Dr John DeMartini started out as a child with learning disabilities, but today he has found his life mission and is living his highest purpose. He is considered a leading authority on human behaviour and personal development and he is the founder of the DeMartini institute while travelling the world 365 days a year. He has appeared in several films, including “The Secret” and has written more than 40 books.

We all have a life mission

Every human being on earth lives by a set of values. When we’re living in line with our highest values, we are spontaneously inspired from within to fulfill those values. Whatever is most meaningful to us, something we’re called from within to do, is our purpose and life mission.

According to Dr DeMartini, many of us put other people on pedestals and minimize ourselves while trying to live other people’s values.

Dr DeMartini helps people determine their values and puts these questions to them; “what do you specifically fill your space with?” “How do you spend your time?” “What energizes you?” and “What do you spend money on?” 

Finding your life mission by being yourself

We have this fantasy that we should get rid of all the negatives and only be positive. That’s a delusion, according to John. If I’m beating myself up, it’s because I need a readjustment in the goals I’m setting for myself. The true power is just being you. Not putting yourself down with shame or exaggerating yourself with pride. If you set yourself up with real goals, you won’t feel down. You will feel inspired to get into action to discover your purpose and mission, because you have a strategy.

The second you get clear and real about where you’re going, what you want and how you’re going to do it, the Law Of Attraction will start to work for you. 

The Demartini method is a journey within

This method is a series of questions to help transform your perception. When someone triggers you or pushes your buttons, you stop and ask yourself; what specifically was the trait-action or in-action they did and that I’m most upset about? He then narrows it down to what type of action it was. Then he looks at when he’s done that to someone else, because whatever we see in others is just us. It’s reminding us of a part of ourselves that we bring out to help us grow. Then he asks how this behaviour is serving him. No one can trigger a reaction in you that you don’t already have within yourself. It’s your button, it’s not about them.

This interview takes us on a journey within. Dr DeMartini teaches us that we need to look at ourselves when it comes to our triggers, it really isn’t about them, but about you. He gives us good advice on how to deal with triggers and shows us the way forward when it comes to finding our life mission.

More about Dr DeMartini on his homepage.

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