Conversation with spiritual teacher Sita PK

In this video I speak with the gifted empath and life long clairvoyant Sita PK on our cosmic blueprint, our preselected purpose and the twin soul / twin flame experience. This is a topic that many have different opinions and perspectives about. In this video Katy shares what she has seen with her clients and the information she has downloaded from “the other side”.

Mastering Your Cosmic Purpose

Sita and I have decided to team up and create a course that dives into some of our biggest existential questions and how they impact our greater purpose. The course is called “Mastering your Cosmic Purpose”.

Mastering your cosmic purpose

In this course Sita will explore:

⇒ Your preselected purpose, and journey to the in-between-life state where you can gain access to some of your biggest personal questions.

⇒ We will look at Twin Flames and soulmates and the role they play, or don’t play in your overall purpose.

⇒ We will look at different levels of frequency and I will give you techniques to help you ward off negative energy….. HINT: we typically need to do way more than grounding and shielding our energy.

⇒ We will look at spirituality and money as we journey into new landscapes of the Law of Attraction.

⇒ What kind of lightworker are you? A starseed? An indigo? Let’s find out your galactic heritage together!


More about Sita on her homepage here>>

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