Interview with the medium
Tammy De Mirza

In this video I speak with the medium, intuitive and spiritual teacher Tammy De Mirza. According to Tammy, the reason why we often see the results in our lives that we don’t want, is because we often have illusions of what we’re actually doing. And in order to change our reality we need to witness our limited programming and begin to reprogram our minds.

-What we’re here to do, Tammy says, is to overcome what we chose to experience in this lifetime.

Tammy also shares her journey of being able to communicate with the non physical world ever since she was eleven years old.

About Tammy De Mirza

Tammy is globally known as The Freedom Alchemist (TM). She is a spiritual teacher and a sought-after speaker. She is also the author of the book: The inmate and the medium. As an intuitive teacher, intercessor and relationship expert, she uses all that she has learned over thirty years to help her clients break old limited beliefs and align with their truth.

Having overcome physical and emotional abuse, homelessness, the pain from four failed marriages and financial ruin, she learned the importance of investing in herself in order to overcome all of life’s predicaments. It is what helped her embody the true meaning of Love and become the teacher that she is today.

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