Iisa Mari Persen is a survivor of cancer, she’s an entrepreneur and a business woman, and she’s all about manifesting what you want in life through love!  

Her survival story starts with a bankruptcy followed by an extremely dark time. She had put all her money and energy into her business and because she was taught not to ask for help, her business died. She realized she had to try to be happy without money and started building herself up, bit by bit.

Then, in 2013, she heard a little voice telling her to check for breast cancer. Even more bad news followed, the cancer had spread to her lungs. The voice inside told her to keep calm, she would be alright, it told her.

Cancer dissolved with love

Iisa started working spiritually by sending love to her own body and to her cancer cells. She received healing from other healers, she stopped eating sugar and realized she was stressing quite a lot with her business, so she changed how she worked as well. She realized she could manifest what she wanted through love and have things come to her instead of chasing after it. When she went to check ups at the hospital the doctors were baffled to find that the cancer had disappeared.

Live like it already happened

Iisa doesn’t like the term “fight the cancer”, she says fighting things will only give you more war. Instead she started to live as if she was already healthy. She started to love her life as a healthy woman giving thanks for everything she had. 

Iisa believes she went through all these difficulties in her life because of the awakening currently happening all over the world. She knows she couldn’t have helped people the way she currently does without going through it herself. Her clients have an energy connection with her through mutual experiences of hardship.

Manifesting through love is powerful

Iisa has a different perspective on how to manifest. She says that believing in your manifestation is a really hard thing to do. She knows that we can receive everything we want if we are in the right energy field, and to her that’s not about believing. Iisa lives as if it’s already happened. She thinks about what she would do and how she would act if she already had what she wanted. When we put ourselves in the love energy field the field will work for us. That is where we want to be, she says.

This interview shows a different perspective on manifestation. Many of us have tried to manifest and have been able to receive small things, but to really get what you want in the big areas of your life can be difficult. Iisa’s method is easy and intuitive.

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Transform your life with love

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