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Our vision is to expand people’s consciousness globally, waking people up to their inner power by bridging new science and ancient spiritual wisdom. We aim to help people expand people’s consciousness and transform their lives by sharing wisdom from some of the best transformational teachers of the north & from around the world and also through ordinary people having powerful messages to share.

It is important for us that your message is aligned with our vision for Wisdom From North which is to share wisdom of inspiration. Therefore, please fill out all the slots below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Below is a compilation of popular subjects covered on Wisdom From North. In the space provided, kindly include any topics you are knowledgeable about and ready to engage in discussions about. If you possess expertise in an area not listed but believe it would captivate our audience, please do share that as well!

  • Out of body exploration, lucid dreaming and astral projection 
  • Near death experiences 
  • Pre-birth memories 
  • Past life memories and regression 
  • Spiritually transformative stories
  • Guidance from spiritual mentors and thought leaders
  • Consciousness and metaphysical studies 
  • Channeling and Receiving messages through mediums
  • Exploring quantum health and well-being 
  • Extraterrestrial connection
  • Our extraterrestrial heritage, connection to earth and history.

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  • The best results are when you offer a discount to our audience.You will need to have an affiliate system in place.
  • Minimum is $50, which is paid after the video is recored and before it is published.