Trude Dybendahl is one of our most famous female cross-country skiers and her masterclass; “How to access the Divine Feminine force and create a balanced life” is packed with useful steps on how to achieve that balance we all seek. 

Trude lived a balanced life without knowing how 

During Trude’s time as a professional skier she was in strong connection with her inner self. She spent a lot of time in nature and often enjoyed meditative states while skiing. She got to experience what it was like to live a truly balanced life without really knowing how she made it happen. 

After 16 years on the Norwegian national team, she quit skiing and as soon as she was back in her everyday life, the masculine energy took over and she lost her balance. 

She had to go through a learning process where she found out how to get back to the balanced life she lived as a professional skier. 

If you ask for change, it will happen 

For Trude, change doesn’t happen unless you ask for it, unless you’re willing to change and you’re ready for change. She explains that it’s like being an athlete. You must be willing to do the inner work, the training, to achieve your goals. 

You must connect with your heart, the feminine force, before you add on the masculine energy, the willpower. When you do this, you will get traction and you can make changes in your life. 

Yin and Yang in perfect balance 

Yin and Yang are different energies coming out of the life force, Dao. They are the two creational life forces and when both are equally present in your life, you will experience inner and outer balance.

Why is this topic currently so important? 

We are living in a time of huge changes. Changes for each of us and for humanity. For many years the indigenous people have spoken about the great awakening, and this is where we’re at now, Trude explains.

We have the chance to ascend with Gaia and it’s a huge opportunity, but we must awaken to the fact that there is a big imbalance in the feminine and masculine force. The work, before we can ascend, is to balance these two forces.  

How do we open ourselves to the feminine force? 

For Trude, it’s about changing our way of living because the programming and conditioning from our childhood is so strong. It’s important to free ourselves from those thought patterns.  

You need to place the world on hold and allow the feminine force into your life. You need to say that you want to be more connected to your feelings and listen to your inner voice.  

Both masculine and feminine forces have shadow sides 

The masculine force can’t be used in service for the good unless it’s connected to your heart. If you’re making your choices out of fear, scarcity, and anxiety you’re choosing from your shadow side. From old programming. The fact that you have a need to control things.

You are so much more than you’ve been told. You have innate powers and abilities, and you will discover this when you balance the feminine and the masculine force within.

Discover wonderful Trude Dybendahl and her masterclass. In this interview, she explains to us about masculine and feminine forces and how to let the feminine force into our lives. She shares generously from her life experiences and comes across warm-heartedly and open.  

Masterclass with Trude Dybendahl

Trude Dybendahl’s website
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