At the age of seven,  Dr. Rod Chelberg faced a brush with death, as a kidney infection led to a profound near-death experience. Floating out of his body, he embarked on a journey through a dark tunnel, transcending earthly constraints and entering a realm of pure consciousness. In the presence of radiant white light, he discovered the boundless serenity of the infinite – free from the limitations of time, disease, and mortality.

Unveiling the Gifts: Astral Projection and Color Perception

The transformative encounter left Rod with three extraordinary gifts. Inspired by a song, he acquired the ability to astral project, exploring realms near and far. From floating around his family’s farm to journeying to Paris, his travels provided him with a unique perspective. Additionally, Rod developed the capacity to see colors over people’s hearts and their auras. Shades of red, green, and blue held symbolic meanings, offering insights into love, life, and creativity. Rod also wrote the book “When God Calls, Say Yes!“*

The Language of Auras is Reflecting the Divine Presence

As Rod matured, his perceptual abilities expanded to include the visualization of auras surrounding individuals. While most exhibited light grey auras, signifying their ordinary state, those with white auras represented a deeper connection to spirituality. Dark auras, on the other hand, foreshadowed impending mortality. Rod recognized that these colors were reflections of God’s presence within each individual, with green representing healing and omnipresence, blue signifying creativity and omniscience, and red embodying the power of unconditional love.

A Silent Connection – Concentration and Divine Guidance

The third gift Rod received was the ability to connect with the divine through stillness of mind. Despite facing skepticism from others, he acknowledged the profound wisdom and guidance he gained from this inner connection. In the interview, he delves into the distinction between the astral realm and the afterlife, shedding light on his experiences as a medical doctor who received messages from a divine voice. This voice, which he identified as Christ, emphasized the importance of love and offered help accessible to all who listen and surrender to its guidance.

Embracing the Divine Path: Challenging Separation and Embrace the infinite

Throughout the conversation, Rod challenges the belief in personal isolation and highlights the potential for individuals to be led by the divine. Despite the medical profession’s resistance to spirituality, he affirms the importance of acknowledging and integrating these profound experiences. By opening ourselves to divine love and allowing it to guide our lives, we can find a deeper sense of purpose and connection.

Dr. Rod Chelberg’s interview invites us to explore the realms of mysticism and spirituality, encouraging us to embrace the infinite and forge connections with the divine. Through his extraordinary experiences and insights, he offers a powerful reminder that love’s presence is ever-present and available to guide us on our journey through life.

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