How to shift disempowering beliefs
so you can stand firmly in your dream

-by exploring the power of perspectives

What is that something you want to achieve or create but haven’t really accomplished yet?

Maybe it’s a new project or a dream you want to make a reality.
Maybe it’s related to your business, your family life or yourself. Or perhaps it’s a negative belief you want to change.

Your dream is so important to you. Yet, it's easy to get caught up in all the thoughts on the HOW and feel stuck not knowing how to move forward to manifest what you really want.

Don't give up! Sometimes all we need is a little shift of perspective.

The power of perspectives

stand firmly in your dream

In this class I am sharing a powerful technique that I use in my personal life to shift my mindset - to become aware of the beliefs that stand in the way of what I truly want. It's super helpful when you feel stuck and your mind is filled with excuses and disempowering beliefs.

And it's fun:) A simple shift of focus can create a huge shift in your mindset, and you might see that your dream or idea is much closer to you than you think.

In this class I will guide you through the power of perspectives so you can shift disempowering beliefs into empowering beliefs. That way you can stand firmly in your dream and get closer in making it a reality.

What you get: 
1. Full class in audio and video format
2. Workbook to support you in manifesting your dream

Price: $39.00

stand firmly in your dream

Ragnhild Hannoschøck Vea has been an entrepreneur for over a decade, working as a coach, mentor and designer as well as being a mother of five. She is Jannecke Øinæs' business partner here at Wisdom From North AS, co-creating and designing. 

"Stand Firmly in your dream" - a Wisdom From North production. 

Ragnhild Hannoschock Vea