Neale Donald Walsch is the man behind the book series “Conversations With God”* which is loved and celebrated all over the world. He’s just released the 4th book in the series, “Awaken The Species” and in this interview, he speaks about his latest book, “Awaken The Species” and how God is talking to you, you just have to listen.

Conversations with God

God is love, Neale says. God is an essential essence and can take the shape and form of any aspect of life that we choose. God is the stem cell of the universe. Neale knew he was talking to God while creating his book series because of the messages he was receiving. He hadn’t had that kind of information from any other source, culture or people before. Not only was it brand new information, but it made perfect sense to him.

There is no such thing as the ten commandments

This message came through while he was working with his books and it shocked him! He asked God, why? God said to him, you must understand that we are all one. You are to me what the wave is to the ocean. It is not separate from the ocean, it is not other than the ocean, it is simply a singular expression arising from the ocean and when it has completed its individual expression it rolls back into the ocean from which it came from. God said to Neale, “if this is true, who would I command and who would I punish?” At that point, Neale understood the ten commandments were made by man only. 

God is talking to all of us all the time

Neale explains that God is always talking to us in a thousand different ways in a thousand different moments. For example, if you bump into a friend you haven’t seen in ten years, if you see something that matters to you on a billboard, if you experience synchronicities. There are so many ways in which God speaks to us.

In August 2016 at exactly 4:23 in the morning, Neale woke up with a feeling he hadn’t experienced in ten years. The last time he had this feeling he wrote what he thought would be the last book in his “Conversations With God” series. Neale got out of bed and went downstairs to his computer and allowed himself to open up. What came was book 4 “Awaken The Species”. 

HEB’s – Highly evolved beings

Highly evolved beings are watching over us and seeking to assist us in our childhood experiences. Human beings are a very young species. HEB’s never directly interfere, but they want to help us see a larger truth and a bigger view than we might be able to obtain on our own. God said that sometimes HEB’s take human form and walk around on earth to show us how we can act as highly evolved beings. Neale asked God what behaviors these HEB’s portray and God answered that there are 16 specific behaviors that we can adopt.

The way they help us is by inserting inspiration in humans to say and do certain things. They are seeding the field so to speak, with idéas and insights. 

This inspiring interview is an eye-opener when it comes to our mission here on earth and what we’ve been sent here to do. We truly are a young species and we’re being helped and guided from species far more evolved than us. 

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