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+ downloadable Self-Love Bonus Journal & guided meditations

Self-Love is the core of LOVE. Everything starts with self-love and nothing would ever have been creating, if it wasn't for the creator loving itself.

Self-love is a topic I am most passionate about. Lack of self-love is the reason why many people are suffering and why I myself was struggling for years. 

In this class I share with you personal tools, discoveries and realizations that helped me out of depression and into empowerment. The Self-Love Activation Class is meant to guide you to a deeper sense of Self-Love. It is meant to give you insights and perspectives that may shift how you look at yourself so you can begin to realize what a magnificent being you truly are. 

You will also receive a downloadable Self-Love Tool Kit: powerful exercises and tools that you can use in your own life when continuing the process of falling in love with yourself.

This class is also available in Norwegian >>.  

I hope you'll enjoy the class!

Much light ✨ from  Jannecke Øinæs, creator of Wisdom From North

In this mastery kit you will..

Learn to activate more self-love so you open up to a greater sense of self-respect, self-value and self-esteem!

Activate a greater sense of self-love so that you with more ease can overcome self-sabotage that prevents you from opening up to your true soul mission.

Receive my downloadable Self-Love Tool Kit, so that you can be supported further with the inner self-love work as well as two downloadable meditations. 

self love class


Receive two downloadable meditations.

In "Meet your inner child" I will guide you to meeting a younger part of yourself, so you can experience a deeper bond with your inner child and integrate more parts of yourself. In "Letting go of comparison"  you will discover your own value and how you are equal to those you admire, so you can let go of negative comparison that does not serve you.

inner child
comparison meditation

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