Do you believe we all have a specific purpose? 

I truly believe that if you’re looking for a purpose it is because there is one to find! 

I’m very passionate about living our soul’s purpose and I believe that’s why we’re here on earth. We actually decided on our purpose before we incarnated here. 

Our unique abilities are important to the world – it’s your purpose

I believe we all have specific gifts and abilities that we’re meant to share with the world. 

For those of us who planned to incarnate at this time and be part of the great awakening, I believe we have two missions. It’s to be all that we can be and to live our life with purpose and then it’s to be of greater service, to help others in their awakening process. 

To be able to do this we need to transform our own lives first. 

Coming out of a deep depression 

In my twenties I fell into a deep depression. I thought my purpose was to become a musical artist and when I lost my voice everything fell apart for me. I couldn’t speak, my partner left me and there was great silence in my life. I had to go within and the emptiness and darkness I found inside shocked and scared me. 

This experience is what started my awakening process. I started Wisdom From North in 2012 and understood that I had to love myself and show up for myself. 

We’re living in unprecedented times 

These are times of great awakening where things are shifting very quickly and everywhere. People are questioning whether they’re living their purpose, whether they’re in the right place or not, they’re wondering if they’re using their full potential or not. That is the call to wake up. 

I’d love to inspire you to listen to that call! 

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