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Do you long to live a more soulfull life and start to consciously create the life you truly long for?


"Am I in the right place?
I feel I have so much more inside of me that yearns to come out!

What is my true soul's calling?
How can I find my inner anchor and speak my truth?
How can I truly love myself? 

Is this all there is to life???
There has to be more..."

Do you recognize these thoughts? 

"What you seek is seeking you”


What if you could embark on an inner journey, opening up to the  resources and power that lies within? 

What if you could give yourself the gift of prioritizing YOU?

What if you could start shining your light and manifesting your true soul's calling? 

What if you could find exactly the tools, techniques and the way that works for you?

Wisdom From North Membership is inviting you on an empowering journey giving you the support, tools and techniques to better master your life and have deep transformation through guidance and wisdom brought to you by highly recognized thought leaders.

And at the same time having a loving Tribe community supporting you all the way!

"If you have a dream, it is your destiny to fulfill it".
- Jannecke Øinæs, founder of Wisdom From North


Access to Exclusive Masterclasses

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Now playing in the Membership

Creating and manifesting on purpose

With Marit Reitan


With Søren Hauge

Making Discoveries

With Karen Garvey


With Kenneth Sørensen


With Maria Nyegaard


With Evette Rose

Upcoming Masterclasses

And more...

exclusive meditations


Is this for me? 

  • You long for a deeper knowledge and truth than the one you have been presented with in society
  • You want to expand your awareness
  • You want to shine your unique light
  • You want to remove blocks that are preventing you from following your dreams and receive abundance
  • You long to come home to yourself and feel whole
  • You want to transform your life
  • You have an open mind and know that there is more between heaven and earth than we can see with our own eyes
  • You long to to connect with your deeper intelligence
  • You want to train and develop your sixth sense so that you can navigate through life more easily and open up for a greater flow in life
  • You want to help raise awareness on the planet

How can I love and embrace myself and balance the masculine and feminine parts in me?

Kenneth Sørensen will guide you on how to balance both the feminine and masculine part of the soul, teaching you how to be a loving observer and give you meditations to support you on your journey. 

I struggle with letting go of my former partner, but I really long to open up to a new soulmate relationship

The beautiful Evette Rose will give you exercises and tools on how to let go of a former lover, making you aware of your relationship dynamics, so that you can attract a healthy and beautiful soulmate relationship!



I feel confused about the  awakening process

In this class the ascension guide Maria Nyegaard is teaching you how to navigate in what she is calling the Ascension process.

how can i manifest more easily?

Marit Reitan, my personal teacher, has this magical class for you where she teaches you can create and manifest what you truly want! Because you can!


why do i feel down and introvert one day and super excited another? 

What if there is a natural reason behind our mood swings? Karianne Stenshagen, will teach to how you can be in alignment with the moon cycle to create a much more flow in your life. 

And this is just a few of the topics covered in the Membership.

There is nothing to fix with you and me. We are whole and complete. We are just not brought up to learn how we can tap into our inner greatness and power. We haven't learnt how to shine our unique light!

We haven't learnt THE HOW to do it. 

This is the the journey..and what I call The hero's Journey!

 A journey you don't need to walk alone.  And you don’t need to feel lost in your search for the answers. I’m here. We, the Tribe, the teachers are here to support, encourage, empower and guide you and walk the path together.

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Monthly Master class

Unique Masterclasses created for you, to empower you, and help you grow and expand.
Every month there is a new Masterclass released.



In addition to the monthly Masterclasses and all the bonus material available, Jannecke is inviting you to participate in specific challenges that we will dive into together! Results are more likely to happen when we are practicing together having a tribe cheering us all the way. 


A tribe that has your back 

In this world where everything is available, we can easily get lost and even feel lonely. That is why we believe that the Tribe is such an important part of this membership. A place to connect with like minded people, to be supported, to share insights, reflections and thoughts and a place to expand TOGETHER.  

What our tribe is saying

The opportunity to join the Wisdom from North platform came at a perfect moment in my life when I really needed to feel that I am not in this alone. To me, the most valuable are the very inspiring masterclasses, and the possibility to ask personal questions to the teachers. I admire Jannecke's deep wisdom, knowledge and how she makes such a beautiful space for the members. I can truly recommend joining the platform to anyone interested in a safe and heartfelt community for sharing personal experiences and thoughts, and to do monthly challenges, together with likeminded people on the spiritual path

Marit Lehmann

"Jannecke has been my support and guide through my transformation and spiritual awakening. She has introduced me to so many wonderful teachers through her youtube channel. She has an honest curiosity and a great way to see the world with open eyes, so we all can recognize ourselves in. I am so glad she has taken her business one step further and made this unique platform for us.

I feel Jannecke has found the best masterclasses as she has enormous experience through interviewing over 400 transformational teachers. Here I find everything in one place so I can continue to grow and expand my horizon and grow as a human being with Jannecke as my trusted mentor."

Marte Viik

"I’ve been a fan of Jannecke’s work for 3 years now and can highly recommend her new and exciting online platform “Wisdom From North”. Here she presents masterclasses with great spiritual teachers and other famous teachers within their respective fields, challenges and lots of other intriguing content.

Her masterclasses, which you will find on this platform, are knowledgeable, in depth, inspiring and will be a great guide on your path to self-awareness. They have given me new ideas and expanded my horizon.

Her videos are professional and including as well as making you think and challenge yourself and your own beliefs. She asks questions you as a listener didn’t even know you were wondering about until she asks them. Her down to earth and warm approach to the different subjects make us as viewers feel like she is one of us, exploring and finding her way just as we are."

Vanja Jordan

"Thank you to Anja Steensig and Jannecke for the video I just heard "Let the universe guide you". It was so recognizable for my experiences. I feel like I have been disconnected for a very long time, and I needed to hear this now and receive the reminder" - Wisdom From North Member

"When I became a member in the Wisdom From North platform I first listened to the masterclass about the awakening process. All my experiences fell into place and I now know more about the spiritual process I am in, and look forward to learn more from the other masterclasses Jannecke will introduce for us members." - Natural Science Teacher -Wisdom From North Member

What You Will Receive When You Join
The Membership Today

As a member you will receive immediate access to the following:

  • This month's Masterclass, past Masterclasses & future Masterclasses with highly respected thought leaders as long as you are a member.  (Masterclasses have Norwegian subtitles). 
  • Monthly live videos with Jannecke presenting the topic or challenge of the month. 
  • Tool Box Library: Exclusive meditations and exercises brought to you by recognized international teachers giving you the chance to have a more rapid inner growth.  
  • Access to videos from LIVE evenings in Oslo.
  • Access to videos from The Scandinavian Female Empowerment Summit 2018

"Spiritual guidance for
your everyday life"

The membership is currently closed
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Taking the first step into anything new, is vulnerable. But being vulnerable is the bravest thing to be. That is why I call this the hero's journey. Embarking on the spiritual path is for the heros in this world. Those who dare to take action, dare to dive within and dare to walk the path step by step and dare to get to know themselves on a deeper level, in order to open up for that power lies within!

The Wisdom From North Membership is the place to be inspired, encouraged, empowered and supported with teachings from the most wonderful spiritual teachers I have come across after interviewing all these years.

This might not be for you if;

  • you are looking for a quick fix, believing that change happens over night
  • you are looking for someone to fix you, not being willing to take responsibility yourself 
  • you believe in only one truth and one path to Rome
  • you are not willing to do the inner work or willing to look within

We believe in a step by step expansion and that growth happens when we put in the work and give it time and energy. We also believe that there is no one size that fits all, rather that there are different solutions and perspectives that can work for each and one of us. Wisdom From North Membership is providing you new perspectives and insights from different teachers on different topics, helping you find what works for you. 

What is Wisdom From North


Jannecke Øinæs - founder of Wisdom From North

Wisdom From North AS started as an interview series on YouTube founded by Jannecke Øinæs in 2012. After having interviewed 400 transformational teachers all over the world and gained over 38 000 followers, she decided to take it a step further. 

Today Wisdom From North AS is continuing to add value through interviews and inspirational videos on YouTube, an online Magazine and online Membership Platform.

"I have basically created the platform I wished I had 15 years ago. A platform where you have access to teachings from the greatest transformational teachers I have come across through my 6 years with interviewing 400 teachers. 

And last but not least an opportunity to walk the path together through the Facebook Tribe group."

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