In this interview, I meet with inspirational hypnotherapist, and speaker David Rippy. David is the author of the book The Immortal Soul-the journey to enlightenment*. This book consist of David’s case studies of hypnotically regressed people and their afterlives. In this video, we speak about some of the interesting past lives that David uncovered in his book.

Many of David’s clients came to him with pain that traditional methods couldn’t alleviate. He discovered that often the clients’ pain and traumas were linked to a past life that they had. Becoming aware of what had happened to them “in their past”, their inbetween lives, many clients experienced recovering in their current lives.

Everything is interconnected

David is passionate about sharing how everything is energy and connected. How the universal laws affect our lives and how we can learn to work with them to lead a better life. In his work he is helping people learn more about themselves through past, inbetween lives and how those lives are connected to this life.

David also says that reincarnation was removed from the Bible centuries ago, which ultimately altered the understanding of reality for over 2 billion people.

About David Rippy

David Rippy is an inspirational author, hypnotherapist, and speaker who seeks to help people live their best lives. At age 25, in the midst of beginning a career at a Fortune 50 company, Dave’s life changed dramatically. A car accident left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Despite this life-altering injury, he formulated a vision for his life. He became determined to fulfill his ambition to become a money manager—and he did. David went on to have a long and successful career, working at both Merrill Lynch and The Vanguard Group.

After achieving his own dreams, Dave wanted to help others to reach their own goals and live their best lives in spite of facing the greatest hardships of their lives. His books address different facets of existence: the mental, the physical, and the spiritual. He continues to spread his messages of positivity through writing and speaking engagements. He still believes that there are more miracles to come in his life and works toward new goals and aspirations every day.

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  • I have so many unanswered questions and have turned to religion to try find answers why some people suffer, myself included in this lifetime yet others flourish. Religion reaches you that there is only 1 life here and you either go to heaven or hell when you die. I don’t understand this because how do you explain a death of a still born who hasn’t experienced any life here. They had no choice about whether they go to heaven or he’ll and a 100 year old man that has experienced this life on this planet. I have suffered financial losses and have been left with no money at 54 years old. I never married inspire of always wanting marriage and children. This also never happened. I also have delibitating back problems after various injuries.I am asking a lot of questions of life and purpose. Woukd really like to chat.



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