Join us for an extraordinary interview with Nanci Danison, a former health lawyer and litigator with an impressive legal career spanning 36 years. Recognized as one of Central Ohio’s “Top Lawyers,” Nanci’s expertise in Medicare/Medicaid law and health care law is unparalleled. However, her life took an unexpected turn in March 1994 when she died from anaphylactic shock during a medical procedure, leading to a profound afterlife experience. “No one was more surprised than I was to discover the truth about death, God, the afterlife, and the purpose of human life,” she writes on her homepage.

The truth about death is not what we are taught

Nanci’s journey beyond death granted her access to Universal Knowledge and transformed her perspective on religion, God, and the purpose of life. Dismissing her former religious beliefs, she emerged with a deeper understanding of a simpler, kinder, and more loving divine presence. Motivated by her life-changing experience, Nanci left her prestigious law firm to establish her own practice, allowing her the freedom to merge her legal expertise with her newfound spiritual insights.

No religion is the true religion
– Nanci Danison

Through her profound afterlife experiences and subsequent visits to the realm of light, Nanci has gained profound wisdom about conscious manifestation, multiple levels of self-awareness, accessing Universal Knowledge, unconditional love, and self-healing techniques.

Nanci, having extensively researched thousands of NDE stories, shares a remarkable insight. However, she places her own experience in a unique category known as “deep afterlife experiences.” These individuals, according to Nanci, transcend the typical patterns observed in research, and their extraordinary tales are often disregarded by scholars.

Despite encountering challenges, including battles with cancer, Nanci continues to courageously share her messages of hope and love. Her published books and YouTube videos have touched the lives of countless individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment.

In this interview, Nanci opens up about her transformative journey and the insights she gained from the afterlife. Discover the profound wisdom she imparts as she strives to fulfill her mission of sharing the truth she discovered beyond the veil. Join us as we explore Nanci Danison’s extraordinary story and the messages of love and hope she brings from the Source/God.

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