resilience, grace and calmness in a time of uncertainty

A unique meditation Bundle

to guide you in connecting within

In times of turmoil it is easy to go into fear. However when we go within we find that inside there is a loving presence we can always connect with. It is that eternal part of us, that is always available to us. When we connect with this presence and anchor ourselves in this feeling, we tap into an inner richness and intelligence that can help us get through anything. 

And here is also where we can develop a more expanded awareness and the gifts that comes along with it; a stronger intuition and extra sensory abilities.

This is the time, where we especially need these extra sensory abilities.
This is the time when we need that guidance from our inner intelligence in which we all have inside.

This is why I have put together of my five most popular guided meditations
that can help you connect to this inner richness.   

My 5 most powerful meditations to tap into your inner resources, become more whole and connect with a deeper intelligence inside so you step into your most empowered state, start thriving as a human spirit.  

These powerful and healing meditations, bundled together, can be yours today.

These meditation are included in The Membership

Receive 5 downloadable meditations

and tap into resilience, grace and calmness
in a time of uncertainty 


1. Meet Your Inner child  

Meeting and acknowledging your inner child is a powerful healing method.  In this meditation you have the chance to be that loving mature parent for your inner child. Letting them know that they are completely OK as they are. Letting them know that their emotions are valid. Practicing this meditation often, can help you feel more whole and complete. It can also help you letting go more of the past, not being held back by shadows or traumas. 

Inner children

2.Transforming your shadows  

Inner child work is connected to shadow work. The term Shadow was coined by Jung. The shadow is a psychological term for everything we can’t see in ourselves. It is the parts of ourselves that we suppress, that we are ashamed of, that we don’t want to look at, acknowledge or don’t have access to in ourselves in the strive to be “normal” and to fit in. In this meditation you will meet some of your shadows, and transform them into powerful allies, helping you becoming more whole as a human being. 

shadow work

3. Connecting with Gaia,
embracing your human experience 

As a spiritual practitioner, we may fall into a trap of spiritual bypass, escaping our human-ness in order to connect with the higher realms. However you are having human experience for a reason and the more resistance you have towards your human nature, the more pain you will experience. In this meditation you will meet Gaia, the Goddess of Mother Earth. She will bring you a gift. This gift will be something you need to know, learn or embrace, so that you can stay grounded and connected to your body, seeing the gifts of the human experience, and at the same time, being connected to your own Divinity. 


4. Guided meditation for instant and lasting relief from stress & inner chaos

In times of turmoil and chaos it is easy to go into fear, anxiety and resistance. However when we go within and tap into our inner resources we find that inside there is a presence we can always connect with that is loving, calm and eternal. In this guided meditation you will meet this presence and learn how you can always tap into this state of being if you find yourself in worrisome thoughts, or even anxiety or stress.


5. Ho'oponopono-
a life transformative technique

We always experience our reality from what vibration we have. But due to past traumas and emotional baggage certain unwanted energetic patterns remain with us in our energetic field. The Ho'oponopono meditation is an ancient powerful technique that helps you to heal these energetic disturbances.

This ancient hawaiien practice has been used all over the world and as you do this meditation, you'll tap into the collective consciousness of the healing technique itself. Accessing this collective energy makes healing much more powerful. I advise you to practice this for 21 days and see the results. 


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These meditation are included in The Membership

Much light from Jannecke

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