Lorna Byrne is a bestselling author and a peace ambassador. She has been protected and guided by angels ever since she was a very little girl.

Protected and guided by angels

One of her earliest memories is of herself as an infant completely ignoring her mother picking her up, because she saw angels surrounding her.

Lorna suffers from a very severe form of dyslexia and luckily she had an angel that helped her in school along with her guardian angel. They made sure she got through and even gave her answers to difficult questions from the teachers. She felt very protected by them.

Lorna tells us that she sees angels physically every day. Out in the streets she sees people with their guardian angel walking next to them. It is not even clear to Lorna, why she has these abilities.

Why was she chosen to see angels?

You might wonder why everyone else can’t see angels. Why did God choose me, Lorna asks. When she put that question to the angels, they said; “Why not you?” 

At the age of ten she was told by the angels that she would meet a man, but he wasn’t going to grow old with her. After the first shock of this information she was told to put it to the back of her mind. 

When she was older, working in her dad’s garage, a young man came walking towards her just as the angel had described. She immediately knew this was her future husband. The angels had meant to protect and guide her with their information, but Lorna didn’t understand why she would need to know this at such a young age.

How do we interact with our guardian angels?

Lorna tells us that we all have one guardian angel, only one, even if others will tell you we have more. There are other angels that come and go around you, but your guardian angel can never, ever leave your side. 

They don’t always answer your questions, but they always help us in many different ways. In times of darkness they will wrap their wings around us, in times of turmoil they will carry us through what’s difficult, so we can get back on our feet again. They will always find ways to protect and guide us. We are guided by angels.

A soul is something far more important than an angel

A soul is a spark of light, a piece of God. It’s smaller than the top of a pin and yet it fills every part of us. That’s why it’s only our human bodies that die. So when your time comes, it is your guardian angels job to bring you back home. 

Lorna explains that angels are creatures created by God. They are not a part of God, he has just created them, but he has given human beings a part of himself. That is the crucial difference between us and angels, Lorna explains.

In this interview Lorna urges us to use what’s inside of us. We have so many gifts, and our smile and love can change someone’s mind of committing suiscide or of doing something bad. We have the power within to truly help others with our love. 

We learn how our guardian angels are there to always protect and guide us no matter what! They love us unconditionally!

You can read more about Lorna on her website: https://lornabyrne.com/

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