Interview with Eva Andrea on the secrets on how to become a magical writer

In this interview I am meeting the Danish author, speaker and mentor Eva Andrea who has mesmerized her followers with her popular books: And I awakened, and Behind everything I can hear your song.

Her books have become known for their magical touch, deep layers, and transformational power. And now she helps aspiring and recognized writers to bring this Divine touch into their writing. The secrets to become a magical writer.

In this video Eva reveals her own writing story; how she held back her light and dream for years. She also shares how she broke through her fear and acknowledged the dream of becoming an author by following the voice of her heart. Today she is inspiring thousands of people in Scandinavia with her books.

Now she is ready to pass on her secret keys to what she calls “magical writing” to new aspiring or experienced writers.

*The event spoken of in this video is no longer available.

If you feel the longing to write – you have the gift.– Eva Andrea

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