Will Polston lives a life in gratitude and has found out what a powerful tool it is to manifest what you want in your life. He is one of Uk’s leading Business Strategists, a Master Coach, master NLP Practitioner and the Founder of “Make It Happen”. 

Gratitude is a powerful tool to manifest

Will started out wanting to get rich fast, but a transformational experience with Tony Robbins at one of his seminars changed all of that. Now Will’s mission in life is to inspire a billion people to transform excuses into results and live the life that they love. By practicing gratitude you can get into your highest potential and also make manifestation so much easier, according to Will.

Water helps Will have inspired thoughts

Will typically get what he calls, inspired thoughts, when he’s in the shower or running by a river or the sea. Not long ago Will had a revelation; what if the light is knowledge? Just as radio waves are knowledge and information. He explains this exciting thought thoroughly in this interview and goes on to say that he believes in living in a state of gratitude. He knows what a powerful tool it can be for manifestation and reaching your highest potential. It is also the way to feel enlightened, according to Will.

The law of attraction

A lot of people think positively, but they do not feel into it. We can use gratitude to get into feeling what we want to feel. Will has a saying; “you can get what you want, or you can want what you have” 

Many, and typically women, do everything they’re supposed to do to attract what they want, but they fall at the last hurdle, the “deserve it” level. They do not feel like they deserve it. Feelings of worth is associated with guilt and shame. When we get into gratitude we won’t have the feeling of guilt or shame anymore. Long Term financial problems are also linked to guilt and shame. During this interview, Will gives us a powerful exercise to see what we’ve already achieved in our lives.

What we want to do is to get into the state of equilibrium, where we are in gratitude and thereby balance out our positive and negative feelings. In this interview Will gives us a lot of examples and exercises we can do to get into the state of gratitude and use it as a powerful tool of manifestation.

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