Matìas De Stefano remembered his connection to the Akashic records at a very young age. It gave him a powerful understanding of the universe and the different layers of reality we all exist in. In this interview from April 2020, Matìas tells us about his memories of our galactic history.

A powerful understanding of the universe and our galactic history

The first beings that spoke to Matìas were seven monkeys. It was really weird he says, but after that first incident he started seeing elementals, then angels and then really tall beings without faces.

He asked them why he had seen all these different beings and they told him they didn’t want to scare him, so they chose images that were more acceptable to a child. They let him know they had come to give him an understanding of how the universe works.

Life on Sirius compared to life on Gaia

Matìas, who lived a few lifetimes on Sirius, tells us that life there was physical. But their way of travelling was through the 4th dimension. They communicated through telepathy and they traveled around helping other planets in their evolution. They had a unique understanding of the universe and shared it with other species and planets.

Matìas explains that Gaia is one system. It’s not us and her, it’s us! We are her! And when we arrive at this planet we have to adapt to being part of this whole being. Whatever happens to Earth, happens to us. The planet is awakening and we, as a result, are starting to remember our powerful connection to the universe.

The people of Atlantis

200 000 years ago the people of Atlantis arrived on Earth. They came because mother Earth had started to become aware of herself. A sign of that was the rise of the first humans. It took the Atlantians around 150 000 years to develop a being that was able to incarnate souls from other systems. 

The Atlantiens didn’t believe in gods, but they understood the divine in every aspect. The last people of this civilization lived up until about 12 000 years ago, according to Matìas.

Matìas also tells us about the rise of the pyramids and how, during Atlantis, the system for building pyramids was downloaded and recorded. The pyramids were machines to help us receive information from the stars and the universe. 

In this interview Matìas reveals to us his plans for the two coming years and how we can help with his mission.

He emphasizes how important it is to listen to ourselves and if what we think, feel and do is not coherent, he’s challenging us to change what we do and figure out what we really want and need. It’s all about being coherent with the Earth’s systems.

This interview is for you who are interested in the universe, galactic history and how it all is connected. If you´re curious about what might be out there, beyond our planet, we highly recommend watching this video.

About Matías De Stefano

Matías was born in Argentina in 1987. From the moment of his birth he remembered everything he did before this incarnation and could understand how the Universe works. He says he has been reincarnated with a specific mission on Earth. And to fulfill a mission that he could not complete thousands of years ago.

Matia’s mission is to help us find our purpose, so that we can collectively break through to powerful new experiences and build a new world. Matias has a worldwide following and has organized major events for the awakening of consciousness.


Initiation with Matìas De Stefano

4 seasons on Gaia with Matias De Stefano where he guides us through the conscious evolution needed to transcend the nine dimensions that make up our reality. This journey will deepen your understanding of the structure of our shared reality and the importance of your presence.

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