Steve Burgess, a seasoned Hypnotherapist with over 30 years of experience and a staggering 15,000 therapy sessions delves into the fascinating world of past life regression in this illuminating interview. Steve’s expertise has made him a renowned figure in the field of hypnotherapy, and his work has touched the lives of clients worldwide.

Transcript of the interview

Steve Burgess 0:00

Every physical issue has emotional causes. I had a young boy 13 years old with migraines and this is a 13 year old boy, he doesn't understand reincarnation, he just knows that every three weeks he's off school for several days with these agonizing headaches. We worked through all eight past lives in one session. These migraines were completely cured. You know, people would think all this past life stuff is all nonsense. And it's a bit weird, and it's full of new way to do things. No, this is serious therapy, which helps serious issues.

Jannecke Øinæs 0:40

Hello, Steve, a warm welcome to the show. Great. Great to be here. Thanks, Jannecke. Thank you. I am so fortunate to have you come visiting me all the way from England. And you also have a masterclass in my membership. That's called the power or past life regression. And you are the author of several books, the power of past life regression, and famous past lives. And that is going to be our topic for today. And I'm just going to put the books over there. I'm excited to speak about past lives and everything you've learned because you've had over 15,000 sessions with different clients. You have some amazing stories of how going into hypnotherapy taking people into hypnotherapy has really change people's lives, where they have found the root cause in their past lives. And we're going to go into this craziness and, you know, tear it apart and find out what's really going on here and how why this is so magically working and healing people. But before we do our What made you start working as a hypnotherapist and being so passionate about past lives. Okay.

Steve Burgess 2:00

I fell into hypnotherapy by accident. So I was director of a publishing company, which went bankrupt, and I needed to do something quickly. And my father had stopped smoking using hypnotherapy. And my father couldn't understand how this had worked for him. It smoked all his life, and tried everything to stop smoking. And one day he went to see a hypnotherapist who laid him in a chair, relaxed him and told him that he didn't want cigarettes anymore. And my dad stopped smoking just like that. And he couldn't understand this is a scientist, his left brain didn't understand how this works. So he started to read up about hypnotherapy and become became so fascinated that he actually trained and started working as a hypnotherapist as a hobby. And so he said to me, why don't you try being a Hypnotherapist? So I went and trained. And I'm very lucky we it's like coming home into something that I should have been doing years earlier. Some people are natural therapists, in the same way that some people are natural musicians, or natural sports people. I'm a natural therapist. So it was just it just felt like being at home really doing the work. So that's how I got started.

Jannecke Øinæs 3:21

And you're doing hypnotherapist sessions. And could you explain to those who are totally new to that what it actually is, okay.

Steve Burgess 3:30

It's probably best to say what hypnosis isn't. Because people think hypnosis is a coma state or asleep state and it isn't. The hypnosis is really a relaxed state. And it's a state that we all go into at least 24 times a day. When we daydream, when we go to a movie and when we focus on the movie, that's a trance, as we call it. So trance is very natural. And in hypnotherapy what we're doing, we're using the trance state to aim to reprogram the deeper mind, the subconscious mind, the 99.999% of the mind that we don't usually use on a day to day basis. And this is why hypnotherapy is so powerful and so radical, because we're using the engine room of the mind. And the subconscious is extraordinary is the seats of our emotions, the seat of our intuition, the seat of our creativity, it contains all the memories that go way back. And if we're able to tap into the subconscious, in the correct way, the healing potential is so powerful. It's extraordinary. Is

Jannecke Øinæs 4:44

it right to say that we are lowering the brain frequency? Because I've heard that when we meditate we are in an alpha state where our brainwaves are moving slower and then we can go down to that on Delta

Steve Burgess 4:59

And meditation and hypnosis assisters very similar processes. So the only real difference is that in a trance we tend to be more relaxed. Or as in meditation, we tend to be more focused and more sitting you could say. But meditation and hypnosis are very, very similar experiences. I usually find if anybody meditates regularly, usually they're actually pretty good at going into hypnosis.

Jannecke Øinæs 5:27

But are we conscious when we go into these sessions and are in trance because I feel like trance then I won't remember anything.

Steve Burgess 5:34

The trance is our jargon word. In English, we call it a jargon word. Trance medley really is just an altered state of consciousness, it's where the mind just relaxes a little bit. So people often and expect to be in asleep or a coma. It's nothing like that. We remember everything that happens in a session, we're completely aware. We can hear sounds and noises outside the room, etc. Then yet the conscious thinking mind just as retreated a little bit. And it's allowed the subconscious to come through from the back part of the mind to the front part of the mind. But we're still thinking we're still analyzing, we're still aware. It's not a coma, not at all.

Jannecke Øinæs 6:22

So you are taking them people into these past life regressions or hypnotherapy sessions, and they are there to heal different traumas and ailments and diseases. Now, I get curious about why are these in our past lives? And what kind of lives are they in? Like? Are there certain lives that influence the life we have today? Because I assume that we've had 1000s of lives? Yeah.

Steve Burgess 6:57

Let me just give you a bigger picture of regression. If I may 1 of all and then we'll, if I can then look at the past lives more, more deeply. So when we do regression in therapy regression mean means to go back into the past in our thoughts. So the regression model that we work in is that all of our issues as human beings come from locked in feelings and emotions from past traumas. And those traumas take place in three areas in this life, and most of us carry baggage from our present lifetime, in past lives, and in our ancestors lives our full Federa. So for some of my clients, we work in all three areas. For sometimes we have to work in this life, releasing trauma past lives and ancestors lives. Thoreau, the clients, we just work in one area. So that's the regression model. With past life regression, we're going back into specific past lives that contain traumas that are affecting us today. It's often death, trauma, and so many of us carry deaths, horrible deaths from previous lifetimes, which are affecting us now. Not always, but about 60% of past life regression is releasing, or healing death trauma. Now, yes, we've lived many, many lifetimes. My belief is we've lived 1000s of lives on this planet, we also live past lives on other planets, as are the life forms. We occasionally read, wheeling, we will incarnate as an animal occasionally. So sometimes, they're my therapy sessions. I have clients who go into animal past lives, but not very often, but it's nearly always the traumas in the past lives, and especially death traumas that need to be released. So let's say we've lived 1000s of past lives, well, all of those past lives do not ripen. That's the Buddhist term. In this present lifetime, only certain lives will ripen in this past in this present life, our present life, and will affect us now. So we means that because if we had all of our 1000s of past lives affecting us now, we wouldn't get out of bed in the morning would be totally screwed up. So it's only some of the past lives that are actually coming through in this lifetime that needs to be worked on.

Jannecke Øinæs 9:31

Do you think there is a greater reason that we are actually going into this alive to have certain experiences you know, we that's how I think that we plan our lives before we come down to this planet to learn certain things to experience. Maybe I want to learn about compassion. But do you think we also come down to heal of their past lives?

Steve Burgess 9:56

Yes, I think so. And we have to Unit? Yes, I think so. And we have, we plan our lives out. But also, we also have freewill. So even before we come into this life, we may plan the life out. But it's, it's a rough plan. It's not always very specific because other things can happen. But I think the aim over many lives. And the concept of reincarnation is that over many lifetimes, we become higher beings we heal, we grow as souls. And over and over those many lifetimes, our vibrations raise and we become more pure beings. And higher beings, you could say, so that eventually we don't have to come back and be reincarnated back on on Planet asylum.

Jannecke Øinæs 10:53

That was interesting what you mentioned that we might have other lives on other planets too, which I really believe have that come up sometimes in a in a session that okay, I was a play ad and and that's where we need. That's what we need to look at. Yes.

Steve Burgess 11:07

A curiously enough, it's happening more now. Let me bear in mind, I've been doing this for 31 years. But in the last five years, more and more clients are going into past lives, where they've been other life forms on other planets, and why it's happening now. And it didn't happen 20 years ago, I really don't know. I think it's part of the Great Awakening that's going on on planet Earth, I think so. But I have clients who Yes, they've been on in the coming from the Pleiades and other star systems. I have one or two clients who feel that they are star seeds. So the now as a result of the regression sessions, they are connecting telepathically with these beings from their previous lives who were up there somewhere in different energy forms. And they are because they've released a lot of trauma in the present in this lifetime, the more we're able to connect to these higher beings telepathically, so they've got more of a channel to them, you could say. And occasionally they will, in a regression session start to channel messages from these other beings. Not very often, but occasionally, almost

Jannecke Øinæs 12:23

like Delores cannon did a little bit. Yeah.

Steve Burgess 12:28

So, but it's very curious that it's happening more now than it ever used to do. My sessions that what

Jannecke Øinæs 12:35

has that taught you about extraterrestrial life, when they start to explain how their existence is? Or has been? I mean, everything is happening now. So maybe is or was the

Steve Burgess 12:48

concept of time we don't truly understand. So for me, I keep it very simple. And the subconscious proof seems to work better if we, if we look at time as linear, that it just goes back. But there's there are different life forms. My experience with the clients is that not all of these beings are beneficial to us. So there are some extraterrestrial races which are not beneficial. And certainly I had a client a few years ago in the States, who went into a past life where she was a reptilian in the past life, but she said, there are different reptilian races on our planet, on our planet, her planets on the reptilian planet, but she said, most of us have been nice, but there's a there's a race of reptilians which are horrible and ruthless, and they are down on planet earth than they are brutalizing us to keep us down to keep us in fear. Ie her her reptilian race. So these the bad reptilians were overseeing the the rest of the reptilians and keeping them down so that the bad reptilians were in charge. So but that's only come through in one session. In all the other sessions the E tz extraterrestrials are very helpful, very beneficial.

Jannecke Øinæs 14:22

Why would one choose to okay, why did that soul choose to have a life they are on there? And then on Earth, it seems like to me that if you graduate to become a higher level being like played in or something like that Rotarian you didn't want to come back here perhaps wouldn't that be to go a step back?

Steve Burgess 14:45

They don't want to come back here. They're very unhappy here. And sorry. No, they don't want to come back here. They're unhappy down here. But it appears what maybe what they're aiming to do is To bring the energy of these higher beings down onto Earth, so that they are transmitting this energy and bringing it through onto Planet Earth right now. But they do struggle being down here. Some years ago, I had a client in Norway who was he relived a past life as an ET from another planet whose spacecraft crashed on earth. And he survived. But then he spent some time after that, terrified down here on earth hiding away from from earthlings from human beings, because he knew that if they found him, he'd be in big trouble. And he just kept saying, What is wrong with them down here? What's the matter with them, it doesn't have to be like this. Over and over. He said, he doesn't have to be like this, what is wrong with them. And he just hid away all the time until eventually, some of his colleagues came and found him from the other planet and they like et phone home, phone home, they came and found him in the trainee went back to his home planet with great relief. So you know, the I call this planet asylum doubt, really do. There are higher ways of being. But I think ultimately, we've got to look at this over many lifetimes. So we learn in each life. So whether we're down on Earth, or whether we're on another planet, each life is helping our soul to grow, to become all I can really say is a higher being. And that's the that is a plan over many lifetimes. But I think as much as anything else, sometimes we're down here, bringing the energy down, in order to help the energies on Earth to be to rise up to higher. Yeah,

Jannecke Øinæs 17:00

I used to think more in this way that I was separated from the extraterrestrials and they were, you know, far ahead. And, you know, even like gods for me in a way. But when we look at time, and that everything's happening at once and how channeling messages, a lot of channeling messages speaks about that we're one, I really feel that well and other part of me can be an Aquarian right now, because the soul is huge. I feel like that's coming through more and more that we can live multiple lives actually, at the same time that we are multi dimensional beings, we can even be an insect on another planet, at the same time that the soul is huge, which is confusing, and I'm not sure how helpful it is either to my life right now, but it is interesting, and fascinating. I'm going to jump a little bit over to healing what what how much can we heal in a session like this? Like what are the types of things we can heal?

Steve Burgess 18:08

Every issue any issue that we have as a as a human being comes from traumas in the past, every issue, so therefore, depression, phobias, anxieties, physical illness, cancer, lack of confidence, sexual issues, relationship issues, etc, etc, etc. Any issue that we have as a human being in the regression model comes from traumas in the past, there's very much in the Louise Hay model, you can heal your life, all physical illness as emotional causes. So when we're working in regression, we tend to go back into those root causes release the trauma, it isn't a fun process. You know, there's a lot of tears, sometimes the body shakes. Occasionally, my client will scream and yell and rise. Occasionally, when they're in the experience is perfectly safe. As long as it's an energy from the past. It's not going to hurt them now. And as long as the therapist releases it fully, then the client gets better. So every issue so for example, phobias, you know, there are phobias for everything. The common phobia is a spider phobia and flying things. There is even a phobia for having peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth. And it's got a long name. So somebody in the world has a foot somebody in the world will have a phobia of microphones you know, they may seem strange, all phobias are the same. And I generally find that about 60% At least come from deaths in past lives. So, flying phobia a lady came to me with Flying phobia. And she was terrified of flying and she kept putting herself through hell when she went on holiday. She didn't enjoy the holiday because she was worried about flying back home. The weeks leading up to the holiday were terrifying for she was anxious all the time. And we found in a past life, she was a male. And she was an American Air Force pilot in the Second World War, flying out from the UK. And the male got shot down as a pilot in the Second World War and died. So there's the the connection, death, flying. The flying now equals death, the subconscious puts two and two together. I died in a past life when I was flying, and now I'm flying now I'm going to die. And that's what the subconscious thinks. Another client with a flying phobia was Vietnam soldier in the Vietnam War. And in this case, she didn't die. But she was in the back of a rackety old American airplane flying over the Vietnam jungle, where the plane was shot down. And the crash landed and they managed to get out and she didn't die or he didn't die. But they were that that first of all, those are the terror of the crash. So he thought he was going to die. And then there was stuck in this jungle in the middle of nowhere and there to find the way back to base. So that was they were terrified all the time that we're going to die at any moment. So phobia is a standard for past life regression. But depression, for example. I went on American psychological website recently, they said, depression cannot be cured. Yes, that's depressing. Exactly. It can. But it can't be cured with the standard system, which is to put tablets inside people that don't work. So depression is curable with regression. Because depression is caused by locked in anger. And that's the cause of depression, emotional cause. So a lady came to me with severe depression. And I think in her case, there were about eight past lives, all of which had different traumas. So the first past life, she was a woman, I think in about the early 1900s, and her young son died, and she couldn't come to terms with the death of the son. So she eventually killed herself. She went into another past life. And in this past life, she was a flower seller in Victorian London in the 1800s, very poor, desperately trying to sell flowers to passers by in the streets of London. And she was malnourished, getting more and more sick. And eventually, she was so poorly, that she dragged herself to a doctor's house somewhere in the middle of London one day, hoping that he would help her. And he took her in, and he raped her and murdered her. So that was another horrible past life, she went into another past life, where she was a coward in a battle, she was a male in a battle, and she ran away from the battle. And afterwards, she actually did die. But she was very, he the man was angry with himself for letting his colleagues down. So all of these things, physical problems, every physical issue has emotional causes. Either young boy, 13 years old with migraines, mi grainer. And this is a 13 year old boy, he doesn't understand reincarnation, he just knows that every three weeks, he's off school for several days with these agonizing headaches. And his mom brought him and his subconscious said there were eight past lives. And he cleared all of those eight past lives in one hour in one session. So he went into his mom was watching the session at the end of the session she had, but she just looked around, she was amazed at what was happening. He went into that I can't remember the order. But he went into that. So the first past life where he was a man whose wife was having an affair, and he was standing in a garden worried about this and his wife comes up behind him quietly with a spade and smacked him around the back of the head off when he was dead. And he went straight into the next past life where he's a young boy at school, and he kicked the school bully, and the school bully, got ahold of him and started smacking his head against the wall. So his mom takes him to hospital and he dies on the way to hospital. He went into the next pass live or is a man in a bar somewhere and he gets into a fight and somebody punches him on the floor and then the kicking him in the head dead and they went into the next past life where he was driving a car and a lorry came smashing into the side of the car. And it was maybe the 1960s. So he wasn't wearing a seatbelt so his head went bash on the steering wheel dead. And he went into the next past life, where he was an old man standing on some old stairs and wooden stairs and the wooden step fell apart, and he fell to the floor and landed on his head dead. And he went into the next pass, like we know it was one after another. And most migraine most migraine is caused by deaths in past lives, where there's been blows to the head. We worked through all eight past lives in one session, these migraines were completely cured. So I mean, this is, this is interesting, but it's, it's, this is serious stuff. You know, people would think all this past life stuff is all nonsense. And it's a bit weird, and it's full of new way to do things. No, this is serious therapy, which helps serious issues. I had a client in Oslo with lip cancer, cancer of the lip. And we found that two past lives causing the lip cancer. In one past life. She was a young African woman who was raped by an elder in the tribe. And she could never then say anything, because he was the elder in the tribe and no, and people would have ostracized or would have thrown out the tribe. Also, she would then have never been able to get a man to get married. But if they knew she was raped, so she couldn't, she couldn't speak out lip cancer. In the second pass live, she was a young noble woman. In about she was maybe 16 or 17 years old. And she was a typical teenage girl. And she had a male who was like a servant's. And she was very flirty, around him In other word, flirty, flirtatious, and he got the wrong messages. And one day, he kissed her that should never ever be done. He was just a servant. She was a member of nobility. And she was horrified. And when he saw how horrified she just got the wrong messages from her, he realized he'd done a very bad thing. Now she knew she couldn't tell her father because her father would have killed him. But she told her sister, who told her father, who had this young man killed. So it was about not speaking out. We cleared both of those past lives. She also had quite a lot of Kinesiology, which is a wonderful therapy process. And she did a lot more work on herself, she cleaned the diet up. Several months later, she emailed me to say, I've just had the scans, they cannot find there's not a trace of cancer in my body. So emotional causes to cancer, every issue has emotional causes.

Jannecke Øinæs 28:01

Wow, this is really fascinating. I love hearing those stories. And I get curious, because I would think that when we die, we go to the other side, and everything gets healed. Everything gets cleared, you know, through our life review. Maybe we meet our guides, and we sort of heal what needs to be healed. But it seemed like we bring back to Earth like the same stuff. Have you thought about that, too?

Steve Burgess 28:34

I don't specialize in in between life work. But I've had a lot of clients over the years, who, after the death experience in a past life have naturally gone into, into spirits to experience what happens in spirit. And certainly yes, there is this process where they meet guides or elders who helped them to understand the life they've just lived. And also understand where they've gone wrong, where we've gone wrong in that life or the mistakes we've made, so that we can sort of start to pick up next time where we went wrong. But when we die, we let go of the earthly body and the pain body you could say and we Eckhart Tolle, it talks about the pain body, we let go of the pain body. And so there's great relief and an amazing sense of calmness. But the emotional stuff is still there somewhere. And it will come back sooner or later in some future life if we don't work on it now.

Jannecke Øinæs 29:35

All right. So it is actually crucial that we work on our issues now in this present life.

Steve Burgess 29:41

Yes. And I think now on Earth is a fascinating time. I'm sure there is this great awakening going on. And when I look at the last 31 years, past life regression was not really looked at nowadays it's becoming Much more mainstream and people are prepared to look at the real benefits of it. And I think that a lot of people now are healing for the future. And that's for what is going to happen on earth, maybe in the future or future lifetimes. But I think it's so important to heal our stuff now work on your stuff now, don't wait, because you will take it with you, and it will only keep coming back in future lives. And in English, we say BITE YOU ON THE bum?

Jannecke Øinæs 30:34

How can I know if something I'm struggling with is coming from this life or a past life? The

Steve Burgess 30:41

subconscious knows, the subconscious is this all wise, all knowing part of you, I actually believe nowadays, I believe we all have a higher self. And I believe that the subconscious either is the highest self, or is intimately connected to the higher self. And it knows everything now, I I've created a regression system, which are trained therapists in around the world. And with this regression system, we use a hypnotic technique, we call it an idio motor response, which is where when my client is in trance, I asked the subconscious to take control of a finger, and the finger becomes very light and free. It's almost like a balloon. And what I ask the subconscious to do then is to signal yes or no with using the finger. So if I ask the subconscious a question it wants to see, yes, the finger comes up. If the subconscious wants to say no, the finger stays flat. And then I'm just asking yes, no questions or the subconscious because I don't know. I'm not clairvoyant. Well, we may be clairvoyant, but I don't play with that. But my subconscious, the clients of consciousness, so I will, let's say I have a client who comes with a lack of confidence, and lack of confidence is caused by fear. It's always caused by locked in fear. I say to my clients subconscious, have there been any traumas or significant emotional events in your present lifetime in this present life connected to causing a lack of confidence? And it may say yes, then I'll ask Where abouts in this life? Is it in your adult life, your adolescence, your childhood? birth trauma, because we do a lot of rebirthing we often bring, carry birth trauma through our lives from our births, so we can rebirth and release that bit of trauma and the time in the womb before birth. So some of my clients have wound trauma. Are there any past life causes? It may see? Yes, so then say how many past lives 1234 It may go to four. So when we'll know, are there any ancestral lives? Have you inherited trauma from any of your ancestors, your for failure? And it may see yes, so we then have a diagnosis of exactly where we need to go. So the subconscious knows everything. And if we can ask the right questions, it will tell us

Jannecke Øinæs 33:10

that makes sense. Um, what what is the story that has amazed you the most when it comes to healing something?

Steve Burgess 33:20

Gosh, has been so many sounds really clever. And I don't mean to be arrogant, but there's been so many incredible experiences. Perhaps one which was very dramatic, not all sessions are dramatic. We do see a lot of emotion, a lot of crying in the sessions, and sometimes the body shakes and jerks. But I had one lady who came with severe back pain. And her lower back pain was we had been very bad for years. She had even had surgery on the pain and they took her into the hospital. They took her into the hospital, they opened her up, and they couldn't find anything. There was nothing there. So they stitched her back up again and sent her home with painkillers. And of course, the back pain got worse. And she couldn't then go to the gym so she could put weight on so and then she ate more food and she put more she was depressed. It was a really bad thing. And I asked her subconscious, what was the cause of the back pain. And it's nearly always with a mystery. Pain is nearly always past life. And it said there were four past lives. And I guided her into the first past life which was the big one. And she went into a past life in the Second World War as a Nazi soldier, a young Nazi soldier. And this young male Nazi soldier was a member of a team of nurses that were going around Europe stealing art treasures, and shipping them back to Berlin. But things went wrong. And he then gets sent To the Russian front, because the Nazi war machine was struggling. And he was terrified, absolutely terrified the word, they were in the snow and the Russians were fighting. And this young man, it was just, it was a horrible experience. And then things went quiet. And one day, when there was stuck in the snow about 40 miles from Moscow, he got told that there was an an icon, a Russian icon, an art icon, in a church in a village, about a mile away that the Nazis was it, they'd overrun the village so that it was friendly, they thought. So this young man then thought, well, maybe we can steal this icon from the church and get it back to Berlin. And he then made the biggest mistake of his life. So he jumped on a motorbike and without an escorts on his own. He drove to the village. Now, picture the session, my client is laid in trance, and she's just talking about what she's experiencing. So as you said, I've arrived at the village, I get off the motorbike. And I've found the church is completely deserted. There's only wooden shacks here, it's a very poor village. There's nobody around and walking up to the church. And suddenly, she screamed, and she jumped about a meter in the thing crashed down when she was coughing, and choking and gasping, so what's happened, I've been shocked. She saw me shot. And she took 20 minutes to die. So I just had to let her die. And then she died. Now one of the features of this regression therapy, I said at the start, if this work is done correctly, it heals. We have to go back through the trauma, sometimes more than once. So she had to go back through and get shot again. When the second time she jumped not quite a meter, and it took 10 minutes to die. The third time she went back through the death, she jumped about a few inches and it took five minutes to die. The fourth time she went back through when when the bullet hits her she went and that was it. And that had cleared that death it had released it. Now at the end of the session, she was amazed because she wasn't into reincarnation, she was she was a magistrate, a judge in the legal system. So all this reincarnation stuff, what the hell is all this about? But immediately the back pain was a lot better. We cleared the other three pathways very quickly. And that back pain was completely cured, completely cured. Within weeks, she was back at the gym, she got her life back. She felt fantastic again. So that's one of many, many physical problems that I worked with. But that was always fascinating, because the reaction when that bullet went in, and she screamed and yelled, I mean, I jumped I hit the head on the ceiling, because it wasn't expecting it. But it was the healing was fantastic.

Jannecke Øinæs 38:22

Okay, so do they need really to go through that? trauma? Again? Isn't that quite difficult to go through? Yep.

Steve Burgess 38:32

Yeah. And that's the process. I'm sorry to say, you know, some therapists, some people don't like this, because they believe we shouldn't have to do that. No, it's no pain, no gain. You have to work with this to release it fully. It works, it releases it at such a deep level. It's this is not a surface level. You know, some people do play with past lives or work in past lives, what they tend to play at it. And I think that that can actually make people worse, it can make the clients worse. They have to get into that deep, kinesthetic release. In most cases, I will say that some of the past life regression is actually just getting an understanding from the past life that isn't always about trauma release. But mostly it is trauma release. So sometimes if we can understand what has happened in a past life, it makes sense of what why our life is like it is

Jannecke Øinæs 39:28

now right, just the awareness of it. Yeah.

Steve Burgess 39:31

Freud talked a lot about insights. A lot of Freud in therapy was insights, get an insight. That's the therapy. So for example, it may be somebody is having a relationship issue. You know, somebody may say, my mother and I, we never get on. We have a terrible time. She's always attacking me and I'm very angry with her. And we go back and find it's all from a past life where they've been together as husband and wife. And we're always angry with each Other than they brought that energy into this life. And when the client becomes aware of that, this just gets better. So

Jannecke Øinæs 40:09

it can be really traumatizing to go through a trauma, as

Steve Burgess 40:13

long as it's released, it isn't really traumatizing. So you have this is the feature of regression therapy, you have to go back through it several times to fully release the energy, then it's heal. If you just go back through it once it may not be healed. So that's the when I trained therapists in this regression work, you know, don't get frightened, I say, you know, your client may go through something which is dramatic. But if it's dramatic, you will get them better, as long as you keep taking them back through to release that energy. When it's cleared, its cleared, and they will heal.

Jannecke Øinæs 40:50

I recently interviewed a guy who had a near death experience, he was a musician, and he said that some of the downloads he received on the other side was that we don't experience painful deaths because the soul is taken out of the body, right before you die. What do you think about that?

Steve Burgess 41:12

In my experience, that's not the case. There are cases where that does happen. There are definitely cases I've certainly had clients who have been, I had a client recently who was being killed as a witch. I've had many, many hundreds of clients over the years, who in past lives were killed as witches they went, which is, of course, they were just herbal healers, or people who were different,

Jannecke Øinæs 41:35

I would probably if that was today, I would have been killed as a witch.

Steve Burgess 41:41

Many of us many. So I do find a lot of people who are into spiritual issues, as you may have had past lives as witches, but certainly one client she was, they had this in England use of a ducking stool, whether it's sit them in a in a contraction, and put them under water. And if they left, if they live, there were witches, if they died, they weren't witches, I mean, but before just as she went under the water, she just went, she just went out of her body and died, there was no pain. So it does sometimes happen. That that does sometimes happen, but not very often. Very often we have to experience it that there is death trauma,

Jannecke Øinæs 42:27

I actually read about this in a book by Dolores Cannon because she's doing or was doing what you are doing a lot of the same work. And she explained it like this, one of her clients explained that if the soul wants to experience the pain, like that, it's actually a desire for the soul to experience how is it like dying, a horrible death, then that is allowed, but you can also move out of the body and before you die, and that just makes sense to me. And she also had an example a similar like yours. There was a woman who was convicted as a as a witch, and she was burned. And then right before you know, she started dying, she moved out to her body, but her body was screaming. And that was so interesting. The client was saying My body's screaming and she when she was hovering outside her body, she was like, Oh, why is my body screaming? I don't want her to scream because all those men around, they're the priests and everything. They were what is the expression, they were enjoying her suffering. And she got so mad in spirit that they were enjoying because she was like, I'm good. I don't feel anything outside my body. But then she explained that my body was screaming. And I thought that was interesting. And I started thinking does the body has its own consciousness because we see a fish you know, after a fish has been killed is still has cramps, and we're just saying, Oh, the fish has cramps but well, but he's dead. Why does he has cramps? It's still some sort of life in it. Yeah, just a thought. Yeah.

Steve Burgess 44:16

I mean, I don't think we have all the answers. And I think everybody has different learnings to to experience as well for themselves. So I don't think there's one way of doing things. So I think there are many different experiences that we have to have over many lifetimes. Talking about our face Gianna here, my fish story. Sure. One of my colleagues one of my team, my therapy team in the UK. I did a regression with her when she was working on a phobia of deep dark water. And she went back into a past life in which she was a fish that was just caught by a fisherman and thrown onto the boat the deck as she was fed. As the fish, and as she was caught and thrown onto the deck of the boat, again, she was writhing and crying and moving around, and then she was just let left to die. And the trauma was not the death. Although she looked as if it was traumatic because she was thrashing around the trauma was that she was worthless. In the eyes of this fisherman, he just threw her on the deck and left her to die. And that was the trauma. So we went back into that, in fact, on my YouTube channel hidden overall, we've actually videoed a video of past life sessions, live regressions with her, then we went back into that again a second time. And in this second session, she actually, uh, she was dying, the fisherman's young son was standing there on the boat. And he was, he was full of compassion for her as she was dying. And that was the healing that actually healed that this little boy had some compassion for her as she was healing and children do have this natural compassion for animals, of course. Wow,

Jannecke Øinæs 46:06

that's so amazing. I'm thinking, you know, insects, and all that and ants that I'm constantly stepping on. And when I'm jogging, you know, like, oh, we kill all the time. Well,

Steve Burgess 46:20

there's a there's a sect, which I think was similar to a Buddhist sect called the Jains, the Jains. And they, they believe we shouldn't kill anything, they actually were the walking, they will always watch whether walking, if the move if the lead on a night on the floor. In asleep, they train themselves to wake up. And before they turn over, they brush the floor, to make sure there's no insects there before they turn over. So I was a Buddhist for many years, deeply into into Buddhism. And we used to be taught mantras. So there's a there's a mantra that you can see, which I sometimes see if I'm driving driving the car, I can see things that moths being killed and insects. So I just say the mantra from my heart, which is a form of apology, really, that's

Jannecke Øinæs 47:14

beautiful. I really like Avatar, you know, when they, they are doing the kill, they do it in such an honorable way. And I wish we could do that in our world.

Steve Burgess 47:26

I think I mean, I, I, before I eat any meat, I go through a little ritual for it, where I apologize to it, I thank you for giving its life for me. And I say some mantras for it. And that's just a habit I've got into every meal. Now.

Jannecke Øinæs 47:43

That's beautiful and inspiring. Is there anything you want to add about past life regression that you feel is very crucial to get across?

Steve Burgess 47:54

I think the evidence of past life is very real, if people would really look at it and research it. And although most of my work is about releasing trauma and healing, I've had some clients over the years who have been in past lives, where at the end, during the session, they have come up with information, which they would not know, in any way shape or form if they unless they've been in that past life. Another story, Have we got time? Yeah.

Jannecke Øinæs 48:22

And I just got another question. You know, how do you know if if they're not just making it up?

Steve Burgess 48:28

I have a client in Seattle, a lovely gentleman in Seattle in the States. And he went into a past life where he was living in England in the 1680s. And he said, I'm living is about 1685. And he said, I'm living in a county called Berkshire. In English, we say, Berkshire, Berkshire. In fact, he said, I live in a little village called upper bucklebury. Really, okay. But he said the King is King Charles. And he said, but I'm a member of a religious group, and we're being persecuted. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to leave England and travel to the states. We're setting up some communities there. And he said, as I'm leaving upper bucklebury said, I'm a carpenter here. And the church here is St. Mary's, I'm leaving the church. He said, He's not my church, but I have a connection to it is a big white building. St. Mary's Church, he said are walking to Bristol. And after a few weeks, I get a ship to the United States. And we setting up some communities. He was a Quaker. And the ship that he traveled on was called the Bristol, he said is the Bristol merchants this all ship is called the Bristol merchant. So we worked through that life. And afterwards, I'm googling away. And guess what I find? In Berkshire? There is a village called upper bucklebury worry, I've lived in England, virtually all of my life apart from a few years in Norway. I've never heard of that place before. And guess what the name of the church in Upper bucklebury is St. Mary's. And then I did more googling. And one of the main ships that was taking Quakers from the UK to the states was the Bristol merchant.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:24

And he didn't know this, no way. How

Steve Burgess 50:26

would he know that? He lives in Seattle. That's not the sort of information you would ever know or ever find anywhere. And certainly my book famous past lives or have had some people will be very famous in previous lifetimes. Those people came up with specific information which they would never have known. I have to go looking in history books, and it was all there. So this is real stuff. And for me, I'm a passionate advocate of the reality of past lifetimes.

Jannecke Øinæs 50:58

But speaking of these famous past lives, why is that, that so many people feel like I've been Alexander the Great.

Steve Burgess 51:05

So you go, in most cases, the ego, they can't just be a peasant, or a farmer is a biggie, you'll very often, obviously, some people will have been those famous people. But in most cases, it's somebody who really just feel that it's a big ego. So it's not true. In most cases, I don't believe it's true. But in some cases, it is true. And I'm working with a client in Canada at the moment. And it looks like and I'm pretty damn sure this is real, that she's the reincarnation of Alexandria, the wife of Tsar Nicholas the second, who died with all of her family at the start of the Russian Revolution. We've done a lot of sessions and she talks she's never read any books on Alexandria, but the information is true, and a really miserable life. Another

Jannecke Øinæs 51:57

perspective on that that Dolores again because I read her books are some of our books are told in the book is that a soul again can be divided in multiple parts. So multiple souls can be have been one person, yes,

Steve Burgess 52:14

my belief with the big historical person and people who are big in history, the big people, the Alexander the Great's the kings and queens. My belief is that the soul is so big that it's made up of several smaller souls, you could say. And so therefore, this is why several people can claim to be the reincarnation of one famous person. So that's my cents on that. Fascinating.

Jannecke Øinæs 52:41

All right, um, there are three questions that I ask all my guests. And the first one is what is self love to you?

Steve Burgess 52:52


I do my best to be as kind as possible to all human beings. And therefore, for me, being kind to myself, in as many ways as possible is what I would say really is self love. Doing my best to heal, because I again, I have therapy. I believe that we all have we all need therapy. So I believe that too. Yeah, we really do. And especially as therapists, be very surprised how few therapists have therapy. So for me, caring for myself is means that having therapy and growing, releasing the pain of the past in order to become more balanced now. That for me, maybe self love,

Jannecke Øinæs 53:43

and what is happiness to you?

Steve Burgess 53:47

Sitting play my classical guitar brings me so much joy, it

Jannecke Øinæs 53:54

really does. Lovely and what is the deeper meaning of life from your perspective,

Steve Burgess 54:00

to grow as souls to to develop compassion, and also to become less egotistical and sort of become aware that everything just is so for me the deeper meaning of life is to live a life where there's no good there's no bad there's no right there's no wrong there just is. And this is called non duality or oneness. And if we're able to live with that, in that oneness, that for me is is is the ultimate deep depths of deep meaning of life.

Jannecke Øinæs 54:42

It's been so inspiring having a visiting me here and near Oslo in Norway, and people can of course, watch a class with you in my own membership because you are one of my masterclass teachers, and they're Steve ha has a class called The Power of past life regressions. And you can read all about Western for North membership below where we have tons master classes. So really wonderful spiritual community. And I also wanted to ask you, what other things can you offer? I know you have tons of clients, and also a YouTube channel and you're doing so many things. So where can people reach you?

Steve Burgess 55:23

My website is Steve Burgess Steve Burgess My first book is the power of past life regression. And the most important thing for me is my YouTube channel, which is a free YouTube channel with free hypnotherapy recordings. And that's called Hypno for all hyp and oh, the number four a ll book. My books are available on Amazon and audible. And, yeah, I do all my client sessions online. So people get ahold of me through Steve Burgess Thank you so much, Steve. My pleasure. Thanks for asking me to be wonderful. Thank you.

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What sets Steve’s work apart are the remarkable stories of healing that emerge through past life regressions. Serious illnesses and mental health challenges have found resolution as individuals explore their past lives and release long-held burdens.

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