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I would love to share a bit about why I created the Wisdom From North show!

As a former musical theatre artist in Norway, I embarked on a personal journey to explore the profound mysteries of life. In 2012, I purchased a camera and began traveling the world, conducting interviews with renowned writers, teachers, coaches, and speakers, all of which were shared on my YouTube channel.

Notable guests have included Byron Katie, Teal Swan, Matt Kahn, Alex Ferrari, Dr. Sue Morter, Evette Rose, Anita Moorjani, Dr Eben Alexander, and many others. With over 400 videos, my YouTube channel, Wisdom From North, has garnered more than 8 million views, and our community has grown to over 80,000 dedicated followers.

Supporting Wisdom From North

At Wisdom From North, we operate thanks to the generous support of our viewers and guests. I firmly believe in the shared responsibility of co-creating meaningful content. I am passionate about producing free videos to disseminate powerful messages to our audience. The show relies on contributions from viewers and diverse collaborations with our guests to continue delivering transformative content free of charge to our viewers.

My vision is to expand human consciousness by bridging modern science with ancient spiritual wisdom. I aspire to awaken individuals to their inner power, catalyzing life transformations through the wisdom imparted by transformational teachers from northern regions and across the globe. I am genuinely devoted to helping people awaken, and I sincerely appreciate your presence on this transformative journey.

Jannecke Øinæs

Much light from Jannecke Øinæs

Guest Information

Please share the topics you’re knowledgeable about and ready to discuss from the list below. If you have expertise in an area not listed but believe it would interest our audience, please share it too!

  • Out of body exploration, lucid dreaming and astral projection 
  • Near death experiences 
  • Pre-birth memories 
  • Spiritual path 
  • Past life memories and regression 
  • Spiritually transformative stories
  • Guidance from spiritual mentors and thought leaders
  • Consciousness and metaphysical studies 
  • Channeling and Receiving messages through mediums
  • Exploring quantum health and well-being 
  • Our extraterrestrial heritage, connection to earth and history.

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What our guests are saying

I can not speak highly enough about Jannecke and Wisdom from North Podcast.  Jannecke is a highly intelligent and astute interviewer.  She is on the journey of bringing souls to the information they need to traverse this world in this auspicious time.  Being on her podcast and then her master classes was a wonderful experience for me.  Jannecke has such an engaged following on her platforms, which translated to many, many interactions with my website and onto session work.  Wisdom from North also introduced my work to many people in Europe and all over the world who had not had exposure to my work.  The interview process was seamless and easy and I am thrilled whenever Janneke requests my presence on her podcast.  Janneke is just a blazing light on the journey for inquiring souls.  I have gained so many interactions through my association with her, and I am so grateful for all of the people that she has brought to my work. 
– Melissa Gates Perry & Aralamb

Being featured on Wisdom from the North was a wonderful experience in so many ways. Firstly, the interview itself was very enjoyable. I’ve given around 40 interviews over the last few years and this was definitely my favourite. Jannecke is a superb interviewer, wholly engaged with the subject matter and asking intelligent questions throughout the interview process. Many of my contacts who have watched it commented on how much they enjoyed Jannecke’s style and authenticity. 

Secondly, once the interview was published on YouTube I was overwhelmed with enquiries for my therapy work from around the world. I was already very busy but the interview has given me a long waiting list and a significantly higher profile. Thanks Jannecke for inviting me the opportunity to appear on your channel!
– Steve Burgess

Being a guest on Wisdom from North was an incredible experience for me. Jannecke is a delight to talk to – she truly has a gift for conversation and I deeply appreciated her open mind and open heart. As a bonus, the video drew many new viewers to my own channel, creating an opportunity for me to expand my audience and create new connections with like-minded souls. Sincere thanks to Jannecke for having me!
– Karen Bell

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Wisdom from North Podcast with Jannecke. Jannecke is a warm and engaging host, and we had a wonderful conversation. Her knowledge of spiritual teachings runs deep, and she was gracious in allowing me to share my teachings and discuss my new book. The audience responded positively, and I’ve met many new friends and enrolled students in my coaching program as a result of being on her show.
It’s clear that Jannecke has cultivated a loyal following based on trust and genuine connection. I highly recommend booking a guest spot and collaborating with Jannecke and her team.
– David Strickel

Interview request form

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  • The donation is paid after the video is recorded and before it is published. Thank you so much for supporting the show!!