The Great Collective Awakening

In this video, I am sharing my perspectives on the crisis we are going through and the big questions we are being called to ask ourselves. Who are we and who do we want to become?

These times have been predicted by ancient mystics and spiritual teachers. There seems to be a higher purpose behind the struggle and challenges we are going through which is linked to the evolution of the soul.

Do we only learn through pain?

I believe that we as humanity is rooted in the belief that we grow through pain.

This is also the result of experiencing a reality that consists of certain rules, for instance, duality, which in many ways conditions us to believe it has to be so. However, the more we wake up to the acknowledgment that we are powerful creators, the more we can also change our reality. We have the choice to anchor ourselves in the truth that we can grow through light and love, not just pain.

Following our passion

This might though be far into the future for humanity as a whole. Because this reality feels so “real” and it is hard not to feel separate from our Source. However, the more we begin to follow our joy, our passion and our inner urge to move in a certain direction, I believe we will move closer to our Divine nature and the truth of who we are.

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