In a world where mysteries and unanswered questions often pique our curiosity, the realm of extraterrestrial beings has long captivated our imagination. Melissa Gates-Perry, the renowned author of Being Humans*, has taken this fascination to a new level by channeling a being known as Aralamb. In a recent interview, Melissa shared Aralamb’s profound insights about humanity’s awakening and our ET connection which is our relationship with extraterrestrial entities.

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Unveiling the Manipulation

According to Melissa, Aralamb reveals a stunning revelation about the history of mankind. For thousands of years, reptilians and other extraterrestrial beings have been manipulating and exploiting humans, subtly pulling the strings behind the scenes. However, this era of subjugation has now come to an end. The benevolent Pleiadians, also known as the tall white beings, have emerged as protectors, preventing abductions and ensuring our safety. The departure of malevolent species marks a significant turning point for humanity.

Ancient Connections and the Sumerian ET Story

Delving deeper into our ancient past, Melissa shares Aralamb’s revelation that the Sumerian ET story is, in fact, true. The Sumerians, an ancient civilization, were not only influenced but directly taught by extraterrestrial beings. This startling disclosure challenges our conventional understanding of human history and emphasizes the profound impact of these otherworldly mentors.

The Pyramids as Energy Generators

Melissa’s interview takes an intriguing turn as she reveals Aralamb’s assertion that the pyramids were not merely monumental structures but powerful energy generators. These enigmatic constructions held the key to tapping into ancient civilizations’ remarkable advancements, offering a glimpse into the wondrous technologies they possessed. The idea that our ancestors harnessed energy in innovative ways calls into question our assumptions about their capabilities and knowledge.

The Future: Awakening to Our ET Connection

Looking ahead, Melissa confidently asserts that the next decade will witness a seismic shift in our understanding of our extraterrestrial connection. While traditional science has long disregarded the existence of ETs, new discoveries are challenging this paradigm. As more evidence surfaces and scientific inquiry embraces the concept of extraterrestrial life, humanity will undergo a profound transformation in its worldview.

The interview with Melissa Gates-Perry provides an enthralling glimpse into the extraordinary insights channeled through Aralamb. It challenges the conventional narrative, suggesting that humanity has been manipulated by malevolent beings while being protected by benevolent forces. The acknowledgment of the Sumerian ET story and the remarkable energy-generating capabilities of the pyramids add further intrigue. As we embark on the next chapter of human exploration and discovery, the truth about our extraterrestrial connections promises to reshape our understanding of ourselves and the cosmos. Science, once perceived as contradicting this reality, is gradually recognizing that there is much more to our existence than previously believed. The awakening of humanity’s true power and the realization of our ET connection herald a new era of profound possibilities.

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