Meet Akiane Kramarik who’s been painting since she was 4 and is an internationally recognized prodigy. 

When she started seeing images at a very early age, she was surprised. She didn’t have any references for the pictures she saw because she didn’t have access to books, movies, paintings and art in her everyday life.  

She instinctively knew the visions came from other dimensions.  

Inspired by visions 

Her mother saw her talent as Akiane started drawing on walls and tables as a toddler and she decided to give her daughter a room with all the materials she would need to explore her talent. Akiane’s inspiration are these visions she keeps having where she sees wonderful colours and pictures. 

At age 7 she decided to start writing poetry to interpret the images she couldn’t interpret through colours. She saw words floating to her and slowly she started to put them into sentences and with time they turned into poems and books. You can truly say her art and the inspiration she experienced came through heavenly ways. 

During her 8th year she created the art piece “Prince of Peace”. Someone noticed her work and she received an invitation to the Oprah show. 

God and spirituality – Akiane’s strange experience

5 years old Akiane experienced something extremely strange. She remembers her eyes going blind and her soul being lifted and split into a thousand pieces. The next few hours she went into different doors for different experiences and lives.

She was physically gone for 8 hours, and her family called the police to help search for her. After something that seemed like an eternity to her parents, she just walked back into their hallway having no memories of how she got back to her house. 

Love and harmony – expressing feeling through art

Akiane Kramarik and her family share a common quest to unite people and bring them together in harmony and love.  

They now have a family business, and her loved ones take care of everything around her so she can work with her art and the inspiration that comes naturally to her every day. 

In this interview we learn how important art is to express our feelings and thoughts. Akiane teaches us about love and art and how we can all paint even though we think we don’t have any talent. Just express yourself through art, whether it’s painting, dancing or singing. That’s Akiane’s message to us!

Learn more about Akiane Kramarik on her website.

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