Dr. Espen Hjalmby is a Norwegian researcher of neuroscience and physics and he believes you’re the healer in your own life. He is a business mentor, a master healer and he teaches quantum living. Dr. Hjalmby lost his brother at the age of five and lived through a very challenging childhood because of it. He found the power of consciousness and became his own healer. He’s here to teach us how we can do the same. 

Obstacles can make or break you

You can choose to see obstacles in two different ways. Many people ask themselves; why did that happen to me? When you use that kind of language you’re placing yourself in a victim position. You may want to change the question to; how is this happening for me? The outcome will change when you ask the question in that way.
Dr Hjalmby has had quite a few traumas and challenges in his own life and when he asked himself how this has happened for him, he was able to see the blessing in disguise and work on himself to rise to a higher level.

Self-healing is allowing yourself to be vulnerable

When we’re overwhelmed with emotions we cannot see our situation clearly. As he tried to heal from the trauma of losing his brother he stayed strong in the body and mind, but weak in his emotions. He shut them off completely. As he got older he realised he had emotionally bypassed the grief of losing his brother. He had not yet discovered how to be his own healer, but he learned that a very important key in self-healing is allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Dr Hjalmby left Norway for Australia to study, but shortly after arriving he got in a motorcycle accident and earned himself two broken legs and a broken back. Unfortunately, the surgeon who operated on him did not sterilize his instruments and Dr Hjalmby was left with a deadly infection which he fought for 2 ½ years. 

You’re the healer in your own life!

To Dr Hjalmby there are two types of care. Sick care and health care. Most of us go around and think that we’re healthy because we don’t feel any pain. The question is; does the absence of symptoms mean we’re healthy? In the hospital, he came to a point where the infection was just spreading everywhere and the doctor told him he might lose his leg. At that point, Dr. Hjalmby had a mind-blowing experience. He felt his ego dying and he heard a voice telling him, if you’re going to heal, it is up to you. 

He says the doctor can dress the wound, but only you can heal. You’re the healer in your life. The hospital was providing sick care when he needed health care. After a year he left the hospital and started doing the things he intuitively knew to do. He started eating clean food, stopped putting toxins in his body, he meditated, did yoga and amazingly, after 7 weeks, the whole in his hip had closed. Dr. Hjalmby encourages us to eat clean food, drink clean water, silence our minds and do what we love. You are the hero you’ve been waiting for and you can change the world.

The true secret behind manifestation

Dr. Hjalmby was trying to manifest in the old way for 15 years. He worked extremely hard and diligently on it and was still not able to manifest what he wanted to achieve. When we’re for instance trying to manifest more money in our lives, we go wrong by only applying one of the two part formulas. Dr Hjalmby says we are electromagnetic beings. The electric component is our thoughts, the magnetic component is our emotions. This is the two part formula, he explains. If we think we want a million dollars, but we feel a lack of money, we won’t be able to manifest that money. The feeling is the healing! If you want to manifest a million dollars you’ve got to feel like you already have it.

Everything around us is a reflection of our level of consciousness. Dr Espen explains to us “the observer effect” where what you are looking at is changing based on how you observe it. If we want to create something we have to start with the way we are observing life and where we focus our attention!

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