Interview with intuitive healer and speaker Bridget Nielsen

According to the Mayan calendar, the big shift in consciousness was to happen in 2012. However, Bridget Nielsen says that the Toltec tradition speaks of the transition happening in 2021. And seeing what’s going on on the planet right now, that seems to be a more accurate prediction.

The big shift – a deep cleanse

Bridget explains that we are now moving into a new epoch going from the 5th to the 6th sun. This new epoch has to do with the internal, while the fifth sun had to do with the external. That might might be reflected in how the pandemic forces us to be more inside, giving us the chance to actually go more within. We are really going through a deep cleanse, Bridget says. 

Bridget Nielsen is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor whose passion is to reawaken the inner starseeds to their mission and life purpose. In this video we address topics such as the great awakening, the deeper meaning of the pandemic, how we can connect to spirit guides, crystals, intuition, manifestation and much more. 

About Bridget Nielsen

Bridget is an international speaker and published author, promoting messages that have awakened a devoted following.  She is also a professional artist and plant-based chef, sharing her personal wisdom with those drawn to her energy. Through her online courses and private sessions, she reawakens the inner starseed to their mission and life purpose. She also acts as a bridge for connecting with hybrid children as well as stimulating contact experiences. She has inspired the lives of many, with over 200 videos and 2.7 million views to enlighten your spiritual awakening, extraterrestrial engagement, and living a healthy life that fulfills your soul.

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