Do we have a life purpose?

Camillo Løken believes “Yes!”. In this masterclass in Wisdom From North Membership Camillo will walk you through a dynamic exercise to help you find your life purpose as you discover what makes you uniquely you. 

Camillo’s approach developed from his own journey from “being Lost” to understanding his soul’s purpose and has since helped thousands find their purpose. 

He will show us in a practical way using hands-on props that when we expand our awareness of our own life experiences,  our intuition will tell us what our life purpose really is. 

Discover your purpose

Camillo believes we are here on earth to express our uniqueness because no one can feel and think just like you. Don’t let distractions block your intuition from knowing your unique qualities. Join us for this interactive Masterclass and become the unique you that you are. And find your soul’s purpose!

Camillo Løken

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Camillo Løken’s website
The book “The Paradox of Creation”*
Wisdom From North Membership

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