Meet your future self

and step into your highest potential

In this free and guided meditation, you will discover and meet the brightest future version of yourself, so you can manifest the reality you long for 

Jannecke Øinæs Wisdom From North

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What if instead of finding ourselves, we need to create ourselves?

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions"
- Albert Einstein

In my free and guided meditation you will use your imagination to discover and meet the brightest future version of YOU, so that you can;

  • create the future you long to experience
  • manifest and discover your highest potential
  • live and discover your soul’s calling

Alongside the meditation, you will receive contemplation exercises to further support you in gaining clarity on what your intensions are going to be for your future.

Are you ready to meet your beautiful future self? 

Step into a higher version of you, guided by Your Future Self


“My purpose with Wisdom From North is to help you expand your consciousness and transform your life by sharing wisdom from some of the best transformational teachers of the north & from around the world.” 

-Jannecke Øinæs

Jannecke Wisdom From North

HI! I'm jannecke– creator of Wisdom From North

You want to know where this journey started? I have always had a deep longing to understand more of life’s mysteries. In 2012 I bought a camera and began traveling around the world interviewing highly recognized writers, teachers, coaches and speakers about the big questions of life. Now 400 videos later, my YouTube channels have reached over 10 million views and I have 95 000 subscribers.

Today we have a membership, we make online courses with highly recognized coaches and spiritual teachers and my passion is to help you find the deeper meaning of your life, take your power back and start living a life more aligned with your deeper truth.  

What is Wisdom From North

Wisdom From North is the Nordic platform for spiritual knowledge & personal development

Our vision is to expand people’s consciousness globally, waking them up to their inner power by bridging new science and ancient spiritual wisdom through the best thought leaders of today.