Ten years ago Eva Andrea had a meeting with Divine Love and her life took a totally different direction because of it.

An angel sat on her writing desk

As a small girl, Eva grew up in a Christian community where she was used to talking about and believing in angels. To her, it was normal and natural. She still remembers the first time she saw an angel. She was six years old and woke up in her bed one morning. She saw a bright, small being sitting on her bedside table. It had a Divine loving and cheerful energy about it that made Eva feel safe. After trying to touch the angel a few times and not succeeding, she started communicating with it instead and it told her it was there to protect her as her guardian angel.

Experiencing divine love after darkness

One evening ten years ago, Eva received a letter from her bank saying she and her family had to leave their house. Eva knew it was coming, they were broke and could no longer pay their mortgage. That night she had a horrible nightmare and something brought her to sit up in bed feeling more awake than she’d ever been. The whole room was vibrating with love and she heard a tone that seemed to contain all the music in the world. A message came across, she was loved and everything she experienced was for loving reasons. That night her crown chakra opened up and she received her gifts.

The dark night of the soul and sharing wisdom being a magical writer

When Eva went into her “dark night of the soul”, she felt she lost connection with the source. She felt very confused and alone and because Eva is so passionate about writing, she used it to write down all her experiences throughout her journey.  She believes writing is part of her soul path and that she’s supposed to share wisdom through writing – being a magical writer. Eva believes we all have at least one book in our souls. We all have a story worth telling, she says. We are all beautiful and unique. We are all instruments for divine love to flow through and that’s why no one else can share what you will share in your book.

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About Eva Andrea

In her spiritual novels, she shares her own raw and wondrous soul journey – through darkness and light. Her books have become known all over Scandinavia for their beauty, deep layers, and transformational power. Over the years she’s also become a sought-after magical writing mentor, speaker, and teacher. She loves sharing the secrets on how to connect soul to soul with your reader and become a truly magical and unforgettable writer. Join her new online training The Magic Box* to discover Magical Writing.

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