Are you waiting for X,Y&C to happen before you follow your dreams?

In this video I am taking you along on my Norway trip to the mountains. Having been single for many years, I find in myself the tendency to be “waiting for my soulmate” to show up in my life before I could explore and experience the things I dream of. But that is actually putting my life on hold…

All we have is now

All we have is now and the more we embrace “the now” and live in the mindset of “day one“, instead of “one day..”, the more we are tapping into the richness of our lives, living it fully. Don’t postpone your life, nor your dream.

Set up a board meeting with yourself

One thing I have also found helpful, is to have “a board meeting” with yourself and ask: what dreams do I still carry in my energy field that are actually outdated dreams? And on the other hand, what dreams do I still want to fulfill and do something about?

Cleaning up your “dream closet” is a great way to release old energy – and also to connect with those dreams that still are a part of you, waiting to be fulfilled. Doing this makes you connect to those eternal and unique parts of your soul.

So go now-and explore your dreams! Don’t postpone your life.

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