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Embark on an empowering journey by receiving trainings from highly recognized spiritual teachers and thought leaders

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(All Masterclasses have Norwegian subtitles)

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Learn to channel with Daniel Scranton
5 Secret Ways To Communicate With Angels
Masterclass on Self Hypnosis and manifestation with Tricia Carr
masterclass on somatics method
masterclass with Melissa Gates-Perry
Masterclass with Steve Burgess - past life regression
masterclass with Sita PK
Masterclass on Human Design
Turn on your feminine power
Tammy De Mirza masterclass on your spiritual superpowers
Masterclass with Dr Espen Hjalmby
breathwork and yoga masterclass
Masterclass with Dr. Jude Currivan
Anne Buran Øyen masterclass Release Your Inner Blocks
How to become a lucid dreamer masterclass
Numerology Masterclass with Novalee Wilder
Accelerate your journey with Riana Arendse
Soul to soul with Sheila Applegate
Masterclass with Dr Espen Hjalmby on Quantum field
Masterclass with Rodolfo Young
Dr. Sue Morter
Discovering the real meaning
masterclass with Jeffrey Olsen
Eva Andrea
Masterclass with Anja Stensig
Masterclass with Eben Alexander
Transform your life with love
Masterclass with Nereeda McInnes
Healing your childhood
Masterclass with Trude Dybendahl
masterclass with Tammy De MIrza
Tiffany Tin
Masterclass with Trica Carr
Aaron Abke
Sita Pk
Waxela Sananda
Kathrine Aspaas
Hilde Kloppbakken
How to be your own energy healer - masterclass with Connie Huebner
Camillo Løken
Evette Rose
Vibecke Garnaas
Sita Pk
Kristin Flood
Anja Vintov
Annabell Stefanussen
Emily Kuser
Karianne Stenshagen
Marit Reitan
Jamye Price
Karen Garvey
Kenneth Sørensen
Evette Rose
Maria Nyegaard

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Channeled messages from the green dragon with Jack Morrigan