Veronica Krestow on her powerful transformational journey

Veronica is a Transformational Coach & Speaker who moved to the remote Redwood forest to find her own transformational journey and path. Her message of radical self-acceptance and love has attracted thousands of people worldwide to her courses, retreats, and popular YouTube channel which has received well over one million views. We are leaders of love.

Her life had to be perfect in every way

At the tender age of 25 Veronica had managed to create what looked like the perfect life from the outside. She had it all, traveling the world in first class, about to marry a perfect man, she had the perfect yoga body and money to spend, but she felt miserable inside. These feelings came out as angry fits and she had all these brutal thoughts inside.

Finding her own transformational journey

She ended up leaving her husband to be and move to the remote Redwood forest, where she could face her own issues and work on herself. Through her work, she discovered “The Diamond Process”. 

This process has taught her to be incredibly humble and to find back to the innocent and pure version of herself. Veronica says pain is the most wonderful gift in disguise. She puts it so beautifully in this interview when she says that; “pain is what ejects us out of our limiting story.”

Triggers are hidden treasures!

Our triggers are like doorbells telling us that a facet of the diamond that we are has been lost. Something inside of us is asking for love, so instead of focusing outwards she wheels herself back from the triggering event, puts herself in a meditative state and asks two questions. She goes really deep with these questions and figures out what the trigger is really about. 

If you are on your transformational journey I think you would benefit from watching this interview. Veronica has a refreshing perspective of using challenges to awaken who you *truly* are, or what she calls “The Diamond Self,” she is accomplishing her soul’s mission to help everyday people become conscious leaders of love.

How to Command Your Frequency

If you loved this interview, we recommend that you also watch this interview with Veronica where she focuses on how we can command our frequency.

Can we be in command of our frequency? Veronica Krestow believes we can have full control of our frequency and that this is in fact our number 1 job. However in order to do so, it is important to identify our vibrational blocks that keeps our frequency low and also to know how we can raise our frequency. 

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