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Healing Your Childhood template

-returning to your authentic self

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With Evette Rose

Get to know yourself on a deeper level

Your inner child sets forward the platform by which you live the rest of your life.

- Evette Rose

Can you recognize some of the following?

  • You feel a bit lost in your life
  • You find yourself often recreating the same problematic patterns over and over again
  • You feel that you have lost some of your joy, self-love and innocence in life
  • Perhaps you have the notion that you are destined to struggle somehow..
  • You feel that you are very often rejected and seldom feel good enough 
  • You long to be loved for who you are
  • You feel vulnerable in your life
  • You are often waiting for people to make decisions for you
  • You are often feeling negative about your goals, projects and even your thought patterns
  • You feel that you are to blame for things in your life

What can happen, if we do not address our inner child..

If you continue to stay stuck in rejection patterns in your life, you will also continue to stay stuck in feeling abandoned and possibly continue to attract people who will abandon you. This again can cause you to continue to live out your trauma through your inner child that initially was created during your fetal development stages.

In continuing our old patterns, not looking to heal our childhood blueprint, we could miss out on seeing our mother and father relationships from a completely new and healed perspective!

We can miss out on rewriting our ensoulment journey which can potentially change and alter your entire quality of life!

Imagine instead...

  • Having a healthy dynamic with your mother and father regardless of how they are showing up in your life. When your pain points are healed, you can take your power back!
  • Healing core wounds to your inner child’s identity that started during your ensoulment stages.
  • Healing abandonment trauma so that no one can ever control your self-worth again!
  • Imagine starting to connect with yourself on a much deeper level, finally starting to feel whole and complete. 
  • Imagine being able to heal core wounds to your inner child’s identity that started during even your womb stages!

When you know who you are,
you can never lose yourself in any
relationship dynamics again

- Evette Rose

Are you ready to learn how to:

  • Reconnect to your inner child’s soul
  • Reconnect to a healed mother relationship
  • Reconnect to a healed father relationship
  • To see life from a powerful and positive perspective
  • Reconnecting to your naturally-born inner child's optimism
  • To call your power back from old judgments that influenced your identity
  • Healing the inner child and igniting emotional resources from within
  • To call your power back from feeling unworthy
  • To call your power back from feeling abandoned
  • To stop rejection and self-rejection patterns in your life!
  • To find your innocence and pure divinity in this lifetime
  • To discover your Your Inner Child Archetype

In this online course you will learn to stand stronger and in more of your power so that you can show up stronger and more powerful in other people’s lives as well.

When you know who you are, you can never lose yourself in any relationship dynamics again.

Course with Evette Rose

Here’s What You Get In This Course

7 recorded video sessions

7 sessions with Evette. All sessions have Norwegian subtitles (optional).

Downloadable handouts

Every session comes with a downloadable handout.  

Meditation practices

Join Evette in powerful meditation practices that are created to help you heal. These are provided as videos as well as downloadable audio files. 

Thank you so much for this amazing course! There has been so many a-ha moments for me during the videos, and this is one of the most important courses I have ever taken! 
- Mariann

7 modules online course with Evette Rose


Module 1: Biology and Trauma of the Adult and Inner Child

When we rewrite the beginning of our soul’s journey and make empowered decisions, this can have a tremendously positive impact on our current life. This is what we will do in this module!

In module 1 you will learn about the consciousness of your soul and the body, the power of your mother and father’s consciousness at your conception and how trauma affects the body and the inner child’s brain development.

You will get to experience your own ensoulment, meaning the moment your consciousness entered your mum's uterus and discover the decisions you made before ensoulment. 


Module 2: Our different Inner child Archetypes

In life we are often controlled by others because we feel vulnerable and lack confidence in ourselves. This all stems from not knowing who we are on a core level. 

In this module you will get to know yourself, your needs and your personality type in a brand new way! Self-awareness is an antidote to being immune to manipulation in your life.

We will explore the different childhood archetypes we may have. By identifying your childhood archetype you will get a much deeper understanding of the wounds of your inner child, as well as your inner child's strengths! The better you know yourself, the more empowered you become!


Module 3: The birth of the inner child's pessimistic or optimistic characteristics

Did you know that when you change the way you see your life and you change your attitude towards it, this will uplift and heal all other aspects of your life in a positive way as well?

In this module we will explore the inner child’s optimistic and pessimistic patterns and their origin. We will look at how the state of feeling powerless is a learned behavior and how this is thus something we can change.  

We will support your inner child in becoming more optimistic and look at the true path to a healthy self-esteem.


Join Evette in this module to shift and change your mindset to a positive powerful one!


Module 4: The power of bonding and attachment plays for the inner child

In this module we will look at the difference between bonding and attachment for the inner child and call our power back from old abandonment and rejection trauma.

Specifically we’ll look into the drawback of not attaching or bonding with a parent as well as how lack of bonding and attachment can set forward lifelong destructive patterns.


Associations with bonding and attachment can also influence our choice of partners in life because how you were treated as a child becomes your reference for how you treat yourself.

In this module we will heal stress associated with love, bonding, and connection so that we can begin to attract more of what we actually deep down desire in life, and not the opposite. 


Module 5: Healing relationship with Mother

This module is going to be tremendously profound for those of you who feel that you have lost connection with The Divine, with God and with your spirituality. 

Your mother is the core essence of the start-up of your being. She is the platform by which you grow, develop and transform from. If this platform has unresolved wounds then it reflects throughout your mind and body. This is not just a relationship healing, this is a life changing event!

Join Evette for this powerful module and healing meditation where we are going to dive deep to resolve and release old blockages and align you back with your Divine connection and heal your relationship with your mother.


Module 6: Healing relationship with Father

In this module we are going to dive deep into the dynamic between your inner child and your father. 

Your dynamic with your father reflects how confident and strong you feel throughout your life. If there are wounds in this dynamic you will see wounds in your level of confidence and inner strength. Are you fighting for what you want or do you know what you deserve? This is one of many aspects that you will resolve throughout this module.

We will also dive deep into looking at healing these fundamental wounds for the inner child so that she/he can find their inner power, strength and emotional resilience in life.


Module 7: Reconnecting and fully healing the inner child

In this final module we are going to do a big cleanup and realign the inner child back to his or her true authentic innocence and heal emotional blocks. Together we will reignite any emotional resource that you feel is absent from your life! 

Meeting the inner child and listening to his or her greatest need and reflecting back on your history from the perspective of your inner child (and not through the eyes of an adult who has experienced life), can often be the greatest reward. 

Join Evette in understanding how the inner child perceives themselves in the world. Let’s release any blockages or final challenges that the inner child might be faced with. 

Testimonials from previous course participants

I am so grateful for this course, after years with therapy after severe childhood traumas, this course helped med greatly with the letting go in a very powerful way. I now feel empowered in a way I have never felt before🙏♥️

Course participant

The course helped me to unlock my inner traumas that I wasn’t aware of. It peeled off layers of deep suppressed anger inside me. It helped me to move on with tools and guidance to improve my relationship with my kids and parents. Evette with Jannecke went over and above to help and answered all my questions which was an eye opener and life changing for me.

Course participant

Being a student in Evette course was a bliss, she is so knowledgeable and direct to the point, she always give her own experience as example, so lived it and used it to make the students at ease that they were not alone. I felt very comfortable during the course and I can listen to her and not feeling bored, she has such a powerful and compassion vitality. Thank you Evette for that journey, hoping to join you soon. xx


Healing Your Childhood Template" has helped me to further investigate the relationship I had with my parents and has been most beneficial.


Evette's course on Healing Your Childhood Blueprint is exactly what I needed. It helped me heal some lingering issues that I had not been able to get to the bottom of. Her brilliance and dedication to helping people heal and transform their life is rare and priceless.

Wendy Hargett

This course was very powerful. I learnt and gained such a lot over the past 7 weeks. I found Evette doing the course alongside me made it even more personal and like I had a healing buddy when it got tough, and helped me along in the course. I loved that the modules were video based and highly informative. The meditations were soothing and very healing. The q&a sessions were so helpful to have in between modules to get questions answered and listen to others answers that may help. I would highly recommend this course even if you’ve done a lot of healing work, I’ve been at it for 10 years and I gained and learnt lots of new things. Evette and Jannecke thank you ❤️❤️

Course participant

Words from Evette...

Your inner child sets forward the platform by which you live the rest of your life. If there are wounds and unresolved trauma then it will show up in your future relationships, career and relationship with yourself. The biggest mistake people make is to heal the symptoms of their trauma and wounds instead of going to the core wound which often lies within the wounded inner child. It is my invitation to you, to explore areas of your life with me that are just not healing or resolving throughout your healing journey. We can heal deeply during this course in a gentle and graceful way!

- Evette Rose

About Evette Rose

Author, Life Coach, Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher. Evette Rose strives to support people in their healing journeys. She is the founder of Metaphysical Anatomy and Rapid Growth Healing Technique.

Evette is best known for her work in helping people to resolve trauma from their past and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette’s work is drawn from personal experience moving from a difficult past into a well-balanced life and career. She has traveled around the world twice and taught personal developments seminars in more than 43 countries and helped thousands of people world wide.

Evette is also one of masterclass teachers in Wisdom From North Membership where she teaches three classes.

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Evette will do the course with you!

One of the unique thing about this course, is that Evette will be right there, doing the course with you, going through the same exercises and processes herself and sharing them with you. You are not alone in this. Let's heal together.  


You have access to the course for a whole year. 

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  • Seven modules - video sessions - with Evette 
  • (Norwegian subtitle is available) 
  • Handouts, video and downloadable audio meditations  

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course work

All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile device. You'll get instant access to the course and all its content.


I am quite busy, how long will I have access?

You have access to the course for a whole year.


What if English is not my native language

Most of our customers and members are actually non-native English speaking.

All videos have optional Norwegian subtitle.

And if there are anything you don't understand, then ask us in our private Facebook group.

I'm an introvert. Do I need to be active?

This course is for you! The modules are prerecorded and available for you to watch at your own pace. 

What is the refund policy?

If you for some reason need to cancel then simply e-mail us at team@wfn.no within 14 days after your purchase. We will then refund your payment (exl. the stripe fee). You find the Terms & Conditions on this page.


- Jannecke Øinæs
Creator of Wisdom From North

Why I recommend this course

I have had the great joy of working with Evette for many years now. She is one of the warmest, generous and gifted teachers I know of. Her teachings go deep and her knowledge within the fields of trauma, personal development and metaphysical anatomy honestly blows me away. 

Evette is one of our most popular masterclass teachers in Wisdom From North Membership where she teaches 3 classes. I have also had the opportunity to have private sessions with Evette, where she has helped me heal several wounds in my life.  

To offer a course that can give you insight into your own past, understand why you are like you are, and reconnect to these parts of yourself, your inner child that longs for your acknowledgement and attention, is a deep satisfaction for me. I have come to understand how important our inner child is for our healing, and being able to offer a course like this with such a gifted teacher like Evette, is a true honor and joy. I welcome you onto a beautiful journey, where Evette will be there to support you, doing the course wth you. 

Much light from Jannecke