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What if you could consciously create the soulful life you long for?

"If you have a dream, it is your destiny to fulfill it" 

- Jannecke Øinæs, founder of Wisdom From North

Jannecke Oinaes

Hey, I'm Jannecke

What if I told you...

  • ...that there is so much more to you, than you could ever imagine. 
  • ...that you are meant to thrive and shine your light. 
  • ...that you will find your calling, when you go within.
  • ...that there is nothing to fix about you, and that loving yourself and being joyful is your natural state. 
  • ...that by giving yourself the gift of embarking on a soulful journey, you can get access to all the resources you will ever need. 

Are you ready...

-to dive into a journey of self discovery with me? 

-to open up for that power that lies within, waiting to unfold? 

-to say YES to your soul's whisper and open up to so much more of who you are? 

-to take that leap of faith, taking action and giving you yourself the gift of prioritizing your inner search, finally listening to that inner voice?

"What you seek is seeking you”


An Empowering journey

I am inviting you on an empowering journey where you will receive the support, the tools, the wisdom and techniques to better master your life and have deep transformation through guidance brought to you by highly recognized thought leaders. And at the same time having a loving Tribe community supporting you all the way!

Wisdom From North Membership is the place to be for a continuous journey of expansion. It is a safe, supportive and highly inspirational environment where you can grow at your own pace!

It would be my greatest joy to walk the path with you!

Receive exclusive Masterclasses every month

with recognized teachers who will support you in consciously creating the soulful life you long for

+ LIVE sessions with Jannecke, tools, meditations, bonus material and more..

Join our supportive and loving Tribe of likeminded people on your journey to empowerment.

The membership

Experience highly recognized spiritual teachers who come from a place of authenticity and personal experience

+ LIVE Q&A's where you get your burning personal questions answered. 

Have a sneak peak from some of the Masterclasses by clicking on the videos below

Finding your life purpose

In this masterclass Camillo will walk you through a dynamic hands-on exercise to help you find your purpose as you embrace your own uniqueness. You will see that your soul purpose is to actually find that uniqueness and express it!

Become the Hero of Your Life

This class Dr. Andrea Pennington is going to help you tap into the power of the unconscious mind, to get rid of blocks that may be hiding there, and to access that higher potential that is stored in your spiritual side. Andrea’s passion is to help you transform your identity from thinking small and instead becoming this heroic human spirit, and this class may help you go from ordinary to extraordinary or from hero to superhero.


Connecting with Your Cosmic Consciousness

How can we evolve beyond 3rd Density, and raise our vibrational set point? In this masterclass by channeler and author Jamye Price, you will learn how raise your vibrational set point and make better choices as you interact with life. 

discover your life theme

In this class with Katy Bray, you will learn how your eighth chakra is the home of your soul contracts which consist of your destiny points, your purpose, your life theme and even other predetermined blueprints for this incarnation.



Women’s Sexual Self Care

In this video, the women’s self care teacher Emily Kuser offers a few tips on how to connect deeper with ourselves and our bodies.

discover the five main energy sources and what Toyni calls The Language of Energy.

After a serious boat accident, Toyni was in bed for a year, hardly able to move. By discovering the language of energy, she managed to fully recover. Today Toyni is a spiritual coach and business mentor. In this class she is teaching you about the five different energy sources and how you can have the most optimal energy flow!



I struggle with letting go of my for​mer partner, but I really long to open up to a new soulmate relationship

The beautiful Evette Rose will give you exercises and tools on how to let go of a former lover, making you aware of your relationship dynamics, so that you can attract a healthy and beautiful soulmate relationship!

how can i manifest more easily?

Marit Reitan, my personal teacher, has this magical class for you where she teaches you can create and manifest what you truly want! Because you can!



I feel confused about the  awakening process

In this class the ascension guide Maria Nyegaard is teaching you how to navigate in what she is calling the Ascension process.

This membership is for you...​

  • You long for a deeper knowledge and truth than the one you have been presented with in society
  • You want to expand your awareness
  • You want to shine your unique light
  • You want to remove blocks that are preventing you from following your dreams and receive abundance
  • You long to come home to yourself and feel whole
  • You want to transform your life
  • You have an open mind and know that there is more between heaven and earth than we can see with our own eyes
  • You long to to connect with your deeper intelligence
  • You want to train and develop your sixth sense so that you can navigate through life more easily and open up for a greater flow in life
  • You want to help raise awareness on the planet

This membership is not for you...

  • you are looking for a quick fix, believing that change happens over night
  • you are looking for someone to fix you, not being willing to take responsibility yourself 
  • you believe in only one truth and one path to Rome
  • you are not willing to do the inner work or willing to look within

Testimonials from our members

Nancy Haddad

Nancy Haddad

I have been a part of the Wisdom From North tribe since september of 2019.

I saw her interview with Lorna Byrne, Hans Wilhelm and many more spiritual teachers. Then I saw her soul's calling and knew this was RIGHT for me.

Jannecke creates a safe, healing and non judgemental space in the tribe. Her intuitive
insights have helped me immensely especially with removing blocks to listening to my inner voice to receive my soul's calling me.

Her masterclasses are lovingly chosen to assist the individual in a holistic way. She has wonderful transformational teachers who are so willing to share with the members. I have found a profound change in myself. My counseling work with older adults has benefited by my own self growth. I have learned to give my work as a visual artist more space and to truly value my time to create.

There are so many intuitive insights and other gifts I have received from the master teachers and Jannecke and Ragnhild and tribe that I feel the flow inside me moving like a sap through a tree.

I would wholeheartedly recommend joining Wisdom From North tribe and find your soul's calling. I have heard my soul calling! She has knocked on my door. Thank you.


Marlene Gerrits

“The reason I joined this membership was because I watched all interviews from Jannecke after i saw her interview with Teal Swan. I guess my soul was looking for a next challenge when i watched the membership explanation webinar because I just jumped! I love the masterclasses a lot. You can watch them when you are ready to hear inspiration and they are food for our soul and they all made me feel wise already.

The live sessions from Jannecke are pure joy for me. It all resonates with me and she has such a pure, enthusiastic and kind energy.

The tribe feels as a hearth centered group who is transparent and authentic. Not like troubled souls but already conscious souls ready to learn next souls lessons.

If you read this I guess you are ready for some soul searching and I have only one advise for you!! Jump in like I did....

Warm regards for Jannecke and her colleague who are the centre for this community , for the tribe, the masterclass teachers and all who is reading this right now. 

Unn Helen

Unn Helen Børvind

I have come to the understanding that life is about coming into place within myself. I think we are so affected by our upbringing and the people and society around us when we grew up - that we come to a point in life when we realize we must find back to our true self - which always has been there inside us all the way - we just lost focus of it. Therefore, I work daily to gain self-esteem, self-respect, self-worth and the most important of them, self-love. Wisdom From North is a very important element for me in this work.

In my world I experience being guided every single day through everything I sense and experience, such as songs I hear, posts in the media, things I come across on the internet and by looking up at random pages in books etc etc. One day I came across Jannecke on Youtube and I loved the variety in exciting people and themes. I believe that Jannecke is guided by the universe, serving us with exactly what we need on our spiritual path and with self-development. So here I found a kind of smaller universe but more specific than looking on internet for guidance.

When I chose to become a member of Wisdom From North, it was as a gift to myself, where I can explore the spiritual side of life and develop myself as a person. This was a pure self-love act. When I am on this platform, I have a “self-treatment-time”.

I understand that balance in everything I do in life is important, and Wisdom From North is perfect as a varying information channel within the element of spirituality, self-development and self-care. Wisdom From North contribute to become whole as a human being, and also to understand that we are a part of a great whole.

Thank you Jannecke <3

Catherine Desiree Simmack

“After spending many hours and days and years searching for answers to the big questions in life it all stopped the day I found Jannecke and her videos on YouTube. Real people talking about self-experienced life changing events. Giving me the answers to the why's and the how's and the what's in a way that I could understand. Or at least reflect on. 

Searching alone is hard. It's difficult. It's almost impossible to process all knowledge alone. The Membership on Wisdom from North gives me the opportunity to reflect on the different topics together with others. It allows me to grow in so many ways. It's with Wisdom from North Membership I have had the biggest Aha! experiences. I have landed. 

I have learned the power of meditation. I am finding my inner light. And I love it. It is NOT schooling. Its LIFE. It's learning about who I am. Lovingly accepting me with all my faults. Lovingly accepting others and their faults. It's the mistakes and the bumps in the road that boosts fire into our light. Together with the rest of the group we can talk and learn together. Thank you for all the work you are doing to make us better souls, Jannecke! And it has just begun…”


Marit Lehmann

“The opportunity to join the Wisdom from North platform came at a perfect moment in my life when I really needed to feel that I am not in this alone. To me, the most valuable are the very inspiring masterclasses, and the possibility to ask personal questions to the teachers. I admire Jannecke's deep wisdom, knowledge and how she makes such a beautiful space for the members.

I can truly recommend joining the platform to anyone interested in a safe and heartfelt community for sharing personal experiences and thoughts, and to do monthly challenges, together with likeminded people on the spiritual path”

Marte Wiik

Marte Wiik

"Jannecke has been my support and guide through my transformation and spiritual awakening. She has introduced me to so many wonderful teachers through her youtube channel. She has an honest curiosity and a great way to see the world with open eyes, so we all can recognize ourselves in. I am so glad she has taken her business one step further and made this unique platform for us.

I feel Jannecke has found the best masterclasses as she has enormous experience through interviewing over 400 transformational teachers. Here I find everything in one place so I can continue to grow and expand my horizon and grow as a human being with Jannecke as my trusted mentor."


Vanja Jordan

"I’ve been a fan of Jannecke’s work for 3 years now and can highly recommend her new and exciting online platform “Wisdom From North”. Here she presents masterclasses with great spiritual teachers and other famous teachers within their respective fields, challenges and lots of other intriguing content.

Her masterclasses, which you will find on this platform, are knowledgeable, in depth, inspiring and will be a great guide on your path to self-awareness. They have given me new ideas and expanded my horizon.

Susanne Øvretveit

Jannecke Øinæs thank you🥰 Being in the membership really makes a difference ❤️

What You Will Receive When You Join
The Membership Today

As a member you will receive immediate access to the following:

  • Immediate access to all masterclasses & future Masterclasses with highly respected thought leaders as long as you are a member (Masterclasses have Norwegian subtitles)
  • Monthly live sessions with Jannecke presenting a topic (portal) for the month 
  • Live Q&A's with masterclass teachers
  • Tool Box Library: Exclusive meditations and exercises brought to you by recognized international teachers giving you the chance to have a more rapid inner growth 
  • Access to our exclusive Tribe Group on Facebook with likeminded people on the same journey as you
  • The best discounts on events and other products hosted by Wisdom From North
  • Member benefits - discounts on courses and individual sessions with the masterclass teachers

"Spiritual guidance for your everyday life"

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Each month you will get

  • Exclusive Monthly Masterclasses with highly respected thought leaders
  • Monthly live sessions with Jannecke
  • Live Q&A's with Masterclass teachers
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Consciously create the soulful life you long for

Q & A about The Membership

Will the membership demand a lot of time?

Will the masterclass provided each month be available afterwards?

How are the masterclasses provided?

What are Jannecke's monthly Live sessions about?

how is the cancellation policy?

English is not my native language  and my english is not perfect. I’m afraid I’ll find it hard to understand.

I am not on Facebook. What will I miss out on?

What is Wisdom From North

Founder of Wisdom From North

"I have basically created the platform I wished I had 15 years ago. A platform where you have access to teachings from the greatest transformational teachers I have come across through my 7 years with interviewing 400 teachers. 

And last but not least an opportunity to walk the path together through the Facebook Tribe group."

Jannecke Øinæs 

It all started with the former musical theatre artist Jannecke Øinæs who had a deep longing to understand more of life’s mysteries, searching for a deeper knowledge about LIFE than what she had been presented with in school. In 2012 she bought a camera and began traveling around the world interviewing highly recognized writers, teachers, coaches and speakers about the big questions of life. Now 400 videos later, her YouTube channels Wisdom From North and Wisdom From North Skandinavia have reached over 6 million views and 55 000 people are following the channels.

In 2015 she began arranging live evenings in Oslo, inviting people to experience the interviews live. Further in 2018 she teamed up with webdesigner Ragnhild Hannoschøck Vea and together they established Wisdom From North as a company, establishing the Wisdom From North Online Magazine and Wisdom From North Membership.

Wisdom From North is the Nordic platform for expansive spiritual growth & empowerment.

Our vision is to expand people’s consciousness globally, waking them up to their inner power by bridging new science and ancient spiritual wisdom through the best thought leaders of today.

We look at growth as an end goal it itself. A journey we all are embarking on being the heroes and heroines in our own lives, which is reflected in Wisdom From North being a journey in itself.

Cancellation Policy

With our Monthly subscription, you can cancel any time. There is no refund policy, and upon cancellation, you will not be charged the following month. If you want to cancel your monthly subscription, you do so easily by one click under "My Profile". Any questions in regards to your membership subscription can be sent to team@wisdomfromnorth.com

For our Annual Membership there is a 7 days cancellation policy.
If you wish to cancel within 7 days, send us an e-mail to team@wisdomfromnoth.com and we will give you a refund (exclusive stripe admin fee).