Interview with Katy Bray on Soul Themes

In this interview the life long clairvoyant Katy Bray (now Sita PK) explains the concepts of soul contracts, life-themes and her own take on the manifestation process. According to Katy the manifestation process begins in the highest chakras, moving down to the root chakra where our creation becomes fully manifested. Katy also explains how we can know if we are in a soul themes and why that can be beneficial to know as well as some of the biggest energy leaks we may have.

Katy’s passion is her theme “Energy Architecture”. Energy architecture is the body of work Katy has developed over the last 13 years working with thousands of clients and in this conversation she goes into depth on what this is all about.

Becoming energy literate

In her work, Katy helps her clients become more intuitive and energy literate. According to Katy becoming energy literate is next stage in the collective to understand where our energy patterns, energy leaks, and blocks are getting in our way. Since we manifest through our energy body, it is helpful to be able to diagnose where our energy is preventing our co-creations.

About Katy

Katy Bray is a professional clairvoyant, energy worker and gifted empath whose direct and loving approach has been transformational for her clients in achieving the next level of success with greater confidence and authenticity. Katy is also a Vedic Master, herbalist, Student of Tantra and is a non-denominational ordained minister. Her body of work is based in multi-dimensional living. She has worked with thousands of individuals and has led more than 100 groups teaching participants on how to become more intuitive and energy literate.

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