Awakening to a Higher Consciousness through Ayurveda

-Unlocking Your Spiritual gifts through Ancient Wisdom

Online course with Sita PK

Your path of physical health, mental balance and spiritual growth is as unique as you are. There is no “one size fits all” life. We all carry unique karmas and dharmas – the consequences of past actions and the principles of right living – from both previous lifetimes and our current one. These elements combine to shape our individual nature.

When we grasp the intricate interplay between the 3D (physical reality) and the 5D (higher spiritual dimensions), we become equipped with the essential insights needed to evolve and fully express our soul's true potential.

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Master Plan

Create your ascension master plan

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Spiritual Practice

Customize your spiritual practice in a way that honors your desired outcomes

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Explore a life of inner and outer harmony 

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Live intuitively

Can you recognise these feelings?

  • Feeling alienated
  • Feeling drained and not enough consistent energy 
  • Depression and anxiety 
  • Feeling lost and unsure
  • Feeling ungrounded
  • Struggle with insomnia
  • Feeling overwhelm

It's time for a change!

Imagine yourself:

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Wake up feeling fully alive, with an open heart and intuition that leads you confidently on your path. You feel healthy, vital and have all the energy you need to live your purpose. You feel light, and so connected to the Higher Realms that you can tap in whenever you need to feel expansive or understand something in a new way. 

Explore a life of inner and outer harmony

Did you know that every cell in your body carries this wisdom? You are genetically, mentally and spiritually programmed to carry out this life in specific ways. 

During the moment of conception, the merging of relevant past life experiences, purpose of this life, the gifts you come in with, your physical make up, and personality all merge together to set in motion all that you are here to accomplish in this life.

In the course, Sita will guide you through a process of self and soul discovery that supports you in:

  • Decoding why you get stuck and how to get unstuck
  • Why you become ungrounded and how to stay the course
  • Learn how your unique skills support you, and how they also can get in your way 
  • How to clear emotional, mental and spiritual toxins 
  • How to care for your body/mind to amplify your spiritual progress
  • How to create the conditions for mystical experiences to happen

Unlocking Your Spiritual gifts through Ancient Wisdom

6 modules with Ancient Wisdom 

This is what you will experience


Levels of consciousness in the mind and in nature

Embark on a journey through the depths of your consciousness, unveiling the imprints bestowed upon you in this lifetime, the profound influence of your birth, and the key insights necessary for your spiritual evolution. In this module you'll discover the art of expanding your consciousness by harnessing the ancient laws of nature.


Your Unique Nature

You yourself are nature herself. You are made up of the elements of the earth that ground you, nourish you, transform you, express you and manifest all of your experiences. In this module you will discover what aspects of nature are the most dominant so that you can harness the power of your mind, body and spirit.


Piercing through the 5 Veils

When you were born, you forgot your Divinity. It is through this forgetting that other aspects of your humanness can cause you to get trapped in fear and slow you down in your life. In this module you will understand the 5 veils and how to remove them when they get in the way. These 5 veils are at the heart of what gets everyone stuck. Empowered with this ancient knowledge, you will be able to fulfill dreams.


Your Five Bodies

The term, “body, mind & spirit” is common, but what does it really mean? In the Ayurvedic and Yogic traditions, these aspects of each individual are associated with the five bodies, or Koshas which impact our overall health, vitality, intuitive capacity and our ability to be fulfilled. When you learn about how to clear emotional, physical and spiritual toxins within these layers, you are guaranteed to live your destiny.


Mudras, Mantras & Meditation

Linking the mind, body and spirit for optimal living and higher consciousness is key. Learn the value behind using these powerful tools and techniques that will uplevel all aspects of your life. Simplicity is often overlooked but when working with true energy medicine and the subtle realms, simplicity can propel you further towards your goals much faster.


Developing your spiritual practices

Knowledge is wonderful but it’s merely a starting place. To transform knowledge into wisdom is done through practice. But not just any practice. You need spiritual practices that are geared specifically for you and your needs. Also, you need practices that can grow with you. In this module, you will learn a variety of tools and how to choose what you need and when to maximize your results.


Ayurveda teaches us to live in harmony with ourselves, others, and the environment to achieve true well-being. - Ayurvedic principle

What previous course participants of Sita are saying


Sita is a wonderful teacher who is excellent at sharing her cosmic wisdom in a coherent, clear, and engaging manner.

Julie Newman

Sita PK is one of my favourite people in the Spiritual growth world. I just love her. I have attended several online courses with Sita as well as had a personal session with her and she never fails to deliver. Her love, warmth and practicality shine through in everything she teaches. She weaves her personal story through the lessons to bring them to life, sharing her insights and humour and giving practical exercises to use as ongoing resources that you can come back to time and time again.


Sita presents complex topics in a simple way, which is a profound skill and gift. She's warm, wise, and funny. She truly knows her stuff. The investment of time and money was MORE than worth it. 


Sita is impressive , she answered our questions like she knew them before they were asked :) And she is so calm and focused and joyful!! The wisdom that was shared with us was easy to process and very interesting. I have learned many interesting new facts about myself and people around, I've gained more tools to my "feel better toolbox " :) Beautiful skills, I could listen to Sita all day everyday.

Annette Pomiklo

Sita brought so much light and knowledge into this course that had a deep impact on my energy level and feeling of joy. I am very grateful. Sita embraces everybody and every human condition with love and warmth so you always feel uplifted in her company. If you feel called to participate, just do it!

Beth Holms

Sita does an amazing job putting complex concepts in practical terms. She is amazing at meeting her students where they are at. She receives the most difficult questions with authentic and gracious response and guidance.

In the course you will learn ancient wisdom from one of the oldest traditions in the world so you can awaken to a Higher Consciousness.

  • Know when you out of balance and how to get back into balance
  • Know when you are caught in one of the veils (of humanness)
  • Clear your cosmic body 
  • Practices specific for your needs to stay fully awakened with open intuition

This course with Sita will help you:

  • Achieve higher states of consciousness
  • Reduce toxic ego
  • Strengthen intuitive senses
  • A newfound sense of health and wellbeing 
  • Expand beyond conditioning and into living from your soul

What's included

6 modules

In-depth lessons with Sita that will help you unlock your spiritual gifts through ancient wisdom.

All modules have optional 🇳🇴 Norwegian and 🇬🇧 English subtitles. 

modules Ayurveda with Sita


With each module you'll receive written material with exercises and explanations that will propel you forward. 

Discover also what your current dominant mental quality is through the Qualities of Your Mind Quiz in module 1

Handouts Ayurveda

Awakening to a Higher Consciousness through Ayurveda

One Payment

  • 6 modules with Sita
  • Norwegian 🇳🇴 & English 🇬🇧 subtitles
  • Downloadable handout to each module


Inkl. mva for Norwegians

Payment Plan - 2 months (total $500)

  • 6 modules with Sita
  • Norwegian 🇳🇴 & English 🇬🇧 subtitles
  • Downloadable handout to each module


Inkl. mva for Norwegians

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About Sita PK

Sita PK is a clairvoyant, energy worker and gifted empath whose direct and loving approach has been transformational for her clients in growing into the next levels of their evolution. She is a channel for rewiring the energy system by way of what she refers to Your Energy Architecture. This is the body of work she has developed over 12+ years in the field and in her time working with thousands of people. 

She is a Vedic Counselor, dancer, student of tantra and is a non-denominational ordained minister. She is an author, speaker, retreat facilitator and a catalyst for all who seek her counsel. 

Sita is also one of masterclass teachers in Wisdom From North Membership where she teaches four classes. She also teaches the popular online course Mastering Your Cosmic Purpose on Wisdom From North.

Frequently asked questions

How does this course work?

All you need is a computer, tablet or mobile device. You'll get immediate access. You can watch the content whenever is suitable for you.

The content consists of videos and written handouts.

How long will I have access?

You have access to the course for a whole year from the date of purchase.

What if English is not my native language?

Most of our customers and members are actually non-native English speaking.

All videos have optional Norwegian subtitles.

And if there are anything you don't understand, then just ask us

What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

If you for some reason do not find this course satisfactory, then simply e-mail us at within 14 days of your purchase. We will then refund your payment (ex. stripe fee). You find the Terms & Conditions on this page.

Jannecke Øinæs

Words from Jannecke Øinæs, creator of Wisdom From North

Why I recommend this course

I've had the great joy of working with Sita PK for several years now. Discovering the depth of her teaching, we have invited her back again and again to our community both as a masterclass teacher in Wisdom From North Membership, as a guest on our podcast show and as a course teacher.

It was pure joy to create the 6 module course "Mastering your cosmic purpose" together back in 2020, which was very well received. Now we are excited to collaborate on this beautiful new course about ancient wisdom through the Ayurvedic path. We are truly honored to have her onboard again and we can't wait for you to experience this transformative program.