Raising our vibration in the family
– Gitte Winter Graugaard about creating heart connection in the family

How can we create more loving and strong bonds within our families, when our lives are so hectic? And how can we help our children to sleep better and connect with their hearts so they can become resilient beings? In this conversation, we talk about how to raise a family’s vibration.

This is a question the author and speaker Gitte Winter Graugaard is very passionate about. According to Gitte, families are not what they used to be. We have become like “satellite families” being on different devices when we’re supposed to be together. As adults we might spend too little time to truly connect deeply with the kids, and that the children are even stressed themselves falling asleep. In our school, the focus is also too much on performance and the mind, Gitte says, so the children are not taught to connect and trust their hearts. 

We become lonely when losing our heart connection

The consequences of this are severe, Gitte says. This is the reason why we see so many being depressed and lonely as adults. They haven’t connected enough with “their tribe”- their families as children because they drifted apart. The result of this can be that they are not becoming resilient beings as adults being able to fill themselves up with love themselves, but instead crave for other people’s love to make them feel whole. The result of this is that they as adults can become rather lonely and depressed.

Meditating with her children made the whole difference – a way to raise the vibration

Gitte started becoming interested in this topic when she began studying meditation and mindfulness and became a life coach. She noticed many people lacked their heart connection and that this was connected to their childhood. This inspired her to test out heart meditation techniques with her children at night.  When she discovered how well they responded and reacted and how well her children started sleeping at night, Gitte knew she had found a treasure that she wanted to pass on to other parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts who longed for a deeper connection with their children. Her book is now selling in more than 20 countries and each night thousands of children fall asleep inside their little love mountains while filling their hearts with love.

Children sleep one hour less

On average children sleep one hour less in the Western world than earlier and this is not good, Gitte says. Children need great sleep for so many reasons; it affects their mood, their growth, and not to mention the ability to process things in a healthy way. If children are not sleeping well, it can also influence their immunity and their weight.

What Gitte says is important to remember is that it all starts with you. If you cultivate self-love as an adult, you yourself can transform your family. 

Do you want to learn how to connect deeper with children you love, help them sleep better, create stronger family bonds, and raise the love vibration in your family?

If you’re Danish or Norwegian, check out Gitte’s 4-week online course Skap Fredelige Familiebånd Fra Hjertet.

Course in Danish with Gitte Winter Graugaard

How to help your child fall to sleep

Read Gitte’s beautiful article “Unplug from society’s treadmill and plug in to ‘heart power – How meditation can help you and your child“.

I believe that all children are born as love and light, free from worry and the burden of societal pressures. But what I see in schools are confused, overstimulated young people, struggling to cope.

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