In this interview, Jannecke comes to us from beautiful California talking to Mikki Willis about his awakening moment during 9/11. 

He is an award-winning filmmaker and the CEO and founder of Elevate which is a film company dedicated to making transformational content. He speaks about 9/11 which turned out to be a huge wake-up call and a turning point in his life. 

9/11 was an incredible turning point 

In 2011 Mikki had a life-changing experience. He found himself in New York during 9/11 working on his first movie production.  

He ended up going down to Ground Zero doing search and rescue for 3 days after the planes had crashed and the towers had fallen. At that point in his life, he was all about material and financial gain and the experience he had with all men and women of different backgrounds coming together at the same level, did something to him. There were no ranks or differences… 

He’s spent the last 11 years of his life focusing on what really matters and to him it’s family time, love and connection. 

We are all interconnected, and that’s a fact! 

Today research has proven that we all are interconnected. It’s a scientific fact. We are all connected energetically.

Mikki says that we are all cells in a huge organism, we all belong together. With time we will come to realize how senseless for instance war is. It really is no different than cutting off one of your own limbs. 

Finding my own way in life 

After 9/11 Mikki took some time off to contemplate on what he wanted to do with his life. He didn’t want to continue working with Hollywood and he didn’t quite fit in anywhere else. He was just lost on what to do.  

Once he decided to say no to Hollywood, the visions started to come through him. Our entire body is an instrument and when it’s closed, you cannot receive inspiration from the universe, he says. 

It took some time before he realized what his path was and the epiphany he had during a panel discussion showed him the path to take. 

He understood that he wouldn’t be able to change Hollywood and their way of making films. If he wanted to make movies in a different way, he would have to do it himself. 

Mikki Willis is truly an inspirational man and in this interview, he tells us that he’s struggled with all the same things everyone else struggles with. He tells us the story of his own awakening. His huge turning point was 9/11, but we all have different experiences with wake-up calls. He shows us we can get there if we listen to the voice inside of us. 

Mikki Willis website

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