Being Spiritual And Abundant

Change your relationship to money
& open up to more financial flow

Founder of Wisdom From North


Do you feel resistance when I say that money and spirituality go together? Then you are not alone. Many spiritual seekers feel guilty if they are making good money for their services. Somehow they have this notion that making money on helping others, is sacrilegious.

Hi, my name is Jannecke! I am the founder of Wisdom From North and I have to confess, that I used to think like this... 

It lead me nowhere. In fact it just caused me to have a lot of struggle in my life, pain and low self-esteem.

But then I realized that you can't help the poor, by being one of them...

However if you are abundant it gives you the opportunity to be of a much greater service to the world. 

I realized that the universe wants us all to be abundant, but we are the ones who have to open up for it. And the key to this lies within. 

I utterly love your Being Spiritual and Abundant course. I just can’t get enough of your meditation
-Asya Atanasova

You don't need to struggle

How you relate to money, is how money relates to you

Millions of people are struggling to make ends meet and only a few seems to be blessed with having abundance in their lives. Does this mean that some are just born lucky while others were just less fortunate with their destinies?

I don't believe that. 

In this mini-course you discover how collective and personal money myths and mis-beliefs are some of the reasons why many people strive with money.

You'll discover thee hidden and unconscious beliefs that hold you back, so that you can release these energy blocks, and open up for money to flow your way.

In this mini-course you became aware of what you need to change. Because unless we are aware of what we actually believe, it is hard to make any changes at all. 

being spiritual and abundant

Being spiritual and abundant

Discover your financial blueprint

I move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking and my finances reflect this change

- Louise L Hay

Did you know that you have a financial money blueprint, that influences your financial situation today?

By identifying your financial blueprint, you are putting the pieces together and understanding why your current financial situation is what it is today.

There are four typical money personalities. In this mini-course you realize how your financial blueprint expresses itself through your "money personality" and you'll discover what kind of type you are yourself. All types have a healthy and an unhealthy side. In the mini course I will give you tools and tips to balance your type. 

We also look at money in relation to energy and how your raise your vibrational mindset around money so you can align yourself with abundance and thus open it to flow your way.  

What you get 

  • Three modules with 3 videos and audiofiles 
  • Abundance meditation with dowloadable audiofile
  • Financial Tool Kit - 3 handouts with summary of the modules and concrete exercises to support you in opening up to financial abundance. 

For $99 you can start to make an energetic shift today and begin to open up to financial freedom.
You have 1 year access upon purchase.  Instant access.
(990,- NOK inkl mva)

The course have Norwegian subtitles

An investment in yourself

This mini-course is an investment in yourself. By investing in yourself, you are taking charge of your destiny, instead of your destiny controlling you. This mini-course unravels truths that rich people have known for ages.

There is enough for everybody and it is time we all anchor ourselves in that truth. 

I invite you to come along with me in this mini-course, so I can give you the insights and tools that created such a difference in my life. I believe they can make a big difference for you as well. 

You deserve all good things. 

Much light from Jannecke Øinæs