What is the dark night of the soul? Why do we need to experience darkness at all? And is it possible to avoid experiencing darkness?

In this interview Jannecke and spiritual teacher Eva Andrea explore the nature of a dark night of a soul, what it might be, whether it is a natural and necessary part of spiritual expansion, and how we can better handle such a challenging state of being.

Do you experience darkness?

A sense of confusion, blindness, abandonment? Maybe feeling you’ve lost connection with your Source – or just this feeling of walking in no-mans-land? Then you may be in a Dark Night of the Soul. Nothing is wrong with you, actually, something BEAUTIFUL is happening on a soul level.

This part of the transformational circle can be hard to go through – and every time we step into a new circle of expansion on our soul journey – we meet darkness. (Even if parts of us really, really want to avoid this bit.)

About Eva Andrea

Eva Andrea is a highly recognized Danish spiritual teacher and author who has been open about her own spiritual journey and her own experiences with the dark nights of the soul. She is the author of the two books: And I awakened (Og jeg vaknede) and Behind everything I hear your song (Bakom alt kan jeg høre din sang).

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