom From North

Wisdom From North has been absolutely invaluable on my spiritual journey.
- Member

I am immensely grateful for a platform where various teachers' approaches are gathered, allowing us to select what resonates and create our own truth from it.

- Member

Immediate  access to 50+ masterclasses

Delivered by highly esteemed teachers like Dr. Eben Alexander, Aaron Abke, Anja Steensig, Sita PK, Dr. Sue Morter, to name just a few. All classes have Norwegian subtitles.

There is not one way, but there is your way and I can help you find it

  • Exclusive content. Every month, you'll receive an exclusive masterclass from one of our teachers.
  • Ask the teacher directly. Join LIVE Q&A sessions with the teacher of the month.
  • LIVE with Jannecke. In my live sessions, we delve into a new portal (spiritual principle, practice, or area) and turn knowledge into soulful action.
  • LIVE meditations. Every month, you can participate in LIVE meditation sessions.
  • Access to EVERYTHING! As a member, you have instant access to all masterclasses, meditations, and LIVE sessions with Jannecke.+60 meditations. You'll find over 60 meditations delivered by various teachers covering a wide range of topics.
  • Member benefits. As a member, you can take advantage of special membership codes that offer reduced prices on all our courses.

Spiritual Guidance for Everyday Life

The membership is specially designed to provide you with universal wisdom and spiritual guidance that you can apply in your everyday life, awakening your infinite potential! While we often take care of our physical bodies at the gym, it's the inner journey that will make the biggest difference.


Can you recognize the feelings of being..

  • Uncertain whether you can trust your inner voice 
  • Confused around what your life mission really is
  • Lonely in your spiritual search 
  • Doubt because you feel you have done so much inner work already
  • Unsure how to navigate in this landscape of awakening
  • Overwhelmed by all the different schools of spiritual teachings 

You don't need to hit rock bottom to awaken.
Through the spiritual journey, you can meet yourself with love and prevent your soul from having to knock harder and harder to get your attention.

Jannecke Wisdom From North

I have been there

Before my awakening in my twenties, I went through a very dark time. My dream of becoming a musical theatre artist was shattered, when I lost my singing voice at the top of my career.

All of a sudden from being a star in Norway, I felt worthless. 

Then a long awakening journey started. I began studying metaphysics, spirituality, coaching, mindfulness- I jumped on every single course there was!

And in 2012 I began interviewing transformational teachers from all over the world. It was like my thirst for knowledge and wisdom didn't have an end. 

What I realized in the process was that the power was within me. It had been there all along. I had just been giving it away.

I finally saw that red thread in my life - that I had a deeper purpose. That I was the hero I had been waiting for. My purpose was to help others navigate this often confusing spiritual journey, to help them fall in love with themselves and find their soul power and purpose. 

I never thought that I would be where I am today, owning my own company, doing what I love and feeling so fulfilled! I feel the magic of life, I feel at home in myself and I feel passionate about my soul's journey. 

This awakening and transformation would not have been possible without the powerful tools, wisdom, spiritual knowledge, the support I discovered and the gifted spiritual teachers I met on my way!

And I am sharing all of this with you in The Membership!

Because what I have discovered is: 

  • That there is so much MORE to you, than you could ever imagine!
  • The gifts you have to share is what is needed on the planet right now
  • There is always a teaching or practice to heal what you find the most difficult
  • When you expand your consciousness, you will wake up to the real magic and mystery of life
  • By embarking on the empowerment journey, you will start living the life your were destined to live
  • There is not one way, but there is your way and I can help you find it

Everything in One Place

In the membership, you'll find everything in one place. Instead of spending endless hours searching the web for quality teachings, techniques, practices, meditations, and spiritual guidance, you save time and money by finding everything with us.

It's my purpose to help you step into your most empowered self and help you navigate more easily the awakening process

In The Membership I have gathered insightful knowledge, tools and techniques that you can use to realize your inner potential. 
Here is some of what you will experience:


Powerful techniques & PRACTICES

- Through live video sessions with me, you'll receive high vibrational techniques and spiritual practices that will help you take your power back, shifting from feeling like a victim to becoming a victor.

Live with Jannecke

The masterclasses

Deep spiritual knowledge and wisdom

- Teachings from hand picked highly renowned international thought leaders. Receive their secrets and discoveries on how you can transform your life and how to navigate in this great shift.

Soul Family Community

-In our private Facebook group, you'll be encouraged and inspired to maintain your spiritual practice, ensuring continuous growth and keeping your vibration high so you don't fall back into old patterns. Here, you'll meet like-minded individuals on a similar journey. Together, we provide support, love, and assistance to one another.

Our community

Q&A with the teacher

Answering Your Burning Questions

-In our live Q&A sessions, you can get answers to your personal questions and support from the teacher of the month. This is a unique opportunity to receive direct assistance and intuitive answers from the teachers.

Together we embark on the journey to empowerment through the portals


"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears"

- Rumi


What Members are Saying

After watching many of Jannecke’s amazing interviews during the difficult Corona times, I decided to join the Wisdom from North membership to explore more! I was warmly embraced by Jannecke, the teachers and members alike -- for who I was.

Just like the northern lights, we all are just as colorful, beautiful and grand as beings. We are different sexualities, genders, races, nationalies, etc.  At Wisdom from North, we are here to explore the unknown inside of us and outside of us . We explore this unknown wilderness and dance in its mystery. 

Not only am I walking in this world now with more confidence on my own, but a big value I have learned through being a member is togetherness. You just have more fun when we’re meditating together, or asking big questions together, sharing together, and manifesting together.  That’s a complete joy for me! 

Such an amazing community! I am so happy with how the membership has positively impacted my life!!

Evan Garvey, member

Evan Garvey

Before, I was hiding myself and dimming my light, afraid of others' opinions. I found my purpose and now I am a women circle leader with a big passion for sisterhood. Last year I had never imagined myself starting "SoulsisterMiriam"! I Finally stepped into my light and said YES to my Souls calling ❤ Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Miriam Susanna Myhra, member


Jannecke creates a safe, healing and non judgemental space in the tribe. Her intuitive insights have helped me immensely especially with removing blocks to listening to my inner voice to receive my soul's calling me.

Her masterclasses are lovingly chosen to assist the individual in a holistic way. I have found a profound change in myself. 
I would wholeheartedly recommend joining Wisdom From North tribe and find your soul's calling. 

Nancy Haddad, member


I love the masterclasses a lot. You can watch them when you are ready to hear inspiration and they are food for our soul and they all made me feel wise already.

The live sessions from Jannecke are pure joy for me. It all resonates with me and she has such a pure, enthusiastic and kind energy.

The tribe feels as a hearth centered group who is transparent and authentic. 

If you read this I guess you are ready for some soul searching and I have only one advise for you!! Jump in like I did....

Marlene Gerrits, member

I believe that Jannecke is guided by the universe, serving us with exactly what we need on our spiritual path and with self-development. So here I found a kind of smaller universe but more specific than looking on internet for guidance.
When I chose to become a member of Wisdom From North, it was as a gift to myself, where I can explore the spiritual side of life and develop myself as a person. This was a pure self-love act. When I am on this platform, I have a “self-treatment-time”.
Thank you Jannecke <3

Unn Helen Børvind, member

Unn Helen

Just imagine this..

  • Living the life you signed up, living your true purpose  
  • Standing in your own power, having found your inner anchor
  • Trusting your intuition and inner guidance 
  • Shining your light, taking your space in the world
  • Being confident in your relationships, and easily express your needs and boundaries
  • Raising your vibrational set point and feeling much more vibrant and joyful in your everyday life
  • Seeing the real magic of life (that not so many see)
  • Not being alone anymore, but finding like minded kindred souls on the same journey as you
The membership

Even if you devote only a couple of hours a month to it, you’ll be astonished at how much difference that monthly date with yourself will make. I’m super excited to see what will become possible for you and how your life may change when you start prioritizing yourself and your inner growth.

"I’m so happy I took the leap of faith, it has given me so much
- more than I could ever imagine or hope for. Really life-changing!"



Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up

Exclusive content

Each month you'll receive an exclusive bundle from a highly gifted transformational teacher.
- a 40-60 minute main masterclass in video format
- highlights from the class in written format
- exercise/s or meditation/s that follows the class to support your learning.

Live Q&A with teachers

LIVE Q&A session with the featured teacher of the month. This makes it possible for you to interact with the teacher and for them to answer your questions directly. 

The replay will be available within 48 hours inside The Membership Hub if you cannot attend live. 

Live with Jannecke

You can also be part of my exclusive live video sessions where we dive into a new portal (spiritual principle, practice or area) and put knowledge into soul-ful action

The replay will be available within 48 hours inside The Membership Hub if you cannot attend live.

Live meditations

Let's raise our vibration together through LIVE meditations held by Ragnhild Hannoschøck Vea. 

Monthly calendar

All the info you need to attend the live happenings of the months can be found in our online calendar inside The Membership Hub.


As a member you also get instant access to the following:

An online library of meditations

Access to 60+ life transformative meditations to support you in different areas of your life that you can use again and again. The meditations are provided in video or audio format. 

Access to All previous masterclasses

As long as you are a member you'll have access to all our previous exclusive masterclasses and bundles, having the chance to dive into the content again and again.

Great discounts only for members

As a member you receive great discounts on other courses, happenings or trainings that Wisdom From North produce.

Replays from jannecke's sessions

You'll get instant access to all previous replays to my live sessions and all the handouts with the exercises provided.  

Private Facebook Tribe Community

Much of the magic happens in our private Tribe Facebook community for The Membership. This is where we hold each other accountable, connect, share openheartedly and support each other. 

More member benefits

If you'll need additional support, you will receive discounts on private sessions with some of our masterclass-teachers and also discounts on some of their own trainings and programs that they run outside The Membership. 

"I can say I have come home and that feels so incredible good"

The Membership

Our philosophy

We believe that there is not one way or one school of teaching, as we all are individuals needing different things. In The Membership you are introduced to a wide range of perspectives discovering what works for you, so that you can unlock your spiritual gifts.   

"The Membership has given me so much!!"

Featured masterclass in May

Learn to channel with Daniel Scranton

Have you ever been wondering whether you can channel higher evolved beings? Well, Daniel Scranton says channeling isn't just for the chosen few – it's a skill we can all develop with dedication and practice.

In this transformative masterclass, you'll embark on a journey into the art of channeling guided by the expertise of Daniel Scranton, delving into the realms of channeling and connecting with the wisdom of the universe.

Searching alone is hard. It's difficult. It's almost impossible to process all knowledge alone. The membership on Wisdom from North gives me the opportunity to reflect on the different topics together with others. It allows me to grow in so many ways. It's with Wisdom from North Membership I have had the biggest Aha experiences. 

I have learned the power of meditation. I am finding my inner light. And I love it. It is NOT schooling. Its LIFE. Lovingly accepting me with all my faults. Lovingly accepting others and their faults. Together with the rest of the group we can talk and learn together. Thank you for all the work you are doing to make us better souls, Jannecke! 


Catherine Desiree Simmack, member

Jannecke has been my support and guide through my transformation and spiritual awakening. She has introduced me to so many wonderful teachers through her youtube channel. She has an honest curiosity and a great way to see the world with open eyes, so we all can recognize ourselves in. I am so glad she has made this unique platform for us.
I feel Jannecke has found the best masterclasses as she has enormous experience through interviewing over 400 transformational teachers. Here I find everything in one place so I can continue to grow and expand my horizon and grow as a human being with Jannecke as my trusted mentor.

Marte Wiik, member

The opportunity to join the Wisdom from North platform came at a perfect moment in my life when I really needed to feel that I am not in this alone. To me, the most valuable are the very inspiring masterclasses, and the possibility to ask personal questions to the teachers.

I admire Jannecke's deep wisdom, knowledge and how she makes such a beautiful space for the members. 

I can truly recommend joining the platform to anyone interested in a safe and heartfelt community for sharing personal experiences and thoughts, and to do monthly challenges, together with likeminded people on the spiritual path.


Marit Lehmann, member

I’ve been a fan of Jannecke’s work for 3 years now and can highly recommend her exciting online platform “Wisdom From North”. Here she presents masterclasses with great spiritual teachers and other famous teachers within their respective fields, challenges and lots of other intriguing content.

Her masterclasses, which you will find on this platform, are knowledgeable, in depth, inspiring and will be a great guide on your path to self-awareness. They have given me new ideas and expanded my horizon.

Her videos are professional and including as well as making you think and challenge yourself and your own beliefs. Her down to earth and warm approach to the different subjects make us as viewers feel like she is one of us, exploring and finding her way just as we are.


Vanja Jordan, member


Immediate  access to 60+ meditations

Receive immediate access to life transformative meditations such as;

Releasing emotional blocks - Evette Rose

Meditation to heal energetic blocks in your body

Activating Your 8th Chakra Meditation - Sita PK
Journey into the 8th chakra to connect to your destiny and soul purpose
The 3 B's Shine Time - Veronica Krestow
Feel good instantly with this meditation and raise your frequency
Heart Vibration Activation - Vibecke Garnaas
Meditation to open your heart 
Light Language Transmission - Jamye Price
Receive light language codes and frequencies to connect to your multi-dimensional self
Manifesting your ideal reality - Regan Hillyer
Meditation to create and manifest your dream reality
The Sun in The Heart - Kenneth Sørensen
Connecting with your soul-essence

Attract your true love - John Selby
Ready to find true love? This meditation will help you to connect with your soul-mate and attract him/her into your life

Ho'oponopono - Jannecke Øinæs
Powerful exercise to find forgiveness within

How to sell with love - Jason Campbell
Start to sell with love and open up to financial abundance and freedom

and many more

meditations in The Membership

This is possible for you and I have personally handpicked the most celebrated and gifted thought leaders and spiritual teachers to give you the tools, the wisdom and techniques to better master your life and have a powerful shift.
-Jannecke Øinæs


Expand Your Consciousness

Most flexible

Monthly subscription

Monthly $49

Norwegians: NOK 490,- pr month

6 months

6 months subscription

Half year $259 
(save $35)

Norwegians: NOK 2590,- every 6 months

Best offer

Annual subscription

$490 per year 
(save $98)

Norwegians: NOK 4900,- pr year

If using a code, add the code where it says Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code on checkout. After your purchase has been processed, you will be sent a confirmation email with a direct link to the membership hub and our tribe community and you’ll login in with the login and password, which you created when you purchased.

That’s it! 


Sturla Dannevig

absolutely invaluable on my spiritual journey

Wisdom From North has been absolutely invaluable on my spiritual journey. I have had strong experiences and many aha moments during the time I have been a member.

It is not so easy to say what has given me the most, because there have been so many different things that have been good. Perhaps what I have had the most fun with are the LIVE sessions with Jannecke, and the Q&A where Jannecke has collected the threads, so that I have properly understood what I learned in the last masterclass.

One thing I would also like to highlight is that in Wisdom From North everything is so neat, everything flows so nicely.


From an unconscious to an awake state

After being on sick leave for years, with the help of Wisdom From North Membership I found the way back to myself. Earlier in my life I sought answers and confirmations from the world around me. By participating in various master classes in The Membership I found a new universe within myself. The knowledge I gained increased my awareness in relation to my own needs, people's ability to change and how entrenched patterns and influences from the environment can have a great impact on quality of life and health.

The platform has something for everyone who is in search of a greater meaning in life. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge I have gained. In love.


Tools, experiences, and thought models for a spiritual life

The Membership has given me a very good opportunity to learn more about modern spirituality. I have been able to ask spiritual teachers my questions and have got many practical tools, experiences, and thought models for spiritual life. I have had very much help in my research about how to work with life plans in schools.


You’ll find some of the best spiritual mentors in the world here

I turn to The Wisdom From North Membership when I need guidance and spiritual sustenance. You’ll find some of the best spiritual mentors in the world here. The Membership is a true gem, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to gently open to new vistas of life and vibration. Jannecke is the best! Come join us!


Love the videos that I can watch out whenever I want

Love the videos that I can watch out whenever I want. Especially on days I need it. When I need help to lift my energy and stay focused on my goals. When I need to know that there is a purpose to my life and everything has a meaning.


pick what fits and create your own truth from that

I am very grateful for a platform where different teachers' approaches are gathered, so you can pick what fits and create your own truth from that.

Q & A about The Membership

Will The Membership demand a lot of time?

We have designed the Membership in a way so that it’s quick and easy to use and access. Even if you devote only a couple of hours a month to it, you’ll be astonished at how much difference that monthly date with yourself will make. I’m super excited to see what will become possible for you and how your life may change when you start prioritizing yourself and your inner growth.


Will the monthly masterclasses be available afterwards?

As a member, you will have access to ALL the content in the Membership as long as you are a paying member.
Including all Masterclasses, the meditation library and all live sessions with Jannecke 

How are the masterclasses delivered?

The masterclasses are provided in video format. We also provide written highlights from the class. Most often the teacher provides exercises, hand outs and meditations in addition to the main class content. 

How is the cancellation policy?

On the Monthly Subscription you can cancel anytime and it is a quick and easy process. There is no refund policy, but upon cancellation, you will not be charged the following month. You can manage your subscription from My account inside the membership. 

On the 6 months and Annual Membership there is a 14 days cancellation policy.
If you which to cancel within 14 days after your ordered The Membership, send an e-mail to team@wisdomfromnoth.com and we will refund you. 

Click here to read our Terms & Conditions.

English is not my native language and my English is not perfect. I’m afraid I’ll find it hard to understand.

We have Norwegian subtitles on all our masterclasses so it will be very easy for you to follow. Think of it as English movies that you watch with Norwegian subtitles. If that works fine for you, this will be easy-peasy. Jannecke is also speaking simple and understandable English in her live sessions. 

I am not on Facebook. What will I miss out on?

No worries. All the content is accessible in the Membership. 

This membership is for you...

  • You long for a deeper knowledge and truth than the one you have been presented with in society
  • You want to expand your awareness
  • You want to shine your unique light
  • You want to remove blocks that are preventing you from following your dreams and receive abundance
  • You long to come home to yourself and feel whole
  • You want to transform your life
  • You have an open mind and know that there is more between heaven and earth than we can see with our own eyes
  • You long to to connect with your deeper intelligence
  • You want to train and develop your sixth sense so that you can navigate through life more easily and open up for a greater flow in life
  • You want to help raise awareness on the planet

This membership is not for you...

  • you are looking for a quick fix, believing that change happens over night
  • you are looking for someone to fix you, not being willing to take responsibility yourself 
  • you believe in only one truth and one path to Rome
  • you are not willing to do the inner work or willing to look within

What more members are saying

"The world needs what you’ve got!"

Thea Kristine Refsdal

Marte Wiik

Laura Jane Griffiths

Say YES to your soul and join us in this loving and supporting community, having a place to wake up from the autopilot mind, evolve spiritually and start living the life you were destined to live.


When you purchase a monthly subscription, you can lean back and enjoy the membership and we will charge you automatically the fee each month. 
And the best part, you can stay as long as you want and you can cancel anytime!

When choosing the 6 months or annual subscription, you are covered by our 14 days refund policy.
If for some reason this was not for you, just write an email and we will refund you. 

Your 6 months subscription will renew automatically after 6 months.
Your annual subscription will renew automatically after a year. 

If you do not wish to continue after a year, you can just cancel your annual subscription before the renewal date inside the membership hub in your profile. 

You have access to all the content in The Membership as long as you are a member.