The Danish spiritual leader, mentor and author Anja Steensig has fallen in love with life and is passionate about cultivating and igniting divine love in the world.

She used to be one of the best known TV and radio personalities in Denmark for more than a decade, until she left that world to follow her soul’s calling.

How can we fall in love with life when people suffer all around us?

There is no life without suffering, according to Anja. Love and suffering can coexist in her life. Light and darkness want the same thing, they have the same purpose and goal. They are dedicated to bringing us closer to God. Anja says she has grown to appreciate her own suffering. She doesn’t find it comfortable, but she understands it’s bringing her closer to God and love. She believes we are too concerned with fixing or dissolving the darkness within us, but everything we try to run away from just grows stronger.

The depression cracked my heart wide open

Anja fell into a heavy depression around ten years ago, and it opened up her heart. She’s spent the last decade getting to know this place inside of herself and to teach others how to connect with it. She says it completely changes everything, when you understand how loved you are. Anja has worked on herself and her own shadows for more than ten years and has had many spiritual experiences that has led her to easily access the loving state she currently lives in.

We are surrounded by love without realizing it

We don’t really understand how much love that surrounds us on a daily basis. It is a decision we must make, to recognize the love around us. Love is whatever touches our hearts. Whatever moves our heart is love, Anja explains. We’ve got to tap into what love feels like when it expresses itself in us and then choose to dive into those moments. We must choose to fall in love with life itself.

What to do when you’re scared and can’t feel love

When we are very scared, stressed or worried it can be difficult to call in the feeling of love. In the darkest moments, Anja curls up in her blanket and imagines that she’s surrounded by love and in the arms of God. In other moments, when we’re a little bit scared, we recognize that feeling and we can try to feel a little bit of love by recalling the feeling of thinking of a loved one. From that feeling we can put our arms around the fear and say; “It’s OK, I’ve got you”.

Fear and Awe are opposites

When we try to control the outcome of everything, we live from fear, Anja says. But when we are in awe, we understand how small we are and that there is nothing we’re supposed to control. Anja tells us she’s at a level of surrender now where her only prayer is; “thy will be done, not mine and show me how.” Her life has truly blossomed in ways she could have never imagined after surrendering this deeply.

To let go of control we have to trust, but what are we trusting in? If we choose to live from a state of love, trust comes naturally and we will let go of control. We cannot move into surrendering just because we read it in a book or someone tells us to. We have to experience that it’s there and that we are supported. That can lead us to falling in love with life in a natural way.

In this interview we learn that love is in everything and that it is anything that moves our hearts. It can be the smallest thing. As long as you feel moved or touched, what you’re feeling is love. When you make the choice to see the love around you you’ll be able to see it in everyone and everywhere. It is truly an amazing state to fall in love with life!

Please enjoy this heartwarming interview with Anja Steensig!

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