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Reclaiming your self-worth

Step by step process to end self-judgement and start loving who you are.

Live More. Dare More.
Love More. Be More.

Anja Vintov

Are you longing for a life that is more in sync with who you really are? 

Do you want to Live more, Love more, Dare more, Be more? 

Imagine that you wake up in the morning in sync with your inner resources, knowing how to flow your way through the day, also through obstacles, and go to bed at night, feeling calm and grateful.

We all like to spread the love, but the question is — do we produce enough for our own selves?

Is life a bit of an uphill battle and not exactly what you dreamt of? 

Think, just for a moment.. Where along the way did you give up on yourself?

Did courage give up on you or did you give up on courage?.. The courage to be who you are and take on life as your given birthright.  

Whether it's a deeper relationship, a new career, more free time in your calendar or a purposeful life
- you can have it all, if you exercise your courage. 

And that’s precisely what we will do - together. No more groping your way forward, trying to figure things out on your own. 

When you know you are worthy of life in whatever shape or form, you automatically know how to flow your way through life. 

When you believe you are not worthy, you stop deciding for yourself and let your surroundings influence your way of life and life becomes more of a struggle.

When you reclaim your self worth step by step, it doesn’t mean that all obstacles fall away - it means that you know how to handle them from within.


Does this somewhat apply to you?

  • Do you ever take on too much and then complain about it? (loud or subtle)
  • Do you sometimes hear yourself saying or thinking, ‘I never have time to do, what I want to do?
  • Do you have a hard time asking for help - ending up doing most things by yourself?
  • Do you feel that your spiritual practices don't really pay off?
  • Are you caring more for others than for yourself, because you want people to like you?
  • Are you having a hard time expressing clear boundaries and making room for your own needs?

It might sound harsh .. but the truth is; 

If this is how it is, more or less, you are not living your life.

You might be living a life trying to get recognition and approval from others through your actions, leaving very little energy to live your own life. 

Or you might leave the most important decisions up to the universe - forgetting that YOU are also the universe.

That can lead you astray. Far from your own personal flow of life.

Maybe you think you are not worthy of more.

Maybe you have learnt the hard way, that nothing comes easy.

Or maybe you are just ready to step up. Live more. Dare more. Love more. Be more.

Step by step I’ll show you how.

Self-love is not being selfish; it is not being too tough on yourself
- Anja Vintov

Reclaiming your self-worth

Together we will open up the gateway to what has always been yours. Your self-worth.

And the right to lead and live your life as you choose.

  • Your presence grow stronger
  • Decisions becomes easier
  • Relationships grow deeper
  • Energy moves easier
  • Possibilities opens up automatically

I’ll help you get right back on that track. 

So, if you’ve already given up, thinking “One can’t have everything” or “It’s not really so bad,” you are in the right place.

My point is precisely that you can have (almost) everything you want in your life. If you dare to be you.

You don’t have to change your whole life or repeat mantras to yourself in the mirror. 

You just have to be more observant of yourself, your body’s signals and your acquired bad habits - like compromising for the sake of peace, being the good girl who takes on too many tasks or the strong one who never asks for help. Or even hiding behind the curtains of spirituality, claiming that all is well, when it’s really not.

Learning to love yourself reduces stress, lessens procrastination and
makes you more focused at work and deepens your relationships.
-Anja Vintov

You will learn

How to end the legacy of deprivation, burn-out, overwhelm and stress and transform it into a meaningful life.

How to turn courage and flow into a daily practice. 

How listening to your body can help you find that inner core and personal flow that stems from self-worth.

  • End the struggle that comes with the experience of not being enough.
  • Say goodbye to the ‘good girl’ (or man) - and start embracing your true power
  • Understand how powerful you are and what you can achieve when you take extreme good care of yourself.
  • Know the key elements of the Art of Flowing
  • Be able to make choices and decisions that honor and reflect the true nature of who you are. 
  • Replace self-sacrifice with self-care and self-love

Included in this course

Recordings from six Live sessions with Anja 

6x90 minutes class sessions with Anja and six rituals you can use forever, to stay connected to your path

The sessions are recorded in both video and audio.

Three guided meditations

Three powerful guided meditations deepening your self-care prosess and tuning you into your own body's wisdom.


For every session you will receive a handout to support you further and deepening your learning, keeping you accountable in your study.

What previous course participants say

If this is something you would want to use... It happened during Anjas Vintov´s course "Reclaiming your Self-Worth". I learnt the most amazing! I suddenly saw it.. The mechanism below what has been haunting me for years and years. Anjas intentional teachings with loving care, and her ability to pierce through dim unconscious layers opened my eyes and made manageable what seemed unmanageable. Being allergic to still another self development course, I could not resist this one. No big theories. Very simple clearcut explanations with exercises aiming the essence. This is understandable and best of all...it works! With gratitude...

- Elise Rustad

I loved this course and have learned so much about myself and how to treat myself better. Thanks to Anja who shares her Wisdom and have given us so good tools to work with. Thanks to all the others who asked questions in the FB-tribe which I could relate to.

- Åshild Rene

In the weeks that have passed, this course has made me know myself better, see why I react to certain issues. And grab things and make them harmless. It challenges me in a good way. This is just the beginning of being the most honest and best version of myself, for me. This is the best investment I have made for myself in a long time. Many thanks to Anja and Wisdom from North for this course.

- Annma

You are a wonderful teacher and very pedagogical and you did not speak too fast, I appreciate that because my language is not english and it has been years since I learned it. So thank you for this fantastic course that have helped me much to stand up for myself and trust me and also that I am worth to live my precious life the best I can and have fun under my journey.

- Margareta Lönnerberg

Wonderful course! Still benefiting after the course has completed. Very grateful.

- James

This course has been life changing for me, and Anja Vintov is an exceptional teacher. She manages to be professional and, at the same time, caring for the participants. Her way of teaching includes everyone. She answers every question, every thought and teaches new ways to manage some of life’s difficulties. Anja has great wisdom and shares it generously. This course is very well made up. It is a unity where the different parts and modules are fully integrated. And the course develops beautifully towards a goal; more wisdom to us, and lots of tools to continue what we started. I would recommend this course to everyone who has any problems with self-worth. 

- Liv

I will recommend this course from the bottom of my heart. Anja had really good advice. When I do daily practise I learn a lot about myself. I am so glad and satisfied because I used my money investing my self worth. I also have to tell you that the meditation Jannecke offers is the best gift for my life daily practice to feel great. I am so grateful. Thank you to your both, Anja & Jannecke.❤️ 

- Gunn Gjetrang

About Anja Vintov

FLOW Specialist, author and keynote speaker – she teaches her concept Dare To Flow in Denmark and around the world. Founder of the FLOW Specialist Education.

She is owner and CEO of Vibrant Leader Systems, which provide courses and education for modern people seeking to optimize and navigate their personal and professional flow.


10 years in the corporate world (different leadership roles), former dancer and fitness athlete. 20 years as an entrepreneur.

Anja has studied fear, courage and flow for nearly two decades and has inspired numerous people to enhance their life quality and opportunities in everyday life, both personally and professionally - from young people to executives and entrepreneurs.

As a person she is warmhearted and sincere and has a rare ability to spot what ever blocks your natural everyday flow and she provides hands on solutions with a very high rate of success.

Anja's happy Customers

Fie Tulstrup

Anja completely breaks the framework for her role. In addition to being super trustworthy, razor-sharp and motivating in her communication both in plenary and individually, I also meet in Anja a whole and authentic person with lots of presence, curiosity and not least spaciousness. Sitting in session with Anja feels like being kept in a caring balance between her solid, professional foundation and at the same time being seen and loved as a human being worthy of all the attention she gives.

FLOW is not just something Anja conveys and strives for, FLOW is something Anja lives and is - so natural and simple that you can easily reflect in her. And know, feel and experience that FLOW in its essence is also fully possible for you to integrate into your life

Maiken Mørk

I have seldom met a human being who manages to be so present and sharp on solutions regardless of problem. Anja's ability to listen and analyze is quite special. She is warm and human and VERY skilled

Camilla Hunke

Anja is super skilled within the field of fear and flow - and very knowledgeable - and really a humanist. She has an amazing ability to spot where the ‘shoe doesn’t fit’. She has an ability to pull out the drama and gives very useful guidance, that are ready to be implemented into day-to-day life. 

As a teacher she creates an energy, a space that cannot be described. It must be experienced

linje Anja

Before we can change anything we must be okey feeling everything
- Anja Vintov

Course Modules

In these 6 modules with Anja Vintov, you will dive into the following:


Module 1: The 3 pillars of self-worth

In this module we will explore the pillars of self-worth and what a life of integrity requires from you. (Less than you may think).

Key points

  1. Laying the foundation - self-worth explained
  2. Testing your worthiness and ability to receive
  3. Opening up to life in a whole new way - facing self-judgement

You will get your first ritual, that will help you stay on your path.


Module 2: Your personal flow zone

In this module we will address the fear that is holding you back - unconsciously - from succeeding at being you, taking care of you and living your life to the best of your abilities.

Key points

  1. The FLOW Formula 
  2. Deprivation pointers and common complaints that reveals your level of self-care
  3. Your personal flow and why it isn’t flowing 

You will get your 2nd ritual that will help you embrace fear as a natural part of life, a friend - not a foe.


Module 3: Extreme Self-care Challenge

In this module we will explore exactly what you are rejecting, having, being and doing in your life right now … people, dreams, ambitions, needs, body-wise and you will create your own Self-Care-Kit to support your journey towards a deeper love for yourself.

Key points

  1. Extreme self-care unlimited - ESU
  2. Resisting or allowing self-care 
  3. The ultimate pact with your body

You will get your 3rd ritual that will help you connect to the part of you, who already cares deeply for you.


Module 4: Set yourself up to succeed

We explore the principle of “what you seek is seeking you”.

Listening to your gut feeling, senses, intuition, pursuing your dreams, creating your ideal reality, and knowing that the things that call to you are calling you for a reason - and happens when you acknowledge them. 

Key points

  1. Stepping up - Tools to deal with discomfort.
  2. Waiting positions explained
  3. How to sense and feel your way forward

You will get your 4th. ritual, that will gently push you forward where you normally hold back.


Module 5: Integrity excelled

In this module I will provide you with hands-on tools that will help you express yourself truly.

Key points

  1. Phases of integrity
  2. Outspoken self worth - integrity and how to express who you are in a natural way
  3. Integrity blocks 

You will get your 5th ritual that will always guide you towards integrity. Your highest truth.


Module 6: Celebration and Self-worth Ritual

In this module you will celebrate YOU and you’ll learn how to make your own self-worth flow ritual, like your ancestors have celebrated life for thousands of years. This will help you stay connected to the part of you who has always felt worthy.

Key points

  1. 100 ways to exercise your everyday courage 
  2. Overcoming flow barriers
  3. The path forward


Now let us introduce to you your Bonus!


Receive a free and FULL copy of the Everyday Courage book - value $40

Anja Vintov


“Impressively concrete. The book has short, precisely-formulated chapters outlining what can be done. It’s a book that dares to provide solutions, not just understanding. And no pity whatsoever.”

- Fredericia, Dagblad

“In Everyday Courage you learn how to make changes in your life a little at a time, both mentally, physically. You learn to find your everyday courage and you get better at making the right decisions for yourself. Saying no and saying yes to opportunities.”

-Berlingske Tidende

“Readers can identify with the book’s optimistic language - and the many examples of people who have changed their lives according to Anja Vintov’s principles support the exercises very well. It’s delightfully believable that the people who turn up in the book are named by name.”

- Fyns Stifttidende

To sum it all up

  • 6 recorded modules from LIVE classes with Anja
  • Video and audio format
  • Eye-opening meditations and handouts to deepen your learning
  • BONUS - free copy of Anja's bok

Self-love is the key to happiness and a person who is happy is in a far better position to achieve success in every aspect of life.
-Anja Vintov

Reclaiming your self-worth

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*For payment plan option: Both payments needs to be completed in order to keep your 1 year access to the course. 

Here’s what people say about Anja


Anja is a unique capacity - the most reflective, spot on, compassionate help I have ever met.


Anja has a magical human personality, and as a teacher she is completely open-minded and alive. She looks at life without reservation and fixed-defined standards. She has challenged my view of the roles of my life. 

I now have the courage to act on what’s best for me.


Anja can cut through bull-shit and at the same time she has the ability to be so gentle and present. It is inspiring to have a teacher who walks the path and has integrated her teachings into her own life. She is a kind of goddess of freedom who has supported me in becoming sparkling free.


How do I get access to the course?

When you join the course, you get immediate access to the course including the modules and meditations.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the course for 1 year from time of purchase.

What if I'm not happy with the course?

If you don’t absolutely love this course with Anja Vintov— or don’t feel that it meets your needs — there is a 14 days cancellation and refund policy from the date of your order. Just make sure to contact us by email within those days. (The stripe fee will not be refunded).

Start to live a life of integrity

My personal recommendation

Back in 2018 I had the pleasure of getting to know Anja's work through I summit I created together with Danish Inger Hjort where interviewed 20 Scandinavian female leading teachers. I remember being especially curious about this Danish teacher Anja Vintov who had immersed herself in studying flow and fear for more than 20 years. I felt the urge to connect more and since 2018, we have collaborated with Anja on a numerous of occasions.

I am stunned by the depth of her teaching, her ability to help people, her authenticity and her presence. It is clear to me that she walks her own talk and that people are really transformed after having worked with her.

Anja has this rare ability to make you feel a deeper sense of self-acceptance. It's as if her presence and energy invites you to fall into your body, relax and realize that all is well. That it is in fact not as hard as you make it to be in your head and that you have the power to start living your life more fully- today!

I cannot wait for you to experience this course with Anja and it is a true honor for us at Wisdom From North to be offering a course with a teacher of this level of caliber. 

If you are ready to claim your self-worth, then join us. You deserve it. ❤️

Jannecke Øinæs
Founder of Wisdom From North

Jannecke Øinæs