Sita PK (former Katy Bray) is a renowned energy worker, clairvoyant, and gifted empath who has dedicated her life to helping individuals uncover their soul’s purpose. In this interview, Sita shared her insights into the 8th chakra and how it can help us discover our life’s purpose. 

We’ll explore some of the key principles Sita shares, including:

  • Understanding the Chakra System and energy leaks
  • The power of understanding the 8th Chakra
  • How soul contracts and free align

The Chakra System 

According to Sita PK (former Katy Bray), the Chakra System is a complex network of physical points in our body connected to our energy body. While we are born with a clear chakra system, the experiences we have in life can cause energy leaks that chip away at our overall well-being. 

These day-to-day leaks can have a significant impact on our energy system over time. Understanding the chakra system and the potential for energy leaks can help us take steps to protect our energy and maintain our overall health and well-being.

Chakra System & Soul Contracts

Sita’s teachings on the 8th chakra offer profound insights into uncovering our soul’s purpose. The 8th chakra is where our soul contracts and destiny points reside, according to Sita. These elements are all meant to serve our soul’s purpose, and understanding them can be incredibly healing as it allows us to see that our experiences are meant to be and can help us feel our soul’s deepest yearnings.

One particularly intriguing point that she makes is that we cannot avoid the things we’re here to experience since they are bound in our soul contracts. She also addresses the common fear of negative thoughts, explaining that while negative vibrations move at a slow pace, positive vibrations are much faster and can quickly derail negative thoughts. As such, we need not fear living a human experience that comes with both positive and negative aspects.

Soul Contracts & Free Will

Sita also discusses the concept of free will, explaining that our soul also has free will and is wanting to learn specific things. Our soul creates destiny points of experiences that will give us the lessons we need to learn while on Earth. She believes that the ego needs to be a servant of our soul, as without a healthy ego, we lack boundaries and appreciation. Our ego is here to serve intuition so we can follow through with the insights we’re receiving.

In conclusion, her teachings on the 8th chakra offer profound insights into our soul’s purpose. By tapping into our chakra system and understanding the soul contracts and destiny points, we can unlock our true potential and live a more fulfilling life.

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