In this interview Jannecke meets with David Rippy to talk about his new book; “Healing Today’s Pain”. They discuss subjects such as past lives, life between lives, incarnation and healing.

David’s book came about because he had clients coming to him with pain and trauma which they had literally tried everything to heal without success. David, who is a hypnotherapist, performed past life regression on them, to find the source linked to today’s pain. In this book the clients share their past lives involving traumatic pain and suffering and they discover how these traumas have carried forward into their current lives.

Souls reincarnate at a quicker pace

What’s interesting is that the time it takes a soul to reincarnate back on earth has become significantly shorter since the beginning of the human race. Back then it could take around a thousand years before a soul reincarnated. At the end of Atlantean times, it only took around 150 years. In our modern time souls reincarnate after just nine – to twenty years maximum. Souls are coming back much faster and they’re taking harder lessons than seen in the past. In addition to that, they’re coming back with issues, David says.

Past life and Life Between Lives

When the soul leaves our bodies to go to the afterlife, they do so in many different ways. Some leave as a coloured orb, and there are many different coloured souls, some as long, silvery smoke and others as a shot of energy.

People of today have opened up their lives through meditation and Reiki. Most likely this is how our past lives come through to us much easier now than before.

David hypnotizes his clients and brings them back to their past lives in regression. If they remember a past life trauma they get a recording of their session with him, which they listen to over and over again. After 6-7 times they start to get numb to the trauma they experienced, kind of like watching a movie, David says. This can be an effective technique to heal today’s pain coming through from our past lives.

If you’re curious about what happens in the afterlife and the life between lives, if you’re wondering why souls have different colours and why they incarnate much quicker than before, this interview is for you. David speaks effortlessly about these subjects and he has some interesting and new perspectives as well. 

Please enjoy!

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