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I used to struggle with making a sustainable income. As a musical theatre artist, it was often a long “break” between every job, and when I did have a job, it didn’t always pay that well.. Not to mention all the non-payed jobs that I did, in order to gain experience and for ever working on “creating a better resume’’”.

I used to joke that I was a starving struggling actress and honestly, I think I actually found some pride in that label. Like I was suffering somehow, for my art. It made me seem more “serious”.

Little did I know that this phrase would hunt me like a ghost into my next endeavor and my next life chapter. After I quit acting and moved into the spiritual and personal growth business by having conversations with leading thought leaders around the world on YouTube, I still continued to have multiple jobs aside, struggling to make ends meet.

This time I had another conflict in my mind. I couldn’t see how business and spirituality could go together and I felt like a fraud just thinking about making money somehow on my YouTube show.  After all it was a show for the GREATER GOOD OF ALL and I just wanted to humbly be “of service”. Preachers from cults or churches who collected money from their community “in the name of God” (then nicely PUTTING them into their own pockets), had always given me a distasteful taste in my mouth. I judged them deeply and wanted to be as far away from that kind of behavior as possible.

The law of polarity woke me up

It wasn’t until I began to contemplate on the duality principle that governs this planet (and possible this Universe) that I began to question my own attitude and beliefs around money. I realized that being against something or judging, was really strengthening the polarity within me, instead of seeking balance and seeing the value in both darkness and light. I discovered that what we usually are really really against, is a part of our shadow and unless you wake up to it and acknowledge this shadow it will continue to haunt you.

I began to look into why I was having such an unhealthy relationship with money. I went deep and far back into my childhood and was surprised to find so many disempowering beliefs around what was possible for me to achieve in my life. But I also found a hidden dream that I had suppressed as a little girl. I remember watching a television series with a lot of business women working in these nice business outfits; grey blazers, pumps, their hair tied up, they looked so cool! They were smart, they were beautiful and they were successful. Looking into my unconscious mind, I found that I actually had judged myself for having this admiration for these women, and sadly the belief that it was OK to be a woman AND be successful in business, didn’t make “the cut” in ideas that I subscribed to in my adult life.

The tide turns

I began to ask myself the questions: how can I teach others about self-love, if I don’t love myself enough to think that I deserve to have enough to get by? Or not only that, but to have real abundance. And how can we be of service to others, if we are not being of service to ourselves? After all money is just energy. It is a tool that we can use for bad or for good.

It is not money that corrupts people, it is people that corrupt money.

Now, these new realizations made me bolder and more courageous and I decided to shift my life and become a successful entrepreneur doing what I loved. But, GEEE- with this new decision, I had to start selling!

What a fright!

I actually needed to get out there and shout out: – hey this is what I have to offer, do you want to pay for it? Believe me I was dead scared in my first online launch.

That’s when I realized I needed a business coach. I needed someone to teach me this “art of selling” – thing. Because like any other art, selling doesn’t come natural to everybody. It is a skill you have to learn. And that’s when I found Laura Philips, the British “Conversion Queen” who Loves to Launch and helps her clients love it too. With her help I understood that I could sell with love and integrity. I started believing in what I had to offer, and my own believes that were holding me down, vanished one by one.

Working with Laura we’ve had our biggest sales successes and not only that, we have become much more creative in our work! Today we are more inspired than ever and I have cultivated a self-confidence I didn’t know was there.

I have unleashed my inner business woman and my coach Laura Phillips has been part of making that happen.

One of my passions is to inspire people to go for their dreams. I believe we all have special gifts that we came down here to manifest and express. And the more we share our gifts, and do what we love, the more we are being of service. And why shouldn’t we make great money on doing what we love in the process?

Let’s face it. We are past the outdated attitude that healers should not charge money for their services, or that women can’t have the level of success than men can, or that you can’t be spiritual and successful and rich at the same time. Of course, you can! It’s just a matter of perception and belief. And it’s up to you what glasses you want to see your world with.

If you sell from LOVE, and you have integrity and you are helping others with what you create, that is when you aligned with the deeper truth of who you are.

This article was a real shout out for my business coach Laura Phillips. If you are an entrepreneur, coach, therapist, healer, teacher, artist or just a loving person who has gifts to share and who wants to launch your services, Laura is having an amazing free event coming up this Monday June 29th where she will give you her golden nuggets about how to create your best launch ever and have fun at the same time. If you are ready to unleash your inner business man or business woman, I cannot recommend this free event enough.

Someone said to me once: You know Jannecke: Money is there waiting to come your way.

In fact it is an energy that we ALL have a relationship to. Good or bad.
And if you speak badly about it, saying you don’t deserve it or even judge it,… if you were MONEY would you come your way?

Let’s create a new paradigm, where we open up for the abundance that the universe said was ours the whole time.

Love to launch

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